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I think that for the most part, our dogs have pretty good manners, especially when we’re out and about.  I spent a lot of time with Bunny to teach her good manners regarding food that belongs to other people.  At home, things tend to be a little different sometimes, though.  To my surprise, though, it seems that the only person who suffers the negative effects of this is the person who’s taught them a few things he shouldn’t.  I don’t mind if they stand politely nearby and hope for a bite of food, but I don’t like them moving closer and closer and getting pushy for a bite.  The other day, we had a good laugh, though, when Bunny cracked out some new tricks to try to get a few bites of food from my husband.

Give A Little -- Tales and Tails

Give A Little

He had some sort of snack that he was eating while sitting in his chair.  Bunny sidled up to his chair and gave him her large doe eyes.  He pretended to resist, but he gave her a little bite.  Since he was working on his laptop, she had the idea that perhaps switching to the other side would get her another bite.  As it turned out, it did.  Now, the wheels were really turning in her head.  She circled around behind his chair and leaned over his shoulder, politely letting him know that she was there.

Mr. Taleteller:  Oh, this must be a new dog!  Here, have a bite since you’re so cute!

Bunny:  Don’t mind if I do!

Winter Magic -- Tales and Tails

Winter Magic

The rest of the time, she kept appearing in different spots around his chair and getting a little treat each time she did.  She really thought she had a good racket going.  Her pleased little face and gently wagging tail suggested that she was quite pleased with herself.  I can say that I was glad that she was at least polite about it.  Her face was hopeful, but she wasn’t pushy, so I guess I can rest assured that her good manners are still mostly intact.

I love that even as a senior, she’s still thinking of new tricks to get what she wants, and still at her core, as sweet as she’s always been.  She’s still that well-mannered little lady, but she does get indulged more than she used to be.  The truth is, I’m okay with that.  I think she’s earned being spoiled in her old age.

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4 Responses to "New Tricks"
  1. Glo Bug says:

    What an absolutely beautiful dog! My Jackie boy is also polite about asking for treats, but it’s those great big, brown eyes that work ya! LOL

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Bunny is smart, perhaps smarter than your hubby:) LOL Hope you hare having a good week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Vicky says:

    That is too cute! Bunny is one smart pup!

  4. Jimmy jim says:

    aww that dog is adorable . dog bowls beds leads collars

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