A Muddy Adventure Ends In Disaster

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard to share an adventure we had yesterday that went horribly awry.

We heard word that the polar vortex was supposed to be spinning back our way starting today and making it really bitter cold for tomorrow and Wednesday.  Since we’ve all had a bit of cabin fever, Mom suggested a trip to the dog park, and we all thought it was a great idea.  It would give all of us a chance to stretch our legs, get some fresh air and good exercise while the weather was nice enough for us to be out without freezing our tails off.

A Brisk Pace -- Tales and Tails

A Brisk Pace

In no time, we were loaded up in the van and on our way.

Flattery and I put on our fleece so we’d be warm, but not get too hot.  Morgan and Küster assured us that they didn’t need anything besides their collars.  Sometimes, I think a fur coat would be nice, but that’s not the hand I was dealt.  If I had all that fur, you couldn’t see my muscles anyway.  The important part is that we were on our way with our eyes trained on the horizon as we watched for the dog park to come into view.

A Leap Into Action -- Tales and Tails

A Leap Into Action

Before we knew it, we were there, and the dog park was gloriously empty.  That was a relief, since it meant that we could all have a turn at playing.  Dad got Morgan out and Flattery and I went with Mom.  We took one side and Mo took the other.  At first, we just walked around, left pee mail and sniffed around.

However, Mom had her camera there with her, and I knew she wanted better pictures than just us ambling around and sniffing, so after I’d sufficiently lightened my load, I turned on the speed and did some running.  Morgan had already been running quite a bit on her side, and at one point, I heard Mom say something like “Oh Mo” but frankly, I was having too much fun to pay any attention to what was going on over on that side of the park  I  was buzzing Flattery and she finally decided to join me for a run.

We ran and played for quite a while.

It really had my blood pumping and I was having a great time.  We ran along the fence line with Morgan, we ran in giant circles through the dog park and Flattery and I had great games of chase.  After a while, a couple pulled up with a dog of their own and Dad decided it was time to put Morgan back in the van to rest.  After a last, glorious lap through the park, Flattery and I decided that we would like to take a rest, too.

Morgan On Patrol -- Tales and Tails

Morgan On Patrol

We girls relaxed in the warm van and Küster went out to have his run.  He had a great time, too.  Of course, the other dog who was playing in the other half of the park was a girl, too, and he decided he should show off for her.  All I’ll say about that is you should avoid crashing into the poop receptacle if you’re trying to impress the ladies.  Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt.  It didn’t even dent his pride.  His great big head just plowed the can right over.

After that, he chased his tennis ball for a while, and then Mom and Dad finally decided that he was tired.  He didn’t think so, but he was laying down on the ground with his tongue lolling out and they decided enough was enough.  They came back and I settled in for a pleasant nap on the way home.

Hanging Out At The Park -- Tales and Tails

Hanging Out At The Park

Then I heard the words that would haunt me for the rest of the night.

“The dogs are filthy!  We’re going to have to stop on the way home and give them a bath!”  I thought Dad loved us.  Mom mentioned that the whole van had an unbelievable stench.  I couldn’t smell anything offensive.  Then I realized that she was talking about US!  I’m stating here for the record that princesses do not stink and this is a vile canard.  Maybe the Infidels were a bit pungent, but I’m sure a Greyhound can’t possibly stink.

They pulled up to the Muddy Paws Dog Wash Torture Station and Dad drug poor Küster inside.  I couldn’t look.  I curled up on my seat and hid my eyes.  Soon, Dad brought him back and took Morgan in.  When he came back, he was mumbling about how his money was damp and the machine wouldn’t take any more.  Flattery and I were to be spared the horror.

A Soggy Shepherd -- Tales and Tails

A Soggy Shepherd

That’s what I thought, anyway.

When we got home, Dad went inside first, and then we were led into the room of horrors, also known as the bathroom.  Just the name is a dirty word.  We went inside and they washed all the mud and supposed stink off us, then I curled up on the heated dog bed and watched Downton Abbey.

The Indignity Of It All -- Tales and Tails

The Indignity Of It All

Taking a bath is never on my agenda for any given day.  I prefer to avoid them as much as possible.  However, if I had the choice between getting to have a glorious run at the park and having to take a bath, or not getting to run and have fun together, I’d choose the bath.  Let’s just hope it’s a decision we don’t have to make too often.

A Lady in the Bath -- Tales and Tails

A Lady in the Bath

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31 Responses to "A Muddy Adventure Ends In Disaster"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    After reading the title of your post, I was sure I was going to hear of a mad dash to the vets. Thank goodness it was just you lot getting bathed.

    Loving the shower hats:)

    You all stay safe and warm in your terrible weather.

  2. Yes, at least you got to have lots and lots of funs before your bafftimes! Usually I just have to have a bafftime because Mom thinks I’m smelly or I do something not fun like step into the new paddy-oh, or something. I agree with Miss Sue, your bafftime hats are super neat!



  3. Jay of The Depp Effect says:

    Well, thank goodness, that wasn’t quite the disaster I was expecting! No broken legs, bitten dogs, zombie apocalypses or anything of the sort. Yay!

    Luckily we don’t have to wash our boys often, but when they need it, I tend to let someone else do the honours. Last time I took Jeffie to the dog wash I think he believed I hated him, his expression was so full of woe, poor boy!

  4. Mango Momma says:

    After enduring the torture room, I’m glad the good time at the park was still in your memory bank. At least you didn’t have to suffer the dog wash in public like poor Morgan and Kuster.


  5. Patty says:

    Bunny, they had a dog wash right here in our park! Joey and Scout have not tried it though. I bet you are resting today and I hope it doesn’t get as cold as they are predicting for you this week.

  6. harrispen says:

    The title of your post had us a bit worried that something horrible happened to one of you, but now we see it was just a bath. Phew {{wipes brow with paw}} We have to say that your pictures in the bath tub are priceless, but are a bit disappointed there is only one picture of Kuster in this post. I, Millie, would have loved to see Kuster crash into the poop receptacle. Stay warm.

    Millie & Walter

  7. My Brown Newfies says:

    I’m still laughing at Kuster running into the poop receptacle. I’m glad he was ok! Leroy does stuff like this all the time when he’s trying to impress the ladies! Once he even walked into a parked car!

  8. Amy Boyer says:

    My mom thought this was hilarious. She has no empathy. There has been an epidemic of baths this weekend. I’m working on the proper conspiracy theory – would like to include Jupiter being especially close to Earth and the Polar Vortex with Julian Fellowes as a zombie vampire…Your pal Toby

  9. SGilbert says:

    BOL!!! I love the story of your adventure to the dog park. I have never heard of a place you could take your dogs and wash them like the Muddy Paws Dog Wash. What a great idea. Love the shower caps!

  10. Michelle Day says:

    It is so muddy here too. I had to give Clareese a bath that weekend the storm hit. Although, I couldn’t get any cute pictures as she was so nervous.

  11. Sara Blair says:

    YOu two are too precious in your shower caps! What a great idea though for keeping water out of the ears.

    The dog park sounds like a blast! Glad everyone got to have their own kind of fun 🙂

  12. genjiscorner says:

    Nothing like having the dog park all to yourselves. Unless that means a bath afterwards. At least you look great in your shower caps.

  13. Jen says:

    Oh wow, a big huge dog park to run around in together? That’s awesome you’re so lucky! Maybe a little less so with the baths, but it must feel nice once you’re done.

  14. Flea says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my! Oh my! Those two in shower caps! That’s PRICELESS! Totally worth any stench picked up at a dog park! You know, Bunny and Flattery would be good candidates for bar soap for dogs. Easy on, easy off. I use it on my own hair. Shh! Don’t tell!

  15. Jessica says:

    Silas hates baths, too, but he’ll gladly take one if it means he got to play in the mud. And we get some epic mud here. It looks like your gang might feel the same.

  16. catchatcaren says:

    omg that last photo is just too funny! You had me in stitches with knocking the poop receptacle over too lol

  17. Jackie Bouchard says:

    Too funny. Sorry about the baths, girls, but oh, you look so CUTE in your shower caps! Love your duckie with the horns as well. Seems fitting since you hate bath time. I’m impressed with your vocabulary, Bunny! But what was an evil duck doing in the van? Oh, no… wait – that’s a mallard. Not a “canard.” Okay, I get it now.

  18. Emma says:

    What a dreadful end to such a fun day! Nothing worse than a bath…but to be told you stink, unforgivable!

  19. Roxy says:

    Oh no, that has happened a time or two around here. So not fair!!

  20. Cricket Ray Grey says:

    You has my sympafies on da baff. *shudders*

  21. Kate Obrien says:

    Oh the indignity of it all Bunny…although you and Flattery look awfully cute in those shower caps.

  22. Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets says:

    Great story, Bunny! Sorry it had to have a sad ending like that. Love the pictures though!

  23. one person's view says:

    I’m calling the authorities. This is dog abuse! (Making them wear funny shower caps and taking pictures, not the bath part.) 🙂

  24. jan says:

    It does seem so unfair. You work so hard to get an earthy doggie smell on and disaster…the fastidious humans think you need a bath. How have we stood to be with them for all these thousands of years?

    O, yeah…food.

  25. Gotta say that sounds like a blast!!! Believe it or not, the very very best part was that I learned that greyhounds wear shower caps! And their shower caps are even color-coordinated with their fur! Oh my – the indignity of it all 🙂

  26. Two French Bulldogs says:

    What the heck is going on. There is no such thing as filthy, BOL

  27. Rebecca says:

    We even mention a shower to Teach and he tucks tail and runs away as quickly as possible trying to hide. But he would be like you Bunny and take the bath if it means running and having fun.

  28. Lori - What Remains Now says:

    I always think that your mom can’t possibly come up with another new and delightful picture, and I am always wrong. Bunny, you and Flattery in those shower caps is SO CUTE! Poor Mo. She doesn’t look like she’s having any fun at all. I’ll bet she smelled good though.

  29. annyboo says:

    Its so cute your dogs wears shower caps… LOL! and a pink shower cap too.. hahahahhahahahaha The worst part of the ordeal is.. photos are taken of them in shower caps. But i am sure everyone got a treat when the baths are over.

  30. LOVE the shower caps 🙂

  31. Casey the Boxer says:

    Oh ladies, you poor things! What strange ideas humans get in their heads sometimes! There’s no way you could possibly stink. HRMPH!

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