Letters To Santa 2017 — Küster

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Every year, Bunny takes dictation from the other dogs and helps them write their letters to Santa.  Since I have access to them on the computer, I enjoy sharing them with our readers here on the week before Christmas.  Today, we have Küster’s letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

It’s been a busy year for me and my handler.  I hope it hasn’t been quite as busy for you, because I can tell that my handler needs a break.  I’d hate to think of those reindeer wearing you out like that because you have an even more important job than I do.

Küster Is On His Way -- Tales and Tails

Küster Is On His Way

I remember back to my first Christmas here when I was just a pup and I asked you to help me become a Search and Rescue dog.  My wish came true and I became a real search dog, and it’s been everything I dreamed of and more.  Every day I’m thankful for the job I have.  I just hope that I can always be successful if they call me in for help and that my nose doesn’t let me down.

I’d be thrilled if you could bring me a few new toys, because mine get a workout when I train.  I have a tendency to wear mine out, and I can’t be at the top of my game without them.  Aside from that I hope you’ll bring my handler a few things to help keep him warm and safe while we’re out doing what we do best.  That’s really all I can ask for.

Your Devoted Friend,


Küster Rides The Rails -- Tales and Tails

Küster Rides The Rails

P. S.  I know you may have heard a story about Flattery eating that buckwheat pillow and being sick for a week afterwards.  Yes, it happened, but there’s more to the story.  The humans were gone when it happened, and they’d been gone for awhile.  Flattery was really hungry and she did what she had to do.  It was the best she could manage with no thumbs.  I thought that pillow stank, anyway.  I really think you should overlook it!

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  • Sue Dyer

    Kuster, You are so handsome.

    Without a doubt you are on the nice list.

    I hope your plea for Flattery does the trick.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Vicky

    Love your letter Kuster….and your photos. You are a very handsome boy with a big heart. You don’t ask for much and make sure that you are including others in your letter. I love that. I hope Santa lets Flattery off of the hook for the pillow.

  • Casey the Boxer

    Aww, Kuster, you’re definitely on the Nice List!