Losing More Than An Hour

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Here in the States, we had our time change so we lost an hour of sleep. Honestly, I think it’s an antiquated notion that needs to end, but no one asked me.  It’s no fun for anyone, but it’s especially miserable for dog owners.  Trying to convince dogs that the time has changed by an hour is no fun.  It’s a strong lesson about those internal clocks our dogs are born with.

Ninety Nine and Three Eighths -- Tales and Tails

Ninety Nine and Three Eighths

On top of helping our dogs adjust to the time change, I spent literally all day yesterday trying to get my phone restored, and after all the hours when I could have been outside enjoying those extra rays of sunshine that I was stuck inside with tech support, I was feeling more than a little out of sorts.  At that point, just about everything was frustrating.  I was losing more than an hour, I was also losing my mind, and for once, the dogs weren’t responsible

Of course, the dogs didn’t give two figs about my technology woes.  They didn’t even give me sad eyes about not going out in the sunshine. It was just an opportunity for them to catch up on that missing hour of sleep.   When I finally got done with tech support, still no better off than when I contacted them, I knew I needed to seriously relieve some stress.

Off In Dreamland -- Tales And Tails

Off in Dreamland

I finally got a chance to take a shower and when I came out of the bathroom, some of my favorite shows were on.  Bunny was laying on our bed in the bedroom, and a minute later, she appeared in front of me as I settled in for some television watching.   She put her head against my chest and as soon as my fingers slid along her silky fur, I felt my blood pressure drop back to normal human levels.  I can definitely vouch for the therapeutic properties of dog fur.

All in all, it wasn’t a great weekend for us, but it was good at reminding about how forgiving and beneficial dogs are.  They didn’t waste more time feeling bad about what didn’t happen, they enjoyed the little time that we did have to relax.  Sometimes, we just need those little reminders in our lives.

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  • SGilbert

    Dogs just love to be with their humans not matter what. Hope you have a good week….we are having snow:(

  • Sue Dyer

    So glad after your stressful time, the dogs worked their magic. When I am getting stressed, I just stop and go and sit with my girls. Almost instantly I feel myself relax.

    Not relaxed today though, as Polly is at the vets having several teeth out. they should have all been done last year, but they had to wake her up, as she had a bad reaction. Won’t be happy till she is home.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Amy Boyer

    I hope your tech woes are solved soon – they are so stressful. The time change is ridiculous, I agree. I saw in the NY Times this morning that some New England states are talking about doing away with it. Why can’t we all?!

  • Vicky

    Sorry you had a frustrating weekend, but glad that Bunny was able to instantly calm your stressful nerves. I, personally, wish we could keep this time. I am not a morning person, so love that it stays light later in the day. Being light in the morning just makes me pull the covers over my head while I try to sleep through another snooze alarm. LOL I hate when it changes – either direction. Yesterday and today, I was falling asleep about 4 pm, but, when 9 pm came along, I was wide awake. Go figure. Jet lag when you haven’t traveled anywhere is no fun.