How Dare You

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Yesterday morning was a rude awakening for someone in our house.  As I was getting ready to leave, my husband went in our bedroom to make the bed.  Most mornings, he wisely keeps the baby gate up until after the bed is made, thus avoiding the argument between him and Bunny over the practice of making the bed.  If he asks her to move, she gives him a distinct “how dare you” glower that would wilt most people into submission.

Whose Chair Is It Anyway? -- Tales and Tails

Whose Chair Is It Anyway?

Since he and Küster were busy with training from Thursday through Sunday afternoon, Bunny has had things pretty much her way.  If I ask her to move, it’s not nearly as offensive as it is when he does.  On Monday morning, she was on her way back to bed when she paused in the doorway.  She looked at me and realized that I was getting ready for work.  The dreaded daily routine had returned.  Then, she looked in the bedroom and saw my husband making the bed.  It was not fluffed to her expectations and she let it be known that she was not pleased.  She was royally put out by everything that included our return to real life, if I’m being honest.  It was too much to bear after her weekend of birthday spoiling.

Mr. Taleteller tried to make it up to her by going in the bedroom to give her a belly rub.  She allowed him this attempt at regaining her good graces, but it was not enough.  When I leaned down to love on her a little before leaving for work, she held onto my arm with her front paws, and I wanted to cancel Monday as badly as she did.

A Sense of Contentment -- Tales and Tails

Resting Up

Apparently, she wasn’t taking Monday lying down, though.  When my husband came home at lunch, she had completely unmade the bed and rearranged it to suit her.  He took her outside for a potty break, then slipped back in and remade the bed.  It was an odd day that had me running a few errands after work, so he ran home again later in the afternoon to let them out again, and had to make our bed again, as well.  He sent me a rather frustrated text message and I had a good chuckle over it.  It clearly was Mr. Taleteller’s fault that Monday was back.  If he and Küster would just keep going to training, real life wouldn’t intrude on her little dream world.

After an evening of being doted on, hopefully Tuesday won’t be such a rude awakening.  I guess we’ll find out at the end of the day.  Monday almost met its match in my little golden hound, and if she manages to get it cancelled, I think a lot of us will be okay with that.

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  1. Sue Dyer says:

    How lovely that Bunny didn’t want you to go to work, probably even more than you would have liked the day to be cancelled. Sue, Polly & Honey

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