The Great Pumpkin Scandal

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard to write about something that has really kinked my tail this weekend.

Normally, I’m a pretty easygoing little Greyhound.  There aren’t too many things that really upset me.  However, this weekend, Dad has crossed the line.  I think once you hear the story, you will be as incensed as I am.

We really enjoy having Halloween fun at our house.  A little bit of decorating happens, and we enjoy dressing up and wearing our costumes to the nursing home earlier in the month to make the residents happy.  I guess it’s obvious that we enjoy a good ghost tour or trip to the cemetery as well as learning about local ghost stories, too.  Another tradition we have is carving a jack o’ lantern the night before Halloween, too.

Hello There, Jack!

Hello There, Jack

This year, Dad hollowed the guts out of the pumpkin rather late on Thursday night.  Mom decided that the carving of the pumpkin could wait until she got home from work the next day.  We are a little particular about our pumpkin art and we try to do something fun and unique every year.  We even do a little research in our attempts to create the perfect work of Halloween art every year.

Pumpkin Stack -- Tales and Tails

Pumpkin Stack

Dad had training out of town most of last week, and he got done early on Friday.  He came home instead of going to the office for the last few hours since he’d spent quite a bit of time driving and away from home during the previous days.  Since he was home early, he decided to send Mom a text and tell her he’d carve the pumpkin for her this year.  My friends, this should never have been allowed to happen.

Pumpkin Indigestion -- Tales and Tails

Pumpkin Indigestion

Soon, Dad had set to work, and what he created left a shiver down my spine before there was even a candle in it.  Instead of some cool, artsy pumpkin, he carved it into some kind of twisted insult to our sense of Halloween haunting.  I suppose you’re wondering by now what he did to it.  Just be warned, it is hideous.

Infidel Pumpkin -- Tales and Tails

Infidel Pumpkin

Dad tried to tell Mom that it was a werewolf, but clearly this is not a werewolf.  It bears the mark of the Infidel if I ever saw one.  I mean, it’s not like we had two pumpkins this year so that there could be equal representation, and he knew Mom wasn’t going to be able to procure another one so that we could do another one to go with it.  The frosting on the pupcake is that not one single trick or treater came to our door on All Hallow’s Eve.  I am sure that it’s because they were scared of that pumpkin.  Next year, we are going to have to keep a much closer eye on Dad, and there will be no unsupervised carving of the jack o’ lanterns!

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16 Responses to "The Great Pumpkin Scandal"
  1. qeby21 says:

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  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Well I am sure any court in the land would uphold your complaint;)

    Mind you it’s a good likeness to The Infidel:)

  3. Shawnee the Shepherd says:

    Ohhhh… my….. That is so not cool of your dad. Put all the knives in your hidey spot next year.

  4. Sara, oreo & chewy says:

    SO unfair! Next year, there better be two pumpkins.

    (Great job on the pumpkin though! its really cool)

  5. Amy Boyer says:

    I think it looks like the alien from a horror flick. Sorry you had no little trick or treaters. We had quite a few this year, and they were so cute! (My favorite was a brother and sister – she was a lovely sunflower, and he was a zombie. Plants VS. Zombies!)

  6. Terrorzinhos says:

    Oh Bunny, we are sorry you had no trick or treaters… But you’re right, probably they were scared of the pumpkin!
    Next year you must get two pumpkins!

    Kaiser and Fusquinho

  7. Casey the Boxer says:

    OMD! That is betrayal of the highest order!

  8. Mr. Taleteller says:

    Still Not Seeing The Problem Here… And Bunny was totally into helping me make the werewolf… I was setup!

  9. Must have been the scary pumpkin keeping all those trick-or-treaters away….very NICE job on the carving though :-))

  10. M. K. Clinton says:

    I’d love to side with you Bunny, but the Kuster o’ Lantern is fang-tastic! A greyhound should have been included for sure. You are entitled to give Mr. Taleteller the stink eye for being slighted!

  11. All Things Collie says:

    Wow – that is quite an amazing Pumpkin! But we really think you should have had your pretty self carved into a second pumpkin…just to be fair!

  12. Emma says:

    They look great! We always get a ton of those begging humans at our door, but we don’t carve our pumpkins…Mom isn’t good with knives.

  13. You have way more imagination for pumpkin carving than I do! I had two of those greyhound statues by my house for in Texas. I really loved them, and hate that they wouldn’t fit my motorhome! Bunny, that really is an infidel pumpkin!

  14. Wow, Dad is really in big trouble. You girls keep a close eye on him next year!

  15. Kari Neumeyer says:

    Ha ha! I used that design one year too. Maybe next year you can do a hound.

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