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Lately, we’ve seen some dogs who had grown old, as well as near and dear to us, pass away.  One of the first Greyhound puppies I’d seen adopted passed away yesterday after thirteen years of antics that brought me a lot of laughs and smiles.  Mr. Taleteller’s sister and her family recently lost their Yellow Labrador, Lily after almost fourteen years.  I can still remember the day we picked her up as a puppy and painted her toenails pink before taking her to my niece’s fourth birthday party, and she’d been asking for a dog since she could talk.

Lining Up For Treats

Lining Up For Treats With Lily

It was tough to see both of them go, even though they weren’t my dogs.  One of them I’d never even met in person, but I admired her from afar through the wonders of the Internet.  Part of it is that it reminds me of dogs I’ve lost in the past and how devastated I felt.  Another part is because I know there are other people we know who are hurting.  There’s also the reminder of our own dogs’ mortality.  It’s a guilty feeling of relief that this time it isn’t your own dog, too.

Last night, I was dog tired.  I haven’t been sleeping well this week, and Wednesday night was the worst because I was exhausted and Mr. Taleteller literally woke me up more times than I could count yelling at Flattery or Morgan to “just lay down.”  Work has been hectic, and on top of that, I haven’t felt well on top of being tired.  I had the house to myself with the girls and I just wanted to relax and unwind.

Clowning Around -- Tales and Tails

Clowning Around On Red Nose Day

My mistake was that I tried to get Bunny and Flattery to do something that was simple, but strange to them and it didn’t go well.  I got cross and they gave me the stink eye.  We all retreated to our respective corners. I stewed for a little while and then I got a text from my sister in law, the very same one who lost Lily a few weeks ago.  They put a down payment on a new puppy for Mother’s Day and she is anxiously awaiting the day when they can bring the new puppy home in a couple of weeks.

I thought to myself about how silly it was to have a disagreement with the dogs I love when I should be enjoying our time together.  I try very hard to live so that we have no regrets when one of our dogs leaves us, but that’s easier in theory than in practice.  Events in the world lately have reminded me that I need to remember to live in the moment with them and enjoy the silly things they do instead of letting them irritate me.  Dog farts, chewed up Legos, stolen food, toys that squeak in the night, morning send offs, afternoon greetings, quiet snuggles, grand adventures and all the little moments in between are part of how dogs keep us grounded and humble.  We may struggle to appreciate these things in the moment, but often they make the best memories.

This weekend, aside from enjoying some well deserved down time, I plan to enjoy some moments with those furry companions who hold such a large part of my heart.  I’m not sure what we’ll do yet, aside from dream of a weekend without rain, but we’ll see where the moment takes us.

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6 Responses to "In The Moment"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    It is sad when someone has to say goodbye to a beloved pet. As you say even when it isn’t our pet, we know how sad the person is feeling and it reminds us of pets we have lost.

    I get through the loss by knowing I can give another rescue dog a home.

    We must treasure every second with our pets, as sadly they usually go before us.

    Hope you have a fab Friday and a lovely weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. So very true, we are dealing with exactly this situation ourselves.

  3. Jodi says:

    Wise words my friend. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Re Lindahl says:

    My Burr just turned 10 on the 16th and my Lily is 9 today. It’s hard to believe that these years have gone by so fast. We moved this past week and I also found myself grumbling with having them under foot. On Wednesday my little cuddle bug Burr (who is a total mama’s boy) curled up with me and reminded me that sometimes we need a breather and a step back and know that it’s important to make time for those little moments. I dread that they are getting older, but thankful that they still seem as healthy as they have ever been. I hope that continues for more years to come.

  5. Johnny says:

    Sending you all of my love. But thank you so much for your wise words as well <3

  6. Vicky says:

    We do need to try to not focus on what is irritating us, but what makes us happy. Sorry about the loss of your friends pups.

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