Greyhound Or Goat

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Back when we had our first pair of Greyhounds, Treat and Hawk, I used to laugh every Saturday morning over a routine that repeated many times in our house.  On Saturday mornings, our routine was different, and that different routine meant that we would be going to do something with the Greyhounds, usually a meet and greet with other Greyhounds to get other people interested in Greyhound adoption.  It would never fail that we’d get ready to go and start to head to the door, than my husband would realize that he’d either left his wallet or checkbook on the dresser in the bedroom.

Hawk and Treat -- Tales And Tails

Hawk and Treat

In Treat’s eyes, this was all shades of WRONG.  He was going the wrong way and she knew it.  It always reminded me of Jaws, because I would hear two loud snaps of her teeth and then a yell from my husband of “God damn it, Treat!”  Yes, our dainty brindle princess would nip him in the seat of the pants to get him moving towards the car.   The whole routine never ceased to amuse me because I wasn’t the recipient and because I often felt like she did.

These days, I’m being reminded of those good old days in a new way.  As a lady of a certain age, Bunny needs to go out more often than she used to.  I’m guessing that she has less warning about it than she used to have, as well.  Let’s just say that when she asks to go out, you’d better slide your shoes on and get moving.

The Tough Life of a Princess -- Tales and Tails

The Tough Life of a Princess

Recently, she’s taken on a new tactic to emphasize her need.  As you come around the chair in the living room, it is not uncommon now to get a head butt in the posterior to get you moving faster.  It’s not like we’re moving slow.  I guess we’re just not moving fast enough to suit Her Royal Highness.  I guess I have it easy, because Mr. Taleteller says that she actually takes his hand in her mouth to get his attention.  Then she head butts him.  I’m starting to wonder if she’s a Greyhound or a goat.

I do know that she’s a lot cuter than a goat.  After all the sweetness she’s brought to our lives, I think she’s allowed her diva moments in old age.  Certainly, I can understand her urgency because I’m not as young as I used to be, either.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get away with head butting people to get them moving faster.  Maybe that’s for the best.  I still count myself as lucky to cater to her in her old age as I felt when we were more active in seeing the world together.  She still isn’t slowing down much, though.  I guess that’s just me.

Sharing A Moment -- Tales and Tails

Sharing A Moment

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4 Responses to "Greyhound Or Goat"
  1. Two French Bulldogs says:

    I guess I’m a goat too. I always head butt mom. Memories of one special pup
    Edward (& Lily)

  2. Susan Friedland says:

    My Doberman likes to goose people with her long snout. I can’t seem to find a particular reason for it. Maybe I should have never taught her to close drawers and cabinets on command using her nose. 🙂

  3. Sue Dyer says:

    When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    She may be getting older, but she’s still beautiful. Sue, Polly & Honey

  4. Vicky says:

    That’s a very funny story about Treat – again, since I wasn’t the recipient. I don’t know how dogs “hold it” so long anyway. Tippy can go 12 hours at night and not even be in a rush to get outside. Love the picture of the two of you.

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