A Long Winter’s Nap

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I don’t know about things where you live, but here where we are, it’s taken a turn for the brisk.  When I say brisk, I mean take your breath away, freeze your brain and make you dream of a tropical island kind of brisk.  Winter is definitely on its way.  In short, I feel like taking a long winter’s nap and hibernating until the Spring thaw.

All Settled In For A Long Winter's Nap -- Tales and Tails

Napping Winter Away

Normally, the colder air invigorates Bunny, but this year, I suspect she feels more like I do.  I’ve seen her burrowed under the covers more, making a blanket next on the couch and hurrying quite a bit when we go outside for potty breaks.  Last year, we had a pretty mild winter by Midwest standards, and maybe we got a little spoiled.

This year, I’ve found myself making excuses for not taking walks, and neither of the girls has been reminding me that we need a leg stretch, either.  I feel like we need to start getting bundled up and getting out a little more before the weather turns really cold and we end up spending the winter inside.  Part of the problem has been my health, and there’s been the busy hustle and bustle of the season.

One thing that has been a motivator for us this year is that it seems like a lot more of our neighbors have decorated their houses for the holidays this year than the last few.  Walking around the neighborhood in different directions to admire the lights has been a fun reminder of years gone by when we used to go looking for lights to see.

Feeling Festive -- Tales and Tails

Feeling Festive

It’s one of the things that I really enjoy about the holidays for a couple of reasons.  I love seeing the different ideas people come up with for decorating their houses and yards.  Sometimes it gives me inspiration for my own things and other times it’s just neat to see.  I also love that sense of magic that seeing Christmas lights still brings as well as the nostalgia of it all.  Of course, I also love it because we can enjoy it with the dogs, either by bundling up and taking a walk or piling in the car if it’s really cold and driving through some of the larger displays that are in our area.

I’d love to see a yard somewhere of Christmas dogs, all lit up and bringing holiday cheer.  So far, we haven’t found one, but if one exists, I want to see it.  For now, we’ll stick to enjoying all of the lights we can find.

Window Shopper -- Tales and Tails

Window Shopper

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  • Sue Dyer

    I don’t have room for a tree or many decorations, but I have my birthday and Christmas cards up and a few hanging Christmassy things.

    You keep safe and warm. Sue, Polly & Honey