Letters To Santa 2014 — Morgan

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Every year, we share the dogs’ letters to Santa here on the blog. Bunny is nice enough to type them on the computer for them, so I just copy them and post them here.  Today’s letter is from Morgan.

Shepherds We Have Heard -- Tales and Tails

Shepherds We Have Heard

Dear Santa,

Here’s hoping this letter finds you doing even better than last year.  I’m pretty sure I’d know if you’d had a bad year because my surveillance is pretty sophisticated.  You’re a guy worth protecting in my book.

I have been a good girl this year.  I have barked at a lot less people and tried my hardest to get along with my pack mates and my humans.  I’ve also kept my eyes and ears alert to be sure that nothing bad could get to any of them.  Since they’re all alive and well as of the writing of this letter, I feel that I’ve done my job the best that I could.

As far as what I’d like, Santa, just keep my eyes and ears alert so that I can protect those that I love. I could always use some extra surveillance equipment, but as long as I can stay sharp and on top of my game, I can keep my family safe.  I mean, let’s face it, you’ve met Küster and while he’s great for keeping them from getting lost, he’s not protecting anybody from unfriendlies.  The boy would wag his tail off at an ax murderer.  He thinks everyone in the world is his friend, and I’m glad he doesn’t know that there can be bad people in world.  He’s always only known that everybody loves and adores him.  Bunny and Flattery also think everyone wants to adore them, and they’ll always think that if I keep the bad guys in hats away from them.  My humans took a chance on me and for that, I’ll always be devoted to their safety and well-being, too.  I can’t imagine a world without my family, those I love the most, in it.  So, please, just give me the gifts I need to protect what I already have and I’ll be happy.  Although I wouldn’t mind if you threw in a new Honky Pig and a bone, I won’t be disappointed if you don’t leave those.  I know they’re in high demand.  If you left a few rabbit traps, that wouldn’t break my heart, either, and I promise I’d share with Flattery.

I promise that even though I find men in hats highly suspicious, I will let you in to make your delivery without a peep.  You will have no tooth holes in your fancy red pants from me.  That is, just as long as you don’t do anything that threatens my family.  I’m sure you understand.  A good Shepherd has to always be on her game.

One last note, Santa, if you don’t mind.  I’m sure you know by now that all of us are a little worried about Flattery ending up on the Naughty List.  I think her heart is in the right place, but she’s still learning about the world.  If you could give her a little grace on her, ahem, questionable behavior lately, I’m sure she’ll be much better behaved next year!

Merry Christmas,

Morgan Angelina jak Noar

Comfort And Joy -- Tales and Tails

Comfort And Joy


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26 Responses to "Letters To Santa 2014 — Morgan"
  1. Jackie Bouchard says:

    Cute letter. Our shep-mix Rita could have written a very similar one!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Morgan, You are a beautiful girl who makes it her life to protect her family. Santa will want to reward you for your diligence. Sue & Polly

  3. I have sparkly eyes after reading this. Morgan’s loving and protective nature moves me so much.

    I know she finds it harder to be in the world because it’s not always a safe place for her. But she’s so lucky to have such a wonderful family to protect and take care of.

    • houndstooth says:

      The essence of who Morgan is is part of why we struggle with her so much, but also is a big part of why we love her so much. We have been having more good days than bad lately, although I’ll never trust her loose with the other dogs. She’s just too intense for them.

  4. SGilbert says:

    Morgan, I am so glad the family has you to protect them 24/7. You’re pictures are fabulous! You and Mr. Taleteller together in the picture is awesome! I am sure you deserve the presents you are asking for except for the rabbit trap. Why would you need a rabbit trap when you would have more fun chasing and catching the rabbit. Then you could show Flattery how to stalk and attack Mr. Bunny! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • houndstooth says:

      She actually came so close to catching a rabbit the first summer we had her that she came back out of the bayberry bush with rabbit fur stuck between her teeth. She is convinced they are little kamikaze bombers loose in our yard. The traps are for the times she can’t be outside.

  5. Amy Boyer says:

    Good girl Morgan! Santa will surely bring you everything you want (well, maybe not the rabbit traps lol)

  6. harrispen says:

    You are such a good girl Morgan we are sure you will get everything on your list.

    Millie & Walter

  7. jan says:

    It’s hard to be the only pack member who knows that there is evil lurking about. Santa will surely reward you for your diligence.

  8. Mary says:

    Morgan, your family is so lucky to have you to watch over them. I’m sure Santa will see that too and give you what you need.

  9. Dory and the Mama says:

    We just know Santa will give you all you need to protect the family for another year Morgan……we are starting to worry a bit about poor Flattery’s chances of coal in her stocking this year tho…
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Emma says:

    You are a very good girl at heart! Nothing wrong with looking out for your family.

  11. Casey the Boxer says:

    What a grreat letter, Morgan! I know Santa understands and appreciates your protection of your pack!

  12. Maryruth Ginn says:

    A lovely and sincere letter.

  13. Biggy/Allies Mom says:

    what a wonderful letter and picture of a girl and her dad. <3

  14. I hope Santa brings Morgan something special, she’s such a good hearted girl!

  15. Sara, oreo & chewy says:

    Awww, sweet Morgan. You’ve been a very good girl, working hard as usual.

  16. Jen Gabbard says:

    I know Santa will bring Morgan something extra special this year for sure. Having a Shepherd mix myself I realize how treasured their surveillance equipment really is. Such a beautiful letter.

  17. Morgan, such lovely photos of you! You are an extremely hard-working member of the family; I’m certain Santa will give you your heart’s desires.

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