Go For The Gold

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Bunny here at the keyboard, writing about what’s on my mind this weekend.

With the Olympics now in full swing, we’ve been swept up a little in the fever of watching them and seeing who will win different competitions.  We spent a fantastic Friday evening watching the opening ceremonies together as a family and sharing pizza, which I thought was quite alright.  As a retired athlete, I have to say that I really appreciate the spirit of the games and seeing the competitors from around the world come together to celebrate their sport and their hard work.  I wish them all luck as they go for the gold.

I was a bit disappointed when I realized that dogs aren’t competing in the Olympics.  I mean, I understand that the humans don’t want to be out performed by us dogs because we are faster, more in touch with our instincts and better sports than most of them, but it still would be fun to attend and compete ourselves.  My fellow pack mates and I all talked about it, and we thought of the sports that we would most like to compete in.

Miss Red, White and Blue -- Tales and Tails

Miss Red, White and Blue


Paws down, Morgan would be the gold medal toy destuffing champion of the world.  She can kill the squeaker, pull out the stuffing and shred the fabric of any toy faster than any other dog or human on the planet.  Its’ one of her hidden talents, but trust me when I say that she excels at this.  She says that this practice keeps her sharp for when real intruders might pose a threat that she will have to deal with.  Nobody is breaking into our house, but we humor her and let her have her dream.

Morgan and the Caterpillar Tussle

Morgan and the Caterpillar


Küs says that he will have two competitions, and he’s sure he will take the gold in both of them.  The first is tennis ball catching.  The boy has an uncanny gift for catching tennis balls that have been thrown.  He rarely misses a ball and I think he’d have a good chance at the top medal, but I also think that this would be one sport where a lot of dogs would be competing, so he’d have to bring his A game.

The second is tugging.  You might not know this, but Küster is a world class champion tugger.  Some humans have said he could dislocate a shoulder.  All I know is that if he’s playing tug, he’s going to win.  He never gives up, so you might as well concede defeat.  If it were an Olympic competition, I know he’d be the best in the world.

I'll Shake The Stuffing Out -- Tales and Tails

I’ll Shake The Stuffing Out


One of Flattery’s best talents, and one a lot of you might not know about, is fly catching.  Mr. Miyagi has nothing on her, and she doesn’t even need chopsticks.  Not only is she very good at catching flies in midair, she also gets points for style and form.  She can leap up and catch them in midair or snag one from a standing still statue position.  (I know, you’re trying to imagine her standing still.  It does happen when she’s fly stalking.)  It’s not just that she catches flies a lot and rarely misses, it’s that she will throw in some graceful, athletic moves while she’s doing it.  The Olympic gymnasts have nothing on Flattery.  (Sorry, nobody ever has a camera handy when she’s catching flies.)

What Kind of Throw Was That?! -- Tales and Tails

What Kind of Throw Was That?!


I suppose you’re wondering what my sport would be.  Well, I’ll tell you.  I’d be a gold medal racer for the bed.  Every night, there’s a competition to see who can get in bed first and nobody can beat me.  Sure, my humans are pretty slow and not much of a challenge, but I’m still the fastest dog at the dog park when I want to be, and nobody puts Bunny in a corner, or out of the bed.  It’s one of the best things about all the training I did to be a race dog.  Not only am I fast, I know how to take the turns and when to kick in the last burst of speed to take it through the home stretch.  It’s not bragging if it’s just a fact that you’re the best there is at what you do.  That’s all I’m saying. (Also, there are no pictures of this, because the humans are always pathetically trying to run in there ahead of me.)

The Need For Speed -- Tales and Tails

The Need For Speed

I think we have a good start on a list of sports for the Canine Olympics.

If there were a Canine Olympics, I think it would be a lot of fun.  Everybody would want to watch it.  Dogs and people would all have a great time coming together, celebrating our favorite things.  If you or your dog were in the Olympics, what would you compete in?  Would you like a chance to go for the gold?

Patriotic Pooch -- Tales and Tails

Patriotic Pooch

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6 Responses to "Go For The Gold"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Bunny, Polly and Honey would enter:) The Roaching Competition, How Quick Can You Get Caught Up In Your Own Lead and How Adorable Are You When Asleep. Honey would definitely win How Many Times Can You Make Your Favourite Toy Squeak In A Minute.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Casey the Boxer says:

    I think I would win the pawtistic sleeping competition paws down! I’m a champion snoozer. Jessie would definitely take home the gold in rolling.

  3. SGilbert says:

    I agree 100% Bunny on Canine Olympics! Love the different areas of competition of all 4 of you! Have a good week!

  4. LOL – Flattery’s photo made me laugh out loud!

    Monty, Harlow and Ramble

  5. Two French Bulldogs says:

    BOL we see you guys as the perfect gold medal recipients
    Lily & Edward

  6. Josh Smith says:

    LOL I like the idea
    of having a dog olympics. My dogs would surely have a grand time. 🙂

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