Marrow Bone Madness

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This weekend, Mr. Taleteller decided that instead of a cake to celebrate Küster’s birthday, he would get marrow bones from the butcher for the dogs.  On Saturday, he got them out and each dog had his or her own place to enjoy the meaty goodness mostly to him or herself.  Küster had his in the basement, Morgan had hers in her crate and Flattery and Bunny each had a one on a dog bed on opposite sides of the room.  The dogs all thought this was an excellent idea and we laughed a little at Flattery as she devoured hers while Morgan and Bunny took their time.  We figured we were going to have to keep an eye on Flattery so she didn’t try to steal Bunny and Morgan’s bones, but that’s just a part of life with multiple dogs.  Fortunately, there was enough meat on the bones that Flattery was busy with hers for quite a while.

All Grown Up -- Tales and Tails

All Grown Up

Later, my husband and I were leaving, so we put the bones up to avoid any conflicts that might happen over such a high value item.  The dogs were not exactly happy with us for taking the treats away, but they handled it pretty well.  Everyone’s bone was put in it’s own bag so we’d know whose was whose and we headed out.

On Sunday afternoon, we wanted to watch some television shows in peace and quiet, so the bones reappeared.  The dogs all went to their respective places and soon you wouldn’t even have known that there were dogs in our house, except for the slurping and chewing noises.  We certainly had some very happy dogs at our house.

At turn out time, Marrow Bone Madness struck.  My husband called the Greyhounds to go out for a powder room break.  Flattery ran to the back door, because that’s what she does.  Normally, Bunny follows a little behind, but not on this day.  She lay ensconced on her bed, chewing away at her bone.  I know she heard my husband, because she looked up, her ears twitched and she thought about getting up, but the bone was just too good.

The Thinker -- Tales and Tails

The Thinker

So, she began chewing on it in double speed.  I found that I started giggling about it.  Mr. Taleteller called again.  Bunny stood up, then began chewing the bone even more frantically from her standing position.  Yet again, my husband called and she began working out how to pick up the good sized bone in her dainty little mouth.  She picked it up and got as far as Flattery’s bed before setting it down and chewing on it frantically again.  I offered to watch the bone for her, but clearly no one was to be trusted with this treasure.  After another call from my husband, she did the only thing her conflicted little heart could come up with and picked up the bone, carrying it with her to the back.

She took the bone all the way outside with her and set it in the driveway.  My husband generously picked it up on the way back in and carried it back into the house for her.  Dinner was served and the bones were forgotten for the time being.  We had a good laugh about our civilized little princess getting in touch with her inner wolf over the bone.  By the time it was bedtime, the bones were forgotten, even by us.

You Were Always On My Mind -- Tales and Tails

You Were Always On My Mind

At least, that’s what we thought, but someone had not forgotten the bones.  In the morning, Mr. Taleteller got up to discover that Bunny had both of the bones on her bed.  And she was having no part of Flattery coming anywhere near them.  He had a little chuckle and took the girls outside before coming in and relocating the bones to the top of the refrigerator.  There was no harm to anyone and the bones were forgotten as breakfast was served.

While we had a good laugh about it, it did remind me of a few things.  One, even the most mild mannered dog can get a little feral over something that is high enough value.  Two, you can’t let your guard down over these things.  And three, nothing tops a marrow bone as a special birthday treat.  We have two more birthdays coming up next month, and I know how we’ll be celebrating.  We’ll just remember to use caution when we do.

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3 Responses to "Marrow Bone Madness"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Glad your pack enjoyed the marrow bones. I can’t give my girls anything like that, as it makes them very runny and then it’s very hard to pick up.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Two French Bulldogs says:

    We just had a discussion how good those marrow bones are for doggies
    Lily & Edward

  3. I had to laugh, because 10/6 was my Abby’s birthday. And I also bought all the dogs bones. They were all happily chewing away, in their own individual spots, and I was reading a book. About 30 minutes later I noticed my Kori was giving me a sorrowful stare. I looked around and noticed no one was chewing on a bone…except Scarlett. And that’s when I spotted the problem. Scarlett had made the rounds, stolen all the bones, and was laying on top of them while she chewed hers! (And no one will challenge her, so they come to me to express their sadness.)

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