Greyhounds Do Not Fetch Slippers

by Houndstooth on

Yesterday was a really long day for me.  I was at work until 7:00 at night for conferences, and then had a thirty five minute drive home.  A child who is not in my class had to be carried in off the playground, kicking and punching me, and I feel those back muscles screaming in protest.  School break is just around the corner, as soon as I’m done tomorrow, and the days sure go slowly when you’re waiting for break to arrive.  In any event, I was tired and ready to get home and see Mr. Taleteller and the dogs.

Bunny SlippersWhen I pulled up, Mr. Taleteller and Morgan came out to see me, and Morgan couldn’t really contain herself.  A disgruntled Mr. Taleteller informed me that she’d been “bad” all evening.  Being a good wife, I refrained from commenting about how busy he’ll be once his high drive Shepherd puppy gets here.  I had to laugh at Morgan’s acrobatic leaps of joy.  One day I have to photograph those.  In her enthusiasm to greet me, she leapt up and cracked me right in the eye.  I don’t think she even had to shake it off, but I saw stars.  You really can’t beat a German Shepherd for unbridled joy when a missing member of the flock returns.

Something On My MindI came inside, and Bunny was waiting at the back door, her eyes squinched shut while Morgan’s tail went on a whirlwind tour of the kitchen.  My tiny little hound stood her ground and waited for her chance to greet me, her graceful little tail gently wagging and her eyes lighting up.  As I made my way through the kitchen, she continued in reverse to the doorway.  She watched as I unpacked my things and set them down.  When I returned from the bathroom and sat down on the couch, she was watching me from the nearest dog bed.  As soon as I sat down, she hopped up on the couch and curled up against me, her little body half on mine.  Any thoughts about getting back up for a snack were forgotten, because Bunny was making sure to tell me all about the substandard service she and Morgan had been getting while I was gone.  Apparently my husband just doesn’t treat them right or follow the same routines when he gets home first.  So what if I couldn’t feel my legs from the waist down, I had a cute little hound to snuggle with on the couch.

On A Pink CloudBlueberry and Lilac were both too busy napping to be disturbed by my homecoming, but Lilac did walk past once to give me a lean, which is her way of acknowledging that I’d been gone and she’d noted it.  A quick scritch behind her ears and she was back to her evening nap.  It was more of a demonstration than I’d expected of her, truth be told.  Blueberry waited patiently on her bed, knowing that I would come by her strategically placed dog bed and  be helpless against the urge to kneel down and put her and acknowledge her beauty.  She’s always waiting for you to notice her in her own quiet way.

Off To DreamlandNone of our dogs are the fetch your slippers type, but it’s still nice to know that you’ve been missed.  I never get tired of coming home to them.  It’s the best feeling in the world to know somebody is that happy to see you when you return.  It’s funny how the cares of the day can melt away and leave you with the peaceful glow of home.  None of  our dogs show it in the same way, but they all have their own unique signature.  How do your dogs let you know they’re glad to see you again?

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  • jet

    haha in my house, it is the Greyhound that bounces, and the other dog that stands there with his eyes all slitty because he is in danger of being whacked in the face with her massive tail.

  • I know what you mean about coming home to happy pups. What a wonderful feeling! Freedom does the bouncy thing. Casper bounces too, but mainly just gets smacked with Freedom tail so he’s usually squinty-eyed, and Nikki leads the way into the family room to await the “Mommy’s home treat.”

  • Sue

    Song smiles and has just started wagging her tail:)

  • I just don’t know where you humans would be without us eh?! Mum says I’m the strangest Greyhound she’s ever known as I wont get on the couch. Instead, as soon as Mum sits down I put my head and front legs on her lap and go to sleep. The deal is she must play with my ears though… Mum says I’m a bit of a wierdo, but we all know it’s not the pets that are wierd in this house…. Deccy x

  • Usually before I am even out the car, they are all howling!! Never tire of such a warm and vocal greeting. It’s always good to be home. 🙂

  • Mango

    Oh yes! Homecoming is the best and even though momma sometimes pretends to be grouchy when I slobber on her work clothes, I know that she doesn’t mind. Pea is an expert at sticking his pointy snooter into eye sockets even on humans standing straight up. It makes them squeal with delight. I am sorry you had such a long work day, but nothing like a big old greyhound in your lap to calm you right down.


  • Stanley barks, sometimes still laying on the couch. Didn’t get the memo that greyhounds aren’t supposed to bark. Beth gets her old butt up and tosses toys around. Stella whines at the door, while Jaime hops up and down while making growly noise. Little Parker is a step back from the wildly swing greyhound tails. All the noise should definitely scare burglars away.

  • sara, oreo and chewy

    Oh, I feel the same way. NO matter what happens at school, I know my dogs will be happy to see me when I get home.

  • Sorry you had such a crappy day! Gotta love the different greetings from the dogs though! haha

    Those photos gave me an idea too… maybe Rugby could be one of the sleep number sheep for Halloween! lol

  • My dogs usually lift their head from their couch or pillow and blink their eyes sleepily. On occassion, they will get up and come to the door!

  • Jen

    Coming home from a long day at work to the dogs is the best part of my day! Leroy is similar to Morgan, where he gets a little crazy. He will usually grab the nearest shoe and around the house with it while barking, until I chase him, then he drops the shoe and jumps on me as soon as my back is turned. Leroy is usually the one inflicts damage on my body.
    Sherman is a bit more like Bunny where he will stand back until the commotion is over, and then he will give me a few kisses and ask for a butt rub and then let out a little woof-woof!

  • I know that some people do not have pets because they feel they are too much trouble. However, to me coming home to an empty house is just the saddest thing. I always smile when I pull into the driveway and see two heads looking out the window. Once I open the door, I have to prepare myself for happy dances (well not so much right now because Joey is in cast, but it will be like that again soon). I miss my hounds so much while I’m gone and I am always happy to get back to them.

  • KB

    I love your story. You reminded me of my chipped front tooth from when one of our first labs leaped up to greet me after a day of work, hitting his head on my front tooth.

    I’m glad that you’re on break now. It sounds like you need it! I hope that the back recovers fast.

    R definitely uses a Morgan-style greeting when we arrive home. K follows me and follows me until I get down on the floor and give her a good hug and petting. She likes to curl her body and lean against me… Sounds a little like a greyhound, heh?

  • dragontearz

    We can be gone from two minutes to five hours, and the greeting is always the same-as soon as the key hits the lock, Oberon does a whine/howl/bark combo thing at such a volume it hurts our ears, and we KNOW he’s berating us for leaving him alone yet again…after a couple minutes of that, he goes and lays down for a nap…apparently the tongue lashing wears him

  • Isn’t that one of the reasons we get dogs? For the pleasure of having someone meet us at the door when we return home? I love how each of your dogs has her own way of showing they missed you. Your homecoming routine sounds so comforting.

    As Shiva goes in her crate when we leave the house to prevent the entire building from imploding, she doesn’t typically greet me at the door. But as soon as I open up her little gate… Party time! Like Morgan, she shows her joy by jumping around, sometimes hitting me in the face, sometimes terrifying the cat.

    I hope you enjoy your break!

  • Benny & Lily

    By the looks of you guys it was a long day. Where can we buy those stuffies with numbers for our grey cousins?
    Benny & Lily

  • Frankie Furter

    Grrrrreat Grrrrreetings are the reason to come home.

  • For me its the eyes, the earnest, deep gazing that makes me feel so welcome. And its true, all those cares do melt away!

  • The big surprise greeter here is Phantom. Our quiet reserved mellow boy grabs a stuffie in his mouth and woos away at the same time, all the while running all over the kitchen. It is too funny to see. Like hooray- let’s all party now.

    Most of the time it is a mass greeting at the door as Mom unlocks it and then a race to the back door to go outside.

    Hope you didn’t wake up with a shiner:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  • Barbara

    One day I’m going to film my welcome home. First is Minnie scratching on the door while I unlock it. Then she and Trixie fight for the first rubs. Meanwhile, Jeep is screaming from behind his gate to be released, whereupon he proceeds to bite my hands as a welcome. Everyone dances around, pushing each other out of position trying to get to me. Jeep is a jumping bean in between the two big dogs just begging to bite my hand. It’s hard to get in the door.

  • Are you on year-round schooling?
    I would love to see Morgan’s unbridled leaping via video. Mr. B does this jump that originates from him standing with all 4 legs on the ground, and he kind up springs up (still 4 legs straight) and goes to the side. We call it The Matrix.

  • Those Serta sheep always crack me up – I love the photos here!

  • I can’t imagine a better cure for a lousy day than the excited greetings we get from our pets when we get home. My Clancy runs in circles and acts as if he hasn’t seen me in at least a month. Even Nate the cat comes to the door and welcomes me home with some purrs. It’s guaranteed to help me forget a bad day, no doubt.

    I absolutely love all of your pictures!! Such beautiful dogs, they’re too precious. 🙂

  • I’m going to have to video one of mine fetching slippers now!!! 🙂

  • I’ve had the pups, well better they’ve had me, since they were 8 weeks old, they’re now 8. Their greeting has always been the same. After much ‘hello hi hi hi where ya been what’d ya do hi hi hi’ Bobo scootches his butt to me for scritches and Meja waits to suck my left thumb! Wierdos!!!

  • chester’s mom

    The only way Chester will greet me with slippers would be some fuzz from one he had eaten was hanging out of his mouth. I had off work on Monday and did some errands while letting him home alone. I quietly opened the door upon my return and stepped inside. I heard him jump off our bed ( I always wondered if he stayed in his own or on ours), anyway – I waited for what I thought was longer than his usual time to make it downstairs. I crouched down in readiness and waited. As I watched, a Big Brown head cautiously peeked from behind the door to the dining room. When he saw it was me, he did his leap of JOY! and came bounding towards me. I think the odd time of my arrival and the fact that we’ve had workmen coming and going all summer had him thinking it was not me. The burst of excitement from him gave away the fact that he really does like me despite his usual retorts contrary to that.

    I LOVE your sleeping dog pics. Only babies look more at peace.
    Have a greyt weekend!
    Meesh ;0-)

    PS – I hope that eye didn’t get black and blue!

  • Ouch, unfortunately I know from experience how much it hurts to be popped by a happy dog. Mine get very bouncy when I come home.

  • I love the way you tale a tail, and I could read your stories forever! What a wonderful HomeComing, and I feel like I was there to greet you, too! And had I been… I would have been performing my three-point spin tap dance, right behind Bunny! I would have been quick to get out of everyone’s way, because I’m sensitive to my large size… but I would have tap danced all the way behind you, from the kitchen to the sofa! Welcome Home!

    with love from the Bleu

  • Pip

    Pip sprints to the door to greet us – yes, I said sprint. This is really the only time he moves quickly. We have hard wood floors and sometimes he is moving so fast that he starts to slide and crashes into me like he is sliding into home base in a baseball game. It’s pretty funny.

  • they are the perfect cure for a bad day and they sure did miss their Mama!

  • I love to come home, it’s the best time ever. My dogs don’t fetch my slippers, but they have no problem walking all over my feet.

  • Amen to that! I can completely relate to that exuberant welcome home. Nothing beats a Daisy tail wagging at full throttle – something she seems to do more and more often these days. 🙂

    I had to laugh when you mentioned the shot to the eye by Morgan. All I could see was you bandaged up in various places on your body and walking in with a crutch. Rough day and week eh?

    Anyways, I hope you are enjoying the weekend ahead. BTW – Loved the pics. The stuffed sheep cracked me up!

  • Greetings are a big to-do around here, full of table clearing wags, spins, and woobies crammed in mouths. Then Henry brings me a tug toy for a few moments of tug, and Zachary brings me… wait for it… wait for it… a… Lacrosse Ball!… for a few tosses down the hall.

    Happy greetings – no one ever feels unnoticed or unloved in our house. 🙂

    Still miss Beau’s Love Growl – guess I always will.

  • I get swarmed when I come home from work. If I’ve been gone an extra long time, Zoe sits on me so I can’t leave again. Isn’t it great how you can let all your stress go and just love on the furbabies!

  • OMD!
    These are such sweet photos! 🙂

    We always welcome mom and dad the same way.
    We bark a lot, when we ear the motorcycle or the car.
    Once they are inside ,we wagged our tails, we give them lot’s of kisses and Kaiser literally smiles!
    (he shows his teeth) =))
    Mom says it’s funny and scary at the same time!

  • What a wonderful welcome home … save for the sock in the eye! But it’s the thought that counts and Morgan was thinking “Happy day, she’s home!”

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

  • Michelle

    I love coming home to my hounds!! They make a bad day a good one. 🙂