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Every year, Bunny writes down the dogs’ letters to Santa and sends them off.  Since we share the computer, this means I get to find them and share them here with our readers.  Today, we have Bunny’s letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,

Hello!  I hope this letter finds you well, with most of your work getting presents ready for Christmas already behind you.  Since I’ve visited you in person in the past, I feel like we’re old friends.  Hopefully, you feel the same way.

He's Making A List... -- Tales and Tails

He’s Making A List…

For the most part, there’s not much that I want for.  I have more than one soft bed, a warm house, humans who love me and take me on adventures, other pack mates who are fun, plenty of fancy collars and coats and a job or two that give me purpose.  What I really want is for all of my loved ones to be happy and for us to have even more fun together in the next year.  I’d like my humans to relax more and work less.  I’ve come to realize that time together is the greatest gift of all, and that is what I’m hoping for.  I don’t know if you can give me that or not, but I guess it can’t hurt to ask.

I can tell you one thing.  I’m not getting any younger.  There have been several things this past year that have reminded me that I’m not as young as I used to be.  I’ve suggested to you a few times that a Greyhound would be a much more efficient sleigh puller than those reindeer, but I still haven’t gotten the call on Christmas Eve.  I still think Greyhounds would do a much better job and I really think you should give it a try.  This year, though, I’m not sure that I personally want the job.  It seems like it might cut into my visions of sugarplums and be more exertion than these old lady bones can handle.  I would, however, really like to go for a ride in your sleigh, or meet your team of Greyhounds if you do decide to have some pull your sleigh.

Also, I feel compelled to mention that I think you may have heard some things about Flattery that were, well, unflattering.  Instead of trying to explain some of her misdeeds, I’d like to mention something.  In spite of her penchant for mischief, Flattery has, deep down inside, a good heart.  I know that sometimes she finds herself in the occasional predicament, but she also does a lot of good in the world.  She brings smiles and laughs to the people we visit in the nursing homes.  Wherever we go, she greets people and makes them wish they had a Greyhound of their own.  Here at home, she makes us all laugh and smile, and she’s the first to cuddle with you if you’re sad or having a bad day.  I know she pretends that she doesn’t care if she’s on the Naughty List or the Nice List, but I think she really wants to be on that Nice List.  More than anything, she wants everyone else to be happy.  So, I’m hoping you can overlook a little bit of mischief and see the bigger picture of all the good things she’s done.

Now, I think it’s time for a nice winter’s nap for me!

All My Love,


Letter To Santa -- Tales and Tails

Letter To Santa

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  • Sue Dyer

    Bunny, I hope Santa can grant your wish to havemore time with your humans and go onmore adventures.

    II’m sure with the pleas from Morgan, Kuster and now you Flattery will get onto the nice list. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Casey the Boxer

    How sweet of you to think of your sister in your letter! And I’d love to meet Santa’s magic greyhounds someday.

  • ShineJake

    Awww, Bunny, you’re such a thoughtful and considerate Greyhound! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!