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We were given a car seat cover, duvet covers, stuff sacks and a water resistant liner for review, but we were not compensated in any other way.  Tales and Tails does not endorse products that we would not use ourselves or that we feel are unsafe in any way.  We are fans of Molly Mutt products and wanted to share them with you because we enjoy them in our own home and car.

A few years ago, we went to a Greyhound reunion up in Chicago.  There are always a lot of things to buy, but one thing they were selling were some cute dog beds.  I kept going back to look at them, and they were a decent price, so I ended up getting one for Bunny to try it out.  Three years later, that is still her favorite dog bed.  It sits over by my computer desk, out of the way, but she still goes over there to lay on it even when I’m not at my desk because she loves that bed.  If we lined all the dog beds up, I know which one she’d choose first every time.  That bed was our introduction to Molly Mutt.  We’d heard of them before, but it was our first personal experience and we were certainly happy with it.

Molly Mutt Gear -- Tales and Tails

Molly Mutt Gear

In case you don’t know about their dog beds, you get an outside cover and an inside liner.  You fill the inside liner with anything that you want, old clothes, blankets, or anything else that makes a soft, cushy place to lay for your favorite pooch.  We stuffed Bunny’s with two of our old king-sized pillows when we got new ones to sleep on, and Morgan has some of Mr. Taleteller’s old clothes in hers.  Sleeping on something that smells like their favorite human is something that appeals to both of them, and I think it comforts Morgan.

When we were contacted by them not long ago and asked if we’d consider doing a review of their new car seat cover, I was very excited.  I love the patterns and quality of their dog bed duvets, so I was eager to try out the car seat cover.  We chose the fabric pattern we wanted and soon it arrived.  I love that you can make it a back seat hammock, a car seat cover for the back seat or a cargo area cover, depending on where your dog rides in the car.  As long as your car has headrests, you can use it.  They measure 56 inches by 56 inches, so they cover quite a bit of space.  It has this great non skid backing that keeps it in place.  There are also seat belt slots, so you can buckle up your dog or any humans who ride in the back seat.

Fit For A Princess -- Tales and Tails

Fit For A Princess

If you take a trip to the beach, or a hike or even a run at the dog park, worrying about the inside of your car is a thing of the past.  Once you get home, you can easily pull it out of the car, shake it out and even toss it in the wash if need be.  Not only do I love that it keeps the car clean and in good condition, I also love that it adds some pretty color to the car.  I’ve looked at other car seat covers before and I haven’t ever seen any as pretty or stylish as these, and they have a variety of patterns to please everyone.

We added two of their dog beds to our car, to make it extra stylish for us and extra comfortable for the dogs.  I’m glad we did.  Comfortable beds mean dogs that stay laying down and relaxed while we’re out on the road, which means one less thing to worry about.   If you need to, you can take whatever you’ve stuffed them with out and roll them up into a pretty small roll to make transporting them easier, which can make traveling a lot easier.

If you have a dog with incontinence issues, the waterproof liner is also a godsend.  We got one for Morgan, who tends to get a little too excited before we can get her outside sometimes, and it means that if she does have an accident, we can just pull the duvet cover off, wipe down the liner and put another cover on while we toss the first cover in the wash.  With or without the liner, being able to zip off the outside cover has made keeping the dog beds clean a lot easier for us.  We used to have to lug dog beds to the laundromat and now we can wash them here at home which is a lot cheaper and easier.

Cruising In Style -- Tales and Tails

Cruising In Style

I really can’t say enough about how much we love Molly Mutt products.  They have made traveling a lot easier for us, and our dogs love their beds.  Bunny, Flattery and Morgan all love their beds, and we can adjust them based on what they like.  Morgan likes to scratch her bed and rearrange the inside to make her nest, so we put a little less “stuff” inside hers.  Bunny prefers the princess experience with big, fluffy pillows inside hers.  Flattery is happy to be able to move hers into a spot in the sunshine while she snoozes in the afternoon.  You have to love a product that lets you customize it to what you and your dog like best.

If you’re looking for products to make traveling with your dog easier, or just a new bed to make your dog happy at home, definitely give Molly Mutt a look see.  For the dog at your house on the “nice list” it might make a good gift from Santa.  It’s a gift that will keep on giving to you and your dog.

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  • ShineJake

    I’ve gotta say you really sold me on those dog beds! They look real comfy and Bunny looks so content in that one picture! I also like that you can customize the ‘stuffing’ so to speak to accomodate your dog to his or her preferences! I’m definitely gonna be taking a look at their selection! Seems like a good Christmas present for the dogs!