Murphy Strikes Again

by Houndstooth on

I wish I knew why Greyhounds were genetically predetermined to have emergencies on a holiday weekend after the vet’s office has closed for the weekend.  Something makes me think they struck some kind of unholy deal with Mr. Murphy and his crazy laws.  This weekend it was our turn.

If you are a fan of our Facebook page, you know that Blueberry took a trip to the emergency vet this weekend.  Saturday afternoon as we were preparing to go out and have some fun with a couple of the dogs and run some errands, my husband walked into the bathroom and mentioned that we might want to get a vet appointment for Blueberry.  I asked why and was told that her face was swelling.

A Fat LipI went into the living room and was stunned to see a lump about the size of a grape on her lip.  As I gingerly looked into her mouth, it looked like her gums were starting to swell up around her teeth, too.  It was swelling up rather quickly, so my husband began calling vets.  Soon, it was obvious that all normal vets were closed.  We called the emergency vet and told them that we were soon on our way.  Bunny came along for moral support since she tends to make Blueberry feel better in the van.

We arrived at the clinic, Blueberry hopped on a scale to be weighed and we went into a room.  She had her temperature taken and we answered a couple of questions the vet techs asked us.  A few minutes later, the vet came in, looked at her and could barely tell where the problem was.  I pointed out that one side of her face was swollen and she agreed.  Then she told us that they don’t do dental work at the clinic and she’d give us antibiotics and pain medicine for her.  That was all for the bargain price of $205.   I guess we were just supposed to hope that the problem didn’t get worse, since I was suspicious that she had an abscess.

Waiting At The E VetSunday, the swelling did start to go down and Blue wasn’t acting stressed or in pain.  I was very relieved, to say the least.  Still, as soon as I got up Monday morning, I made a phone call to our vet and started getting ready so I could take our old lady dog in to be looked at.  We got there and walked right into an exam room.  After a consultation with the vet, it was confirmed that Blueberry needed dental work, and possibly a tooth extraction or two.  I admit that it’s pretty much what I was expecting.  For all the wonderful things there are about Greyhounds, they are notorious for having bad teeth, and I’ve been lax about tooth brushing in the past few months.

Then they brought in the bill, and it was time for me to need medical attention of my own.  I talked to the office manager and agreed that we would make a payment plan.  We also talked about what parts of the bill were absolutely necessary and what parts we could do without.  After a bit of discussion, I realized that we could greatly reduce the bill, Blue’s anxiety and only need to have her under anesthesia once if we just had them take her back and do the procedure that day.  Otherwise, it would mean having her sedated to have x-rays one day, then have her sedated again just a day or two later for the dental extraction and cleaning, plus, she’d have to ride over in the car twice, too.  It also meant that we wouldn’t have to extend the antibiotics she was already on beyond the dose she’d already been given on Saturday.

So, I took a deep breath, tried not to think about having my thirteen-year-old Greyhound under anesthesia for too long and told them to get it done while she was there.  I wanted her to feel better with the least amount of discomfort for her.  The last time Blue was under anesthesia was in 2010, and she had a bad reaction to it.  I left hoping that things were going to be much easier on her this time, and feeling like I’d made the right decision for her.

A few hours later, we got a call from the vet telling us that she thought two of Blue’s premolars were bad and I told her to take those puppies out.  She assured me that so far things were going well and that they’d call us with any change or updates.  Mr. Taleteller and I continued amusing ourselves in town while we waited for her to be ready to come home.

Two Pulled TeethFinally, it was time to go and get our girl.  We went in for a consultation with the vet and she had saved the two teeth that she’d pulled.  One tooth had been cut in half to get it out, but the two teeth together were smaller than a penny.  I admit, I expected them to be a lot bigger for all the grief they’d caused, but I’m glad they weren’t.  The one definitely had a bad root and was going to cause more trouble and the other one had a root that was starting to look a little wrong, too.  It means an easy recovery for Blue and just a few dissolving stitches in her mouth.  She is also sporting a shiny new smile with breath as fresh as a peppermint.

Shiny White TeethI went into the whole experience thinking about what rotten timing Murphy had chosen to strike during, but the more I think about it, the more lucky I feel.  It’s during my break from work, so I’ll be  home to watch her while she recovers.  We also caught it right in time so that nothing ruptured or went horribly wrong.  Blueberry won’t have a long recovery time because of that. The bill also turned out to be much smaller than we initially feared.  It might not mean that I’ll have to miss BlogPaws after all and fortunately we have a good relationship with our vet’s office so we can set up payment plans that way.  So, the last laugh is on Murphy this time.  He tried to get us, but we came out smelling like a rose, or at least minty fresh breath.  Blueberry would like to send lots of thanks to everybody who wished her well on Facebook over the past few days, too!

Resting At Home

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  • Glad it worked out with minimal trauma to all concerned! Sending gentle hugs to Miss Blueberry.


  • Boy, those old teefs can cause all sorts of troubles. We’re so glad to hear that everything is well with Miss Blueberry!


    Jackie and Mom

  • Sounds like it worked out about as well it could have. Wishing Blueberry an easy, speedy recovery! 🙂

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Miss Blue!

  • Glad to see Miss Blueberry is home and doing well.

  • Glad you are all fine and dandy sweetheart! Deccy x

  • Glad to see that Miss Blueberry is doing well at home again!! Teeth can definitely be a problem!! My Grand Dog just went in to have his teeth cleaned and they ended up having to pull two HUGE teeth! But, within a couple of days, he was back to himself again!!

  • Sue

    Hope Blue is ok today and not in pain. They sure do scare us.

  • Yay for Miss Blueberry and Yay for your pocketbook, too. Glad she is home and feeling better. The house just seems empty when even one baby isn’t there, doesn’t it?

  • sara, oreo and chewy

    Oh no, Miss Blueberry 🙁 You poor baby. Surgery is never fun.

    Hope she’s feeling better everyday.

  • So glad that Blueberry did well and is doing well. Get well soon, Blueberry!

  • That was good thinking! I’m glad Blue is feeling better and those nasty decaying teeth are out. That Murphy can be a real pain though, can’t he? x

  • Amy

    Oh, I’m so sorry for that to happen. Poor Blueberry! Poor you! The emergency vet is expensive and so is vet surgery. Sounds like your vet was very understanding and flexible to help keep costs down. Get well soon, Blueberry!

  • Amy@GoPetFriendly

    How smart of you to have them do the x-rays and procedure at the same time! That’s so much better for Blueberry. And, it looks like she taking it easy and recovering well. So glad it all went alright. It sounds like Jana’s girl, Jasmine is having a similar procedure today, so we’re sending positive dental thoughts her way this morning. Must be the week for it!

  • Feel better Blueberry. I’m glad it turned out way better than it could have. I vote we teach these dogs to brush their own teeth, that would be so much easier.

  • So glad she did well. It’s always scary when they go under, but at that age, even more so. She should be in tip top shape now!

  • Thank goodness Blueberry is ok and that all went well. Our vet now allows us to PAGE him on weekends to avoid emergency visits. We had a few of our own (yes, always on the weekend) and nearly ALL of them could have been avoided by just paging the vet and seeing him on Monday.
    I also now have Trupanion Pet Insurance which I think will help with some vet bills. You are quite lucky that your vet has you on a payment plan, not all of them do that!

  • I’m glad it turned out not to be TOO serious and Blue is okay. Get well soon!

  • We were very nervous as we started to read this post. Thank goodness it was a matter of teeth and money and not anything worse. Please give Blue some gentle hugs from us.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • So glad Blueberry is ok and that she did fine under anesthesia. Poor dear. My senorio girl has had all but 6 of her teeth pulled due to poor dental care prior to me adopting her 2 years ago. An I understand about bill shock. You would have a heart attack if you had seen the bill for my houndie boy Blaze last year. Since I suspected he was a bleeder, we ran tests to find that out (and he is borderline)–so the dental vet put him on Americar prior to his dental. They had to pull a deformed tooth and repair 4 others that he had cracked in addiiotna to the xrays and cleaning. All this was on top of me finding out one of my girls has an issue with her heart. We had to run lots of tests on her. All of this occurred last Aug/Sept. I had just paid my credit cards way down. Needless to say they went back up again. I was just grateful I could cover both expenses. So, I know exactly how you feel!

  • Indeed you all showed old Murphy. Get feeling better and better Miss Blueberry.

  • Two French Bulldogs

    Oh Blueberry poor baby. Good all those bad teeth are gone
    Benny & Lily

  • Always on a holiday weekend at this house too. So glad everything worked out well for Blueberry. I hope she has a quick recovery.
    *Cairn cuddles*

  • We also don’t like that darn Murphy as we spent the weekend before Christmas at the emergency vet and the last 2 hours of Christmas Eve and the first 2 hours of Christmas day there as well. And, of course, surgery at our regular vet the day after Christmas for his shorter new and improved tail! Corbin always seems to have some sort of issue around Christmas. Glad Blueberry was able to get everything done at once and is recovering like a champ! Sending smoochies her way from Corbin!
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

  • I am so glad she is okay. I didn’t see the update on FB until this morning. I kept checking yesterday, but I guess I missed it. Will you still be making the trip to St. Louis?

  • Cleo Greyhound

    Geez, I guess April fools hit us all! Thank goodness Blueberry is doing well! Our Princess Cleo also had a few seizures on April fools day that required a trip to our vet and a day in observation at the hospital. This was all new to us, thinking that she was having muscle spasms from what we thought was a back injury. Not so…it was a cluster of seizures that required Valium and phenobarbital for any future incidents! And after $375 later, those payment plans sure do come in handy!!!
    Cleo sends her hugs and speedy recovery to Blue!

  • I’m so glad things went well and she didn’t have a bad reaction to the anesthesia. It’s scary whenever they have to go under, but especially when it’s the older ones.

  • Poor Blueberry – it does seem like these things always happen during a holiday, don’t they? I can relate to the whole bad tooth thing. I had to have one pulled in the fall because the root was fractured. Hope she is feeling better soon!

  • Murphy definitely has a way of picking only the days the vets are closed! Glad Blue is on the mend!

  • Oh, poor Blue!! I didn’t even know, but I’d have wished her well over the weekend too!! Bless her dear heart, I’m glad she came through it all OK – AND that the bill was less than expected! I hope her recovery is uneventful, too.

    I should take Sid in. He shows no sign of pain and has no trouble eating, but despite toothbrushing, his breath stinks. He too had a hard time with the last dental so I’m reluctant, but it must be done. 🙁

  • Get well soon Blueberry! Glad its all over with now.

  • Well, I guess I need to get over and find your Facebook page! I saw a comment somewhere hoping Blueberry felt better, but didn’t know what was going on. 🙂
    Our dogs almost always choose the weekend to not feel well. Luckily for us, our vet is almost always on call. If not, we have two emergency clinics in the area that luckily we haven’t had to use yet.
    So glad Blueberry got through everything OK!

  • Hoorah for jumping on this immediately and beating out Mr. Murphy’s plans! I’m hoping to meet you in person at BlogPaws!

  • Awww……. I hope poor Blueberry’s feeling much better, now… (Mum’s now peering anxiously at my mouth – gotta go!)

    Love and hugs from Solo 🙂

  • Why is it ‘we’ always end up at the emergency vet on a weekend or holiday? Yep, ol’ Murphy strikes again! Thankfully, Blueberry is OK and feeling a LOT better.

  • jet

    Aw Blue, I’d say at 13 you are doing pretty well to only lose a couple of teeth. Greyhounds don’t really need teeth anyways!

  • Never a dull moment, right?

  • Shouldn’t Blueberry’s breath be blueberry fresh :)))
    Glad she is doing well, poor girl.

  • Oh poor Blueberry! Thankfully you caught it early and were able to keep her from being in too much pain! Our guy recently had surgery to get some teeth removed as well and I always worry about them having to go under. Glad to see that she is resting up and getting back to her old self! 🙂