A Lovely Fall Weekend

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard sharing our weekend adventure with you.

Dad and Küster had a training day on Saturday and Mom had plans with Aunt J, so that left us with Sunday for our weekend adventure day.  It was a little bittersweet since its Mom’s last day of break, but we were determined to have some fun together.  It turned out to be a busy day.

Küster -- Tales and Tails


First, I got up early and went to training with Mom, Dad and Küs.

Mom and Dad got lost and Buzz went out to find them.  He did a pretty good job.  I was a little concerned about Mom, though, because she got lost three times.  It’s a good thing Küster knows what she smells like in case Buzz wasn’t up to the job.  I may have to put a bell on her if this keeps up.

After that, the Black Tornado did a trail.  He was a pup on a mission.  I have to say, I admire his work ethic.  It didn’t take him long to get the job done.

When that was done, I graciously posed for Mom for some photos that I believe will be this week’s Wordless Wednesday pictures.  I have a work ethic, too, just so everybody knows.  I posed and looked regal all without the comfort of my tummy warmer.  As you will see later in the week, I wasn’t completely unprotected.  Still, I had to resist the temptations of other dogs walking about, and remember to stay in my place and give different expressions.  It’s not as easy as it looks.

Bunny -- Tales and Tails


After that, we went to get some lunch for the humans and then we went home to get Flattery and Morgan.

Our plan was to go to the abandoned dog park.  However, just as we got there, several other people showed up.  Since Dad doesn’t trust Morgan around other dogs, we decided to leave and go take some fall pictures.  We went and found a rather picturesque spot and each took our turns in front of the camera.

Morgan -- Tales and Tails


I will just say that some puppies in our house are in need of polishing their modeling skills before our Christmas card photo shoot that will be here soon.  I’m not mentioning any names, but we’ll see if the Christmas card picture ends up telling the story.  In the end, though, I think everybody had some good pictures from our modeling session.  I have a feeling there will be an entertaining post about our Christmas card picture in the near future.  For those wondering about why we’re thinking about that already, we take our picture and send our order in the beginning of November so that we have our cards back in time to mail them out to the people we want to send greetings to.  The photo shoot has always been a big production, and I fear that this year with two puppies involved that it might be extra difficult, but we will prevail.

Flattery -- Tales and Tails


And finally, I’d like to add that my friend Pip passed away over the weekend.

For such a small guy, he certainly leaves a big hole behind in the world.  I feel very lucky that I got to meet him in person and I hope that he’s enjoying all the cheeseburgers in Heaven that a guy could want.  We will always remember him, his wise words of affirmation, the Great Race we had and his incredible Bucket List tour.  His family is in our hearts right now.  It reminds us to make the most of the time we have with our humans.  You never know how much time you’ll have together, but make the most of every day, just in case it’s your last.

Racing Pip

Racing Pip

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  • rottrover

    What a handsome pack you are!

    Bart, Ruby and Otto

  • Sue Dyer

    Fab photos as usual. Glad Kuster found mum.

  • Mango Momma

    Ach! The holiday photo shoot.

    As for the posing, well Bunny is a pro and can manage to look calm and collected no matter what. I think Morgan and Flattery both look completely charming, but yes, a bit lacking in attention. Throw is Kuster and the photo shoot sounds like something that will be great fun for readers.

    Mango Momma

  • Goose

    Oh yes looking forward to the Christmas photo shoot. Hummmmm I wonder who needs a little polishing….. Smart money IS NOT on Bunny.

  • Amy Boyer

    Too bad people showed up at the dog park to spoil Morgan’s fun. I remember the photos you posted of the dogs running together. Maybe as the weather gets colder it will be *abandoned* again. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas card pics!

  • Amy Boyer

    Oh and PS since I grew up near where you live…is that Lake Bloomington?

    • We’ve taken some great pictures at Lake Bloomington before, but that is actually the Illinois River, taken near Chillicothe.

      • Amy Boyer

        Ah, thanks; we used to go water skiing on the Illinois River, using a boat launch in Peoria…

  • Casey the Boxer

    I totally agree with you, Bunny — modeling is hard work! I can’t wait to see the results. By the way, I don’t think it’s at all too early to think about Christmas cards. We did our shoot AGES ago, and we already ordered and received our cards!

  • Jen

    Oh Lordie, Christmas….your mom is way too organized 😉

  • genjiscorner

    All the super models say that it is much harder than it looks. Such sad news about PiP. A true doggie blog star who will be missed around the world.

  • Oz theTerrier

    Beautiful photos of everyone, Bunny! I am so glad you got to enjoy a family day on Sunday.
    *cairn cuddles*

  • Roxy

    Beautiful pics, and i can’t wait to see what your holiday card turns out like.

  • Elaine Pritchard

    Wise words at the end there….very true. We’ll all miss Mr Pip so much.

    Lovely shots there. Bunny is clearly the Pro when it comes to modelling – but dare I say that Flattery could be coming up on the rails as a real contender?

  • Sounds like a fun day. I for one look forward to the post about the Christmas card and seeing the finished product. We too do a special Christmas photo every year. We go to our local humane society for ours. We’ve done it for about 13 years. Last year was 4 dogs, 1 cat and a parrot. Everyone was used to doing it. This year, there will be 2 additional dogs and 3 new cats (since our senior kitty passed earlier this year), plus the parrot. Our apt is Nov 17. This year’s photo shoot should be a trip to say the least! Can’t wait to hear about yours!

  • Ryker From Alaska

    I am so sorry to hear about Pip. He was pretty famous in Blogville.
    Great shots your mama took. I look forward to more on Wordless Wednesday, a perfect venue since your photographs always leave me speechless!

  • Emma

    I hear you on the work thing, Bunny. Everyone thinks that being a model is a simple job but it is hard work! You are an excellent model. We are worried about our Christmas photo this year with Bailie, she has ants in her pants still. Can’t believe your mom’s break is already over, seems like it just started!

  • Sara Blair

    I like the idea of putting a bell on your mom! Although, maybe this is a golden opportunity for you to ask for a smart phone, claiming that you need the gps app to be able to find her if necessary!

    Sorry that the dog park wasn’t abandoned 🙁 What a bummer. But, you got some nice photos, and got to be together as a family.

    Looking forward to the Christmas shoot (and the story behind it).

  • Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

    I don’t believe for a minute that your Christmas photo won’t end up being perfect….no matter what you say, Bunny!
    So sorry about your friend Pip. What a little cutie. You are right, we need to make the most of every minute we have with each other.

  • Bunny – you are a tough critic of your pack-mates. I think they’re learning very fast how to look noble and graceful. Your cards will be awesome – I know it.

    Way to go, Kus, finding your lost person so fast. And, keep your eye on your mom – three time lost in one day? She’s going to need you.

    Last, Mr. Pip’s passing really hurt our hearts. I remember the great race, and I love the photo that you have of him here. He was a wonderful guy.

  • My Brown Newfies

    Haha-I’ve been thinking of our holiday cards already too. I have no idea what to do it. I’m fresh out of ideas.

    I was so sad to read about Mr.Pip earlier today. I had a good cry. He was a special little pup and he will be greatly missed.

  • Lori – What Remains Now

    The Christmas photo shoot post!…Can’t wait! I’m always torn. I want things to go smoothly, but then where’s the fun in that.

    We are so sad about Pip. Pip was one-of-a-kind. We will never forget him.

  • Beth Christians

    What a busy,busy weekend! Sounds like you all had tons of fun!

    We were so very sorry to hear about Pip, he was such a friendly guy!

    Dory, Jakey, Arty and Bilbo

  • BZ Dogs

    Can’t wait to see a picture of you with Bells on.

    So sorry to hear about Pip. He was quite the character. 🙂

  • Beautiful portraits of everyone!
    ” I may have to put a bell on her if this keeps up.” lol!
    Very sorry to hear about your friend, Pip. I remember the Great Race.

  • harrispen

    What great pictures of all of you. Too bad you didn’t get to play in the dog park. Maybe next time.

  • Flea

    Even the puppies look great. 🙂 Bunny, I think you can give mom kudos for that. She’s an amazing photographer.

  • Words With Wieners

    So funny (well, not exactly funny) that you got lost and had to be found… but hey, it’s great practice for Buzz and Küs!
    Sorry you didn’t get to spend some time at the abandoned dog park. But it looks like you still found a beautiful place to hang out and get some great shots.
    Looking forward to hearing about/seeing the Christmas card pictures for this year. I secretly hope Flattery gets up to some mischief… oh wait, that wasn’t very secret, was it? I mean, I hope everyone behaves beautifully and the pictures come out perfect! 🙂