How We’ve Grown

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If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you may have noticed that at its core, this blog is often a love letter to a certain little golden hound.  The truth is, this blog wouldn’t exist if Bunny hadn’t come into my life and I’m amazed by how we’ve grown.  Before Bunny, there was Treat, our first Greyhound who stole a huge part of my heart.  I had grand plans for how things would be when Treat became a senior dog.  Unfortunately, Treat died before she became a grande dame.  She had a spinal tumor at ten years old and after a five week battle, we had to let her go.

Birthday Bunny -- Tales and Tails

Birthday Bunny

At first, even thinking about adopting another hound seemed like a betrayal of the bond I’d had with Treat, but her loss left a huge hole in my heart, and I wanted to keep doing a lot of the things we’d done together, like nursing home visits, traveling and representing Greyhounds so others could be adopted.  I realized I’d have to look for another dog and that led me back to the Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption kennel.  I never dreamed I’d come home with a dog who was barely more than a puppy, but when Bunny and I met, it was like the stars aligned for us.  She was eighteen months old when we first met and about a year after we adopted her, I started the blog because I wanted a place to save all the sweet and funny stories of our journey together.

I had no idea it would take off like it did and that other people would grow to love our dogs almost as much as we do from reading about them.  One thing I learned from my experience with Treat was that every moment is precious.  I learned that the golden years are called that because they are a rare and precious treasure.  Today, Bunny turns eleven years old, a year older than Treat was when I lost her.  Every day, I count myself lucky that she came into our lives.

Having Bunny in my life has led me to more experiences than I can hope to name here including traveling to the Atlantic Ocean, meeting people in person who became friends online, starting a new type of writing that has led to awards and accolades, leaning a love of photography and becoming a volunteer who visits people in hospice and nursing homes as well as helping kids train their own dogs.  When she was a young puppy, she was incredibly sweet and gentle and that is still true of her today.  There are more grey hairs on her face, probably because I’ve kissed and petted a lot of the color off, but she still has the same spirit of adventure that she always has.  We take things easier and stop to smell the flowers more, but we still enjoy every day.

Birthday Present -- Tales and Tails

Birthday Present

While I had her upstairs yesterday to take some special pictures for today, she reminded me of a habit we used to have.  When I got done taking pictures of her, she used to almost always have to come over and lay down beside me while I tried to look at pictures in the camera to see if I liked them.  It inevitably ended up as a snuggle session, and that was really always her motivation for posing for me.  She likes the treats she gets, but it’s the connection that she’s really there for.  That’s yet another reason that she melts me and I give her most of what she wants.

I hope that we celebrate a lot more birthdays together, both hers and mine, and I have learned that every one of them is  special.  She wants a ride in the car to get puppucino today and I will indulge her in that.  Time together really is the greatest gift and I encourage you to celebrate with us today by taking your own time to enjoy the company of a loved one.

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  • Sue Dyer

    Happy Birthday Bunny. We hope you have many many more. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Happy Birthday Bunny! With Beryl being just a few months older I know how precious these golden years are. I also am so grateful to my girl as well for the wealth of wonderful experiences we’ve shared together. I hope we share many more.

  • MelF

    I hope you and the Grand Dame of Tales and Tails have many more years together. I have loved your Bunny stories so much. Where did the time go? Happy Birthday Bunny! You have brought all of us as much joy as you have brought your mom.

  • Biggy/Allies Mom

    Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!!!

  • Vicky

    Happy Birthday, Bunny. Tippy sends tail wags. This is a very sweet story. I was sorry to hear about Treat. Cancer in any form is so hard on everyone. I love that Bunny prefers the snuggles to the treats – or at least they are on equal par. I will spend some special time with my loved ones today in celebration of dear Bunny.

  • Casey the Boxer

    A very happy barkday to you, Bunny! Every day is precious with a senior dog!

  • whippetmom

    Lovely post…happy birthday, Bunny!

  • ShineJake

    This was such a heartwarming read! Precisely what I needed! Happy Birthday Bunny, sweetie! You don’t look a day over six! I hope you guys continue to have many adventures together and share them with us fortunate ones!

  • SGilbert

    Aww a very beautiful blog today! Happy Birthday Bunny you are a special elegant princess to all of us. We love hearing stories about you and the whole family. Thank you for reminding all of us every day and every minute with our dogs is a gift.

  • Jessica Rhae

    Happy Birthday Bunny! And it looks like congrats on 10 years of blogging for you?

  • happy birthday! time flies!

  • Lew H. Kline

    Happy Birthday Miss Bunny! I’m so happy I found you and your family online and get to follow your adventures. Enjoy your day, doing forget to bark at a squirrel or a rabbit, sniff all the good smells (and maybe some bad ones too), and just be. I look forward to more adventures and photos! <3

  • vicki

    Happy Birthday Bunny! Your Momma’s right about how your fans love you! Many happy returns sweet girl!

  • Trisha L.

    🎈Happy Birthday Bunny🎈 Hope you enjoyed your puppucino today❤🐶❤🎂

  • Amy Boyer

    Happy Birthday Bunny! You surely don’t look like a senior dog. Beautiful post.