Life With A Greyhound Diva

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I have mentioned before that of all our dogs, Bunny is the only one who specifically prefers me.  The other dogs definitely love me and are genuinely happy to see me, but Bunny makes her preference clear and impossible to mistake.  Morgan adores me and views me as worthy of protecting, but when Mr. Taleteller is around, she only has eyes for him.  Küster loves me, too, but he views me as a way to make his handler jealous or frustrated.  He loves me, but he has a deep respect for Mr. Taleteller and they are definitely a tight-knit team.  Flattery is an equal opportunity love child who is happy as long as someone is fussing over her, and happiest when we’re both paying attention to just her.   Bunny loves my husband, but she makes it clear that if I am around, she’s my dog.

Love You -- Tales And Tails

Love You

If we are getting ready to go somewhere, Bunny will actually hang back and wait for me, in case Mr. Taleteller has ideas about running off and leaving me behind.  She’s never forgiven him for the time he loaded her up with Morgan, Blueberry and Lilac and drove off for some errands while leaving me at home in peace and quiet to get some things done.  She also has the habit of looking over at me for confirmation before actually doing something that he tells her to do.

Along with this comes the idea that Bunny has a bit of ownership of me.  Well, to be honest, she does.  However, it’s the way she asserts this ownership that often endears her to me and cracks me up.  When Bunny stakes her claim, she does it with flair.  I am still surprised when she chooses to do it, though.

You've Got A Friend In Me -- Tales and Tails

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

This week, I wanted to get some birthday pictures of Flattery to share.  I knew it was going to be challenging because at least one part of Flattery is always in motion and it’s usually her nose or her ears.  She gets a bit overexcited about food and most of the time I recruit Mr. Taleteller to help me with her when I am taking pictures of Flattery.  I can get pictures of her by myself, but it’s much faster to employ help.

I went upstairs ahead of my husband and the dogs because I wanted to get a few pictures of something that didn’t have any dogs in it before I got started with them.  If you saw Tuesday’s post, you probably noticed that there were some little pupcakes in the picture with them that had tiny Milk-Bones on top.

All week, Bunny had been a little reluctant to come upstairs and do pictures for me and I was a little worried that she was a little under the weather.  Since I needed pictures of Flattery, I actually wasn’t even going to ask Bunny to come upstairs.  On our walk, I got the feeling that the cold air might be bothering her a little and I was just going to let her rest and not climb the steep stairs to the attic.  However, as I sat upstairs photographing the treats, Bunny suddenly appeared, prancing over an laying down by the treat plate like the professional model that she is.  Soon, my husband and Flattery appeared as well.

Heart Dog -- Tales and Tails

Heart Dog

Since Bunny was up there, and I know how she feels about her modeling job, I had her pose and I took some pictures of her that I was going to need later anyway.  Of course, at some point, I had the pictures I needed, and then it was time to switch over and take pictures of Flattery, who was waiting patiently on her white rug.  I tossed some treats on the daybed where Bunny usually likes to hang out and she went over to get her treats.

While Bunny was getting her treats, Mr. Taleteller was getting Flattery, and her rug, into position to take pictures.  I turned around and my husband was just at the point of getting Flattery to lay down where I needed her to be.  It still takes a bit of coercion to get Flattery to lay down and stay in her spot, so there are usually a few ups and downs to get things ready.  I picked up the camera and started to fiddle with framing the shot as my husband worked with Flattery.  And then Bunny appeared on the scene, laying down in the perfect spot in the perfect pose.

My husband tried telling Bunny to go back and lay down on the daybed.  That little dog was like a rock, and if I didn’t know better, I’d swear that she grew roots to hold her in place.  She was not budging.  I told her that if she was going to be in the picture, she was at least going to have to wear a hat.  She told me to bring it, and held up her head for me to slip her party hat on.  I worked for a while on taking pictures of them together, and Bunny was the pro that she always is.

Ready To Party -- Tales and Tails

Ready to Party

Finally, I called her over to me and she did what she almost always does now when I’m taking pictures of Flattery.  Bunny laid down in front of me, her body pressed up against mine and supervised while I took pictures of Flattery by herself.  When I am taking pictures sitting up, Bunny usually lays down either on one of my legs or between them, but when I’m laying down, she lays right up against my body.  Like I said, there’s no mistaking her meaning or intentions when she makes a statement.

Life with a Greyhound diva is never dull, that’s for sure.  It’s also great for your self esteem, if you’re the object of her affection.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Color Pink -- Tales and Tails

The Color Pink

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8 Responses to "Life With A Greyhound Diva"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Fab photos of the girls.

    You can see how much Bunny loves being with you Carrie.

    Hope you have a good day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. Such a doll, and definitely your heart dog! ♥

  4. Emma says:

    Bunny, you and I are two peas in a pod. I get so mad when I hear the camera shutter and I am not the subject. Mom has to take a few pics of me and then I will allow her to continue with the others. I’m a total diva and want to be the main model too 😉

  5. What is amazing to me is the way that you never seem to lose patience with these situations!

  6. Geo Fizz says:

    When I first started reading your blog, I wondered by how much you had to bribe Bunny into posing. Clearly, from the photo of you and her together, she absolutely adore’s you. You can see it in her eyes looking up at you. I have one like that now… she’s my little sidekick and is rarely away from my side when I’m home. Isn’t it wonderful to be adored by a furry 4 legged creature that is nothing but happiness and joy? It’s like God’s love, to me, anyway, as they love us when we’re having good days and bad days and forgive us for anything.

  7. Dory and the Mama says:

    I just love that last shot….Bunny looks a bit like you 🙂

  8. MelF says:

    This totally made me smile. It’s kind of nice to have a dog that prefers you, isn’t it? I think I love Bunny even more after this. 🙂

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