Not Gonna Do It!

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In case you haven’t heard, it was ridiculously cold here the beginning of this week.  It was really dangerous to be out in the nasty weather we had and we tried to stay inside as much as possible.  This was one time when being dog owners was a bit of an exhausting undertaking.

It was so cold out that the Greyhounds were having a very hard time with their feet outside in the snow.  I decided to start putting some little boots on them just to protect their feet a little from the brutal weather, and to hopefully get them to take care of all the business they needed to outside.  Normally, I wouldn’t bother with putting boots on them for such a brief run in and out, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

Just Holding Down the Couch -- Tales and Tails

Just Holding Down the Couch

Monday, everything here was closed.  Flattery apparently felt that the outdoors should be closed, too.  Normally, she makes a bit of a pest of herself at the back door.  You can’t get in or out without her there hoping to ooze through the door or see what you have.  Monday, Mr. Taleteller got her coat on, put the boots on her and then when they got to the back door, she turned around, ran to the living room and peed on the floor.  My rather annoyed spouse grabbed her and drug her outside to the pen.  She stood at the gate and stared at him pathetically.  He finally caved and brought her in the house.  Then it was Bunny’s turn to go out.  She went out and took care of business faster than she ever has in her life, and in a few quick minutes, they were back inside.  They came in and found that Flattery had pooped on the floor.  This cold snap is not doing wonders for her potty training issues.

The whole day was a long stream of bundling dogs up to brave the frozen tundra before quickly running back into the warmth of the house.  It was more than a little tiring and a bit frustrating.  Morgan and Küster will put on brave faces to go out and get things done.  Bunny wears the resigned air of a martyr, possibly being led to freeze to the death for her cause.  Flattery prefers to run away and hide from the cold.  I can’t say that I blame her.  It was colder than a witch’s heart out there.

Ladylike -- Tales and Tails


Bedtime rolled around and we started getting the Greyhounds ready to go out.  Bunny suited up and dutifully followed my husband out into the cold night.  Flattery got her coat on, then ran back to the living room and curled up on the couch with Mr. Taleteller’s favorite quilt.  I worked on getting her boots on so she’d be ready when he came back inside with Bunny.  Bunny was soon running back into the living room, even while wearing her boots and I started working on getting her gear off so it could dry and she could curl up with her blanket and warm up.

While I was helping Bunny, my husband was trying to lure Flattery off the couch.  She buried her head under her elbow and closed her eyes.  Clearly, if she couldn’t see him, he wouldn’t exist and neither would the cold night that was waiting for her.  He went in and got a leash, clipping it onto her collar and trying to call her off the couch again.  She gave him an annoyed look that only a hound can pull off.  Clearly, this was not on her agenda for the evening.  He pulled a little on the leash, and while I know it wasn’t enough to hurt her at all, she let loose the Greyhound Scream of Death.  Her feelings about the cold were pretty obvious.  I tried calling her over to me with a happy voice, and she jumped up and ran over.  I feel guilty because it became obvious that she thought I was going to save her.

In the end, my husband forced her out into the frigid night and made her pee in the snow like a common dog.  We may have to invest in canine therapy, because she came in and let me know that she was clearly traumatized by the entire event.  As I pulled off her boots and coat, she curled up on the dog bed and batted her eyes at me.  At least she doesn’t think it’s all my fault.  I have a feeling that by the time it warms up, she will have discovered every possible hiding place in the house.

Tough Day at the Office -- Tales and Tails

Tough Day at the Office

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29 Responses to "Not Gonna Do It!"
  1. rottrover says:

    OMD! What an ordeal! Flattery, no peeing or pooping in the house, Miss!


  2. I bet Bunny and Flattery aren’t the only one’s who need canine therapy before this brutal winter is over!! BOL!

  3. Sue Dyer says:

    Poor Flattery. Think you will have to invest in a covered, heated turn out pen:)

  4. Rebecca says:

    Poor Flattery!! I don’t blame her though I want to just hibernate as well. Luckily our cold snap only lasted about 2 days and now we are looking at flooding rains! Teach proved to me over those 2 days that he could, in fact, get his business done quickly! Keep warm!!

  5. Sara Blair says:

    OH, the drama! I really do feel bad for them though.

    Hope it warms up for Flattery soon.

  6. genjiscorner says:

    The first winter off the track can be a rude awakening. We have to make sure that Kelli goes all the way into the yard. I can see she is thinking about reverting back to her old ways of going halfway down then turning around.

  7. Eva or sometimes Priscilla says:

    Life is tough for the princesses when winter turns out too cold for them! May be mom and dad should built an indoor powder room just for the princesses!

  8. Patty says:

    Poor Flattery. I don’t blame her, but it is so frustrating. We were not that cold here, of course, but it was in the teens with the windchill and mine think we must walk the entire campground several times a day no matter what.

  9. jan says:

    We feel Flattery’s pain. When the temperatures drop below 40 here, one of my Poodles tries to convince us he can hold it until spring. I understand though. I think we were all bears in our previous lives and avoided anything resembling the cold.

  10. greygirl25 says:

    Cold weather and greyhounds. Consider it free entertainment. I don’t blame them.

  11. Roxy says:

    Poor girls. I can only imagine how they thought that was cruel and unusual punishment. And you have my sympathy as well. What a chore getting them ready for 5 minutes outside.

  12. Emma says:

    Wow! Mom was worried that Bailie would go backwards on potty training as she didn’t want to go out either, but Mom had her out there and she learned to be quick and get back in. She was also bundled up like a fool, I was embarrassed to be seen with her! Hopefully Flattery will get better with understanding it all as she gets older. The temps were cold, but the wind was the real killer here.

  13. All Things Collie says:

    Sometimes it is just so tough being a dog!

  14. Ryker From Alaska says:

    Poor Flattery, Greyhounds were just not made for the bitter cold. Hope it warms up soon for both you and your pack. If you saw Ryker’s Pee Thermometer post you can tell even my winter loving guy is effected by the sub-zero temps.

  15. catchatcaren says:

    oh I hear ya! My poor husband mostly has “Dakota Duty” but I was the one wiping his paws with a warm washcloth and drying them. During the day Dakota doesn’t go out much but in the evening for some reason he has to be out CONSTANTLY (I think it is pure nosiness) and I was wiping and drying his paws so much I thought I would lose my mind! I may look into some boots for him as well!

  16. *Sigh* Poor girls. Bunny’s such a trooper. Hopefully she can help teach Flattery to be quick about business.

  17. Hazel says:

    I think you will need to build on a garden room, with grass floor, and heating to keep the royal highnesses comfortable! Flattery is trying to train you and Mr. Taleteller! By the way I think he needs a medal of honor for dealing with turn outs in those circumstances!

  18. Flea says:

    Holy moley. Do the dogs have leg warmers? And scarves and hats? I’m with Sue on the heated pen.

  19. SGilbert says:

    Schooner and Skipper did not want to go out. I do not have any boots. I am going to invest in so boots. Petsmart did not have any boots. I am going to look online for boots. I felt so sorry for them but they would run out do their business and come running in the doggie. But they kept lifting up their feet. Poor Flattery….is this her first cold winter in snow?

  20. The OP Pack says:

    Most of the time we give Mom the opposite problem – we don’t want to come in from the cold, but Monday was just a wee bit over the top and even we hustled in and out.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. I’m with Flattery – that kind of cold is ridiculous! You might have luck teaching this one to use the toilet if you let her know that means she doesn’t have to go outside and freeze! 😉

  22. harrispen says:

    You have articulated exactly how I felt about this super cold weather. Millie was great and got her business done quickly, but Walter didn’t seem to care what the temp was and wanted to play in the cold instead of getting down to business! It’s days like those I wish I had paper trained our dogs or at least trained them to “go” in the garage (this would come in handy during rain storms too).

  23. SlimDoggy says:

    Oh dear, poor Flattery. I’m so glad that warmer weather is headed your way.

  24. Dory and the Mama says:

    Poor Mr. & Mrs. Taleteller and poor Flattery too. I hope the artic temps stay away for the rest of the winter!!

  25. Jessica Rhae says:

    Chester does that to me all the time, regardless of the weather – try to bury himself in the couch when I put his leash and harness on. He always gives me that look and I have to tug him off of the couch. Once we are outside he is good to go though. I think it’s a game to him 🙂

  26. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello flattery its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not blaym yoo wun bit for not wanting to go owt their in the fridjid kold!!! that is like antarktika kold!!! did ennybuddy tel yoo it wuz going to be that kold??? i dont think ennybuddy cud stay their if its gonna be that kold!!! and now dada is laffing and saying sumthing abowt biloxi blues i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt!!! ennyway i am glad yoo all survived the arktik blast!!! ok bye

  27. Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets says:

    Oh no! Our dogs are pretty good about going out in the cold. The only really resistant one now is the puppy, and luckily for us he’s still small enough to be picked up and hauled outside!

  28. Jodi says:

    The cold doesn’t bother my guys as much as the rain does. That being said HOWEVER, if I walk them in the rain, they are okay with it and perfectly content to do their business. How does Flattery feel about walking in it?

  29. Lori - What Remains Now says:

    Boy, oh boy, is this familiar. Freedom, Casper & Nikki have done really well during the cold weather, but it’s been a challenge. More than once, I’ve opened the door and the whole team has turned around. I’ve had to use the “stern” voice to get them out. You’re right…makes you feel like a big meanie and we have a bunch of yellow spot just outside the door.

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