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This year, the dogs got Bunny to type their letters to Santa again, and since they usually make me smile, I like to share them here with our readers.  You never know what they’ll ask for, but it does show a bit of who they are, I think.  Today, we’re sharing Küster’s letter.

Dear Santa,

It’s me, Küster.  It’s been a year since we last talked, and I’ve been a busy guy.  I’ll always be thankful that you granted my first wish and I became a real, live search and rescue dog.  It was a gift that has defined my life, so to speak.  As many times as you’ve been around the world, I’m sure you know your way around, but in case you get lost, give me a call.  I’m used to going out at night to look for people who are lost, so it won’t be a bother.

Küster Is On His Way -- Tales and Tails

Küster Is On His Way

I guess it depends on who you ask as to whether I’ve been good or not.  It’s true, I don’t like to do the long down, and standing still and posing for Christmas card pictures is about the most boring thing I can imagine.  I’m a dog of action.  Give me a job and I’m good to go.  I just don’t like sitting around and I’m good at finding things to do, even if it’s just flossing my teeth with remnants of my current blanket.  I don’t do things just for the sake of doing them, like I did in my youth, I do them to keep busy.  Did I mention I’m a dog of action?

If you can manage it, I do have a few requests.  I need a new Wubba or two for training.  It’s the darned thing, but as soon as I get them properly broken in, they fall apart.  I’d also like you to get my handler a new car.  I don’t mind riding around in it, but I do worry about him getting hurt in that “death trap” as Mom calls it.  (A note from Bunny, Santa, this is really important, that thing is practically a Fred Flintstone car.  He’ll be using his feet for brakes soon!)  It suits our needs and we’re not flashy guys, but I want to be sure we can make it to our searches.

There’s one last thing, too.  My dream of becoming a search and rescue dog came true, but this year, I’d like to find a real victim, not just Mom at the end of training exercises.  I don’t want anyone to get lost on my account, but if someone does, could you just help guide my nose?

Merry Christmas,


P.S.  Um, Flattery doesn’t represent all black dogs.  Her opinions are her own, okay?  Don’t hold her misbehavior against the rest of us if you decide to put her on…  the Naughty List.


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5 Responses to "Letters To Santa — Küster"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Kuster, I wish I could be found by you.

    I am sure you will get what you ask for from Santa, although not sure if Santa could get a new car on the sleigh.

    Hope you all have a good day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Casey the Boxer says:

    BOL, don’t worry Kus, I’m sure Santa won’t hold Flattery against you!

  3. Tina Shaw says:

    Aw Kus… You’re the sweetest thing this side of honey.

  4. Two French Bulldogs says:

    We know naughty is not even in your vocabulary
    Lily & Edward

  5. SGilbert says:

    LMAO! Love it! Kuster if I get lost I will call you and your handler to come find me…or if Schooner and Skipper get lost you can find them for me. I pay in treats and a Wubba! Maybe I should get your handler new pair of shoes for helping you! Happy Holidays to you and the whole family!

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