I Was A Greyhound In Gettysburg

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard to write about part of my very exciting weekend at Greyhounds in Gettysburg.

Last year we went to Greyhounds in Gettysburg for the first time, and we all had so much fun that Dad made sure we’d get to go again this year.  Things were different this year.  Lilac wasn’t with us and Kuster was.   A lot of people had asked to meet Kuster, and Mom was hoping he’d have some kind of inspiration from manners class and not embarrass us.  I’m proud to say that he did pretty good on the trip.

Shopping With the Lovely Miss CharmGetting to Gettysburg is a long trip for us, but it was worth all the driving.  Of course, getting on our way didn’t go as smoothly as we’d all hoped.  Dad forgot that we were leaving on Thursday and thought we were going on Friday.  Fortunately, Mom reminded him Thursday morning and he got himself ready.  I’ll just say that it was a good thing Mom packed for herself and us dogs.  Dad was cutting our toenails Thursday and realized that Blueberry had an infected toenail.  It was not looking good at all.  He took her to the vet where they cleaned it up  and finished her pedicure, as well as giving her some antibiotics to take.

However, her vet visit meant that Dad didn’t get some other errands run.  We picked Mom up from work and had to run those last two errands, so we left town an hour and a half late.  We drove until 3:00 in the morning and stopped for the night.  I was ready to get more than forty winks, and I know Mom and Dad were, too.   However, Kuster and Morgan were on a schedule and they were not letting anyone deviate from it.  They got Mom and Dad up by 7:00 in the morning.

The Black Not A Greyhound Contingent -- Kuster and ParkerThe rest of our drive there was uneventful.  We saw lots of pretty scenery and finally arrived in Gettysburg in time to see lots of friends on Friday afternoon.  We didn’t really get time to do any shopping because Mom found people we knew right away when we got there.  Blueberry and I were glad to stretch our legs a little and we found out some friends were going to a restaurant to get drinks, so we agreed to meet them there.

Tangerine DreamI’m not going to lie, there was a hound there who partook of some beer, but that hound was not me.  I didn’t even take a sip of Mom’s pink lemonade, but I was tempted.  I have promised not to name names, but she knows who she is, and she does not live at my house.  If you remember my trip to Dewey last October, many of the humans and hounds who were there were also at this party.  It’s funny how you can travel to so many different places and see some of the same wonderful humans and hounds.  I also got to meet Ikor (ee-kor) there, who is a Galgo from Spain.  He’s only been here in the United States for a month, but he seems to really like his new family.  I’m happy for him, because he’s one of the lucky ones who got out.  We also met Monsoon, the newest star of Who’s Driving.

Hello Ikor!We also met our good friend Chester Hoover, who is not a Greyhound, but lives close to Gettysburg and is a sort of honorary Greyhound.  We all love him and he’s one very funny Labrador.  I think he really enjoyed meeting Kuster, who managed to be on his very best behavior for that meeting.  As a matter of fact, Mom had warned lots of people about Kuster’s manners, but the only person he seemed to have bad manners with was Mom.  She says they’ll be discussing that when we get home.

Chester and MorganWe did finally do some sleeping in Saturday morning.  Everybody was pretty exhausted by then, even Kuster.  After a slow start, we were ready to pack in a lot of fun.  We went to the vendor tents and did a little shopping, but mostly socializing.  We met some of our blog and Facebook friends and had lots of fun chatting with them.  Miss Lori from What Remains Now recognized me in the crowd and that made my day.  I hope Stanley, Jaime, Stella and Parker forgive Mom for spending more time talking than taking pictures of our meeting.  I also home Mr. Shutter Hounds got my good side while I was there.  I also have to mention that Miss Angela gives fantastic ear scritches.  I got to meet Miss Kickin of Dogs Rock and my friend Charm, too.  Blueberry was taking it pretty easy on account of her toe, so Kuster made an appearance and went to try on a collar.  I’m proud to say that my not so little brother did a good job of charming the crowd and he is now sporting a Long Dogs Leather collar.  He looks pretty good in it, I have to say.

Kickin' It With Miss Kickin'We went out in the afternoon and took some pictures, even though the sky was cloudy.  One thing I have to say about Gettysburg is that it’s very pretty there even on a cloudy or rainy day.  It was a bit brisk, but we weren’t letting a little chill in the air stop us from seeing sights or enjoying ourselves.  We got to see some places that we missed last year, which was really nice.

Um, Stanley?Saturday evening, we had dinner with friends, and met Argos and Maera from House of Carnivores at the social.  Sadly, once again Mom was too busy talking and didn’t get as many pictures as she should have.  However, I will say that I liked Maera a lot and I think she and I would get along famously if we lived closer to each other.

MaeraBy the time the social was over, I was one tired girl.  I had a fabulous time, but you can only pack so much fun into a day.  I’d like to say that we had a whole lot of fun and that everyone we met was very nice to us.  Dad is already talking about going back next year.  I think we’ll all be rested up by then.

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  • I would love to attend one of those events. I wish they weren’t so stinking far away.

    Fabulous photos, thanks for posting them. At least we can enjoy Gettysberg from afar.

  • Veronique

    WOW, that must have been somethong. A town full of greyhounds…
    I hope Blueberry toe is better now.
    Snuggles to the whole pack.

  • bunny, it was so nice to see you again, and nice to meet blueberry, kuster, and morgan. i’m glad that you all had a great time there.

  • What a fantastic event! We loved seeing all your photos of the other Greyhounds.
    We read on Lori’s blog that she was going too, it must have been nice to see hounds in the flesh that you only see in pictures.
    Very pleased about Ikor coming to US to a good home, those Galcos are horribly abused.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  • Amazing the number of folks you met! Must have been a blast. 🙂

  • sara, oreo and chewy

    I’m so glad, after a rocky start, you all had such a great time! What a fun event.

    Hope Kuster isn’t in too much trouble with you mom…

  • Sue

    Fab photos. Looks like you had a lovely time and I bet you can’t wait for next years gathering.

    Thanks for popping by my blog and sending get well wishes to Song. She is improving slowly.

  • The kids were very excited about going to GIG. It was great to meet the Tales and Tails gang. My kids are still recovering.

  • It was not I dat partook in drinkin’ of da beverage…only cuz I wasn’ theres but I should has been at dis Greyhound event.
    I so would has loved to been a fly on da wall to hears da discussion between your mom and Kuster. I can heras them nows…Kusyer sayin’ DID NOT and your mom sayin’ DID TOO over and over and over and over again.

    I so glad ya’ll hads a good time and especially dat ya’ll gots to sees Lori, I’m all jealous!


  • Glad that Kuster behaved himself pretty well in the public, he must have learned a lot from you and Miss Blue.

    Hope Blueberry’s toe is better now.

  • What a terrific event! It must have been great to see all your friends!

  • What a great trip you had!!

    You’re such a loyal buddy for not naming names about the Beer Mischief – whoever it was, I’m very impressed – I’ve never even tried Beer (yet!) – Tee Hee

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  • Michelle

    Sounds like a blast! I am going to start saving my money for some trips. I decided to save all my money that I earn from dog sitting for greyhound events! Just got my first check yesterday and am going to stash it in a safe place! I’ll bet everyone is exhausted. I know we were so tired from going to Florida.

  • Lindy MacDuff

    It looks like it was a really fun time for all, Miss Bunny. Makes me remember the annual Greyhound picnic we would attend in Phoenix when we lived there. Maybe your mom didn’t get all the photos she wanted but she sure got some great ones. So many beautiful pups!

  • That looked like it was a great time. So glad everyone behaved themselves. If I had a greyhound I would try to go too.

  • Frankie Furter and Ernie

    Too bad that we couldn’t meet up … in Z’ville.

  • Wow, what a busy weekend! So busy it looks like some hounds passed out from the excitement (the photo with the passed out hound in the road made me BOL!!). Glad Kuster represented us GSDs well! We can behave…at times. 😉

  • Jet

    Hey Bunny, Jet here.

    I hope you caught up on rest from such a social butterfly weekend. How’s Blueberry doing?

    And I thought our 3 county golden rescue reunion was a fun afternoon. You guys had tents and days worth of fun… wow!

    Thanks for sharing great details and pics Bunny.

  • Chester

    I had the best time with you all and am already excited to do it all over again next year. I for one, am kinda glad your Mom’s camera was not bein’ used much……some things it’s not to have digital proof of (aka: The Pizza Slice Snag)
    Oh, and uh….that “she” you saw drink from that 2 legger’s glass wasn’t the first one to drink some of his adult beverage. *HIC!*

  • Jen

    I was looking forward to hearing about your trip! I am glad that you had a great time, and how cool that you got to meet so many blogging friends!
    Glad to hear that Kuster was well behaved when he needed to be:)

  • Ryker

    Cool, wish we had an Aussies in Anchorage! I would be there.

  • Bunny, you met so many people and hounds. Just think, if you didn’t have your blog, you wouldn’t know nearly as many hounds as you do! It sounds like you had fun, but very busy.

  • You’re so good at getting things up on your blog quickly! We’ve been home for nearly an entire day and I haven’t even moved in that direction yet, LOL. I love the picture that you took of Maera, and I wish that I could say that I thought to snap one of Bunny BEFORE we left to go to our hotel for the night *face palm* I only took half the pictures I should have this trip. Maybe I’ll be better next time around!

  • Looks like a great time!

  • Wow! What a fantastic outing! It sounded such fun!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  • Pip

    Well, geez, this sure looks like a fun trip! Did Kuster get confused being around all those fancy greyhounds? That’s pretty funny that your dad got the day wrong!

    Your pal, Pip

  • What a fun time! Maybe some day we will get to meet you there.

  • Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! We did too 🙂 Bunny, I could give you ear scritches all day long pretty girl! Sorry you didn’t get to meet my pups again, but they wear out quicker than they used to!

  • Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time! We did too 🙂 Bunny, I could give you ear scritches all day long pretty girl! Sorry you didn’t get to meet my pups again, but they wear out quicker than they used to!

  • WHat a super fun outing

    Stop on by for a visit

  • It looks like you had a ton of fun and got to meet up with a bunch of friends! I guess my boys could go as honorary greyhounds. Stetson looks a lot like one of the honorary greyhounds next to the German Shepherd. 🙂

  • Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    What a great adventure, despite the long start and the early rising by some pups! Mom says she just knows that would happen to her too.

    You got to meet Chester??? In the real live furs? How awesome was that! We love Chester.

    We are feeling very deprived, we never get to go on any fun trips like you do – we think we need to have a talk with the Momster.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • Lorenza

    Glad you all had a great time there!
    Kisses and hugs

  • Jen

    Wow, that’s a lot of greyhounds! And a lot of lovely pictures (I guess it does feel like you can never take enough, though).

    It’s kind of funny who Kuster forgets his manners around….something to think about! I know Elka decides pretty quickly if somebody is a pushover when it comes to commands, or an easy mark when it comes to food sharing, but Bunny’s Mom doesn’t seem like a pushover to me!

  • We SOOOOOO wanted to khome but The Zen-terra was booked fur a Hagerstown to Harrisburg transport leg –

    One of these times we WILL make it and meet woo!

    I’ll be glad to share my Siberian ways with Morgan and Kuster (ha!)

    PeeEssWoo: Mom thinks it is funny she almost passes Chester’s house each time she heads to Merryland especially since this time he was with woo in Gettysburg!

  • It was so nice to see you! The whole weekend was a blur to me. We were so disorganized, but I had a really nice time and we’re already talking about next year.

  • Looks like you all had a great time and got to meet some new friends too!

  • What a fabulous gathering and you all really pawtay-ed it up right – four hours of sleep? Wow!

    Chester is the cutest honorary Greyhound I’ve ever seen! He’s also the first, but still!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  • I had to come looking to see if’n you had told about your trip, Bunny, coz things has been hectic around here with mom doing our vacashun schedule in Excel and hogging the pooter and all. Yes, our schedule be that complicated that mom has to make an Excel spreadsheet to keep us on track! Anyways, looks like you had a mahvelous time on your trip with all the meet and greets and all. Shame your mom be like mine with yak, yak, yak instead of taking pikshures. Sigh.

  • Michelle

    That is awesome! I hope to meet you and all your dogs at a future event. 🙂

  • Next year Kickin and I will plan a longer trip. This year has just been so hectic, but I still say the trip was well worth it. It was great to see you all!! (Plus, I’m not longer mispronouncing Kuster.)