Haunting Hound

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In our house, the dogs usually are not too bad about hounding us for food, unless that dog’s name is Flattery.  She’s just a lot more food oriented than the other three.  Don’t get me wrong, they all have their currency, but Flattery reigns as the Food Queen.  When one of the other dogs gets really excited about some kind of food, we usually view it with a certain degree of amusement, provided nobody gets hurt or embarrassed in the process.  Okay, sometimes some of us even find amusement if those factors are involved.

Last week, Mr. Taleteller decided to make a Candy Corn Party Mix.  For those who don’t know, it’s a mixture of dry roasted peanuts and candy corn.  It tastes like a Payday candy bar and can put five pounds on your thighs overnight.  We kid ourselves that it’s healthy because it has peanuts in it.  As often happens, as soon as he’d mixed it up, my husband brought a cup of it into the living room with him and sat down in his chair to turn on his computer.

A Quiet Peace -- Tales and Tails

A Quiet Peace

Often the girls will go over and give him a hopeful sniff when he sits down in hopes that he will share some of what he has with them.  Normally, this pays off for them, despite any warnings I may or may not have issued about how mad he gets when a certain black hound sticks her nose into his food when he doesn’t want to share.  On that particular day, Bunny walked over and sat down ever so gracefully in front of him.  Mr. Taleteller fished a piece of candy corn out of his cup to share with her and an obsession was born.

It turns out that Bunny cannot get enough candy corn.  She only gets a bite or two in a sitting, but that is not nearly enough to satisfy her.  The uncanny part is that she’s developed some kind of candy corn sixth sense.  No matter where she is or what she’s doing, if a piece of candy corn finds its way out of the bowl in the kitchen, Bunny suddenly appears.

At Rest Among The Bones -- Tales and Tails

At Rest Among The Bones

Imagine sitting at the computer, working away and watching television in your periphery when you suddenly have the sense that you are not alone as well as being watched.  No sooner would I sit down and glance up at the TV or out the window then I would get this tingle down my spine.  There beside me on the floor would be my little golden hound, laying in a perfect sphinx position and gazing up at me with adoration before glancing over at my cup of party mix meaningfully.  She’s already trained me to pick out a few pieces of candy corn before I sit down so I can pacify her and get started on what I need to do.

If she were overtly pushy about it, I wouldn’t be amused.  It’s the fact that she just suddenly appears in the vicinity and turns on the haunting hound charm that cracks me up.  The fact that she’s so sweet about it why it always turns out to be a win for her.  I don’t have the heart to tell her that candy corn season is almost over.  I guess I’d better pick up a few extra bags to keep the princess happy after Halloween is over.

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11 Responses to "Haunting Hound"
  1. I must admit we have a love of candy corn salt water taffy here. We discovered it last year and I have bought 10 bags just make sure we have enough to last us until next Halloween although I must admit I give hubby 2 months to go through the lot 🙂 Luckily the boys don’t go much for sweet things but yes – they are like a pair of stealth fighters sneaking up on me if I have some cheese!

  2. Casey the Boxer says:

    BOL! I’ve never tried candy corn, but maybe I should if Bunny loves it so much. I agree with her that it’s much easier getting treats in the long term if you behave nicely and do something ridiculously adorable whenever the treat is out. Humans are so easy to manipulate.

  3. Bunny, I didn’t realize that you were so cunning!

  4. Christine Sterling says:

    Haha – they have that guilty stare down pat!

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Emma says:

    Bunny, it’s not nice to haunt your pawrents, but I bet you look elegant doing it.

  6. M. K. Clinton says:

    OMD! Have y’all added candy corn to regular Chex Mix that you buy in flavors? It is stupid delicious! I used to carry a baggie of it to eat when I used to work. Munch it with a cup of coffee, and it is a little slice of Heaven. Haha! I have resisted candy corn so far, but this post may have literally tipped my scales! It is my favorite of all Halloween candy.

  7. Bunny is such a princess that I guess I would have figured candy corn would be too low brow for her. What’s next? Peeps? 🙂

  8. Sara, oreo & chewy says:

    Somebunny has a sweet tooth!

    I love candy corn, but never thought about mixing it with peanuts. Brilliant idea!

  9. What a sweet Bunny. I must admit that, like some others, I thought that candy corn would be below the tastes of a Princess… but I guess that I was wrong!

  10. Bunny apparently has a sweet tooth! 😀
    “We kid ourselves that it’s healthy because it has peanuts in it.” We’ve never had Candy Corn Party Mix but Payday candy bars are definitely ‘health food’ around our house! 😀

  11. jan says:

    I’ve always thought of candy corn as colored hardened powdered sugar.. Guess I need to re-examine it. I do love peanuts

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