Living The Dream

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about my weekend.

Last Thursday, Dad and Küster headed off for a long weekend doing whatever SAR teams do.  At first, we were a little sad to see them go, but then we realized it was a girls only weekend and we were happy dogs.   We were living the dream of having my human all to ourselves and no boys around and it was fantastic.

Thursday night after they left, we headed off with my human to enjoy a short stroll downtown and puppucinos.  We even took one home for Morgan.  It was a lovely, relaxing evening and while I’m sure the boys were having fun starting their big adventure, but I know it didn’t involve the creamy goodness of puppucinos.

Hello, Puppucino! -- Tales and Tails

Hello, Puppucino!

The best part was that I realized that night that I could stretch out as far as I wanted on the bed.  I had a pillow for my butt and one for my head.  Flattery and I both slept in the bed with my human and nobody was touching each other.  I could get used to this arrangement on a regular basis.

Friday it was hot, so my human ran errands without us.  When she got back, we had movie night and stayed in together.  It was lovely and cozy, and we had a great time hanging out together with Pupcorn.  We watched some fun movies stayed up late and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Watching Shark Week -- Tales and Tails

Watching The Show

Saturday, we got up early for turn out, and then went back to bed.  We had a leisurely morning of sleeping in before getting a slow start to the day.  We were going to visit the farmer’s market, but there was a festival this weekend, so they didn’t have it.  It was also hotter than a flea under a dog’s tail, so we decided to have a lazy day.  My human ran a few more errands by herself.  She had to hurry to get back before the big storm hit.  We enjoyed a very quiet night curled up together with no television working that night.  It’s a good thing we like books.

Sunday morning we supervised while my human got food ready to take over for her dad for Father’s Day.  When we realized she wasn’t sharing with us, we lost interest, to tell you the truth.  She went off and we stayed inside, but she was only gone a few hours.  When she got back, we had a fine dinner, and then Dad and Küster got home.

Slumber Party -- Tales and Tails

Slumber Party

It was nice while it lasted.

We had a great time enjoying each other’s company and we barely noticed that the guys were gone.  When they got home, though, we were really happy to see them.  It’s nice to have a change of pace as long as everyone comes back home after a little while.  The best part of enjoying a little special time is that it’s a change of pace, but it’s not forever.  At least, that’s how I feel about it.

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5 Responses to "Living The Dream"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Sounds like a nice weekend for the girls.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Why do we think you enjoyed quite time with mom
    Lily & Edward

  3. Vicky says:

    Sounds like a near perfect weekend! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it were cooler and you could have gone with your mom while running errands.

  4. Glad you made the most of your girls weekend.

  5. Monica Hoffman says:

    Bunny, you and Flattery always have the best time with your mom. It was nice of you to bring Morgan a Puppucino. I’m sure she enjoyed it. Girls need girl time!

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