Ghosts Of Christmas Past

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One of the things I enjoy the most about Christmas is the memories that come along with it.  The ghosts of Christmas past can be funny, bittersweet or anywhere in between, but I enjoy their return.  Of course, a lot of our memories revolve around dogs, and it’s fun to remember some of the dogs we no longer have and some of their Christmas capers.

I've Been Naughty And It Was Nice... -- Tales and Tails

I’ve Been Naughty And It Was Nice…

My husband still laughs about his old Collie, Chris, who was put in the laundry room for one family meal.  What they didn’t think about was that the pies for dessert after the meal were sitting on top of the washing machine because there wasn’t room for them in the kitchen.  When it came time for pie, Chris was waiting to let them know that it had been delicious.  He was the only one who knew.

The first year we had a Christmas tree in our house after, it attacked our two Greyhounds while we were out.  We’d gotten a snowman toy for Hawk that sang a Christmas song and he’d been tossing it around the living room.  There was a call that my husband’s great grandma was in the hospital and we left the house quickly.  When we came home, the tree was down, one string of lights leading straight to the kitchen door where no doubt Hawk had run for his life.  Our bet was that he went to retrieve his snowman and got caught in the lights as he did.  He wasn’t known for being graceful or coordinated and this was just one of many examples of that.  When we came in the back door, Treat and Hawk were both waiting there for us to save them.  We put the dogs in the garage, righted the tree, picked up the debris and let them back in.  A few days later, the cat peed on the tree.  It was the first time I was in a hurry to get the tree out the day after Christmas.

Waiting Under The Tree -- Tales and Tails

Waiting Under The Tree

We used to have a set of ornaments for the tree that were small metal words cut out and painted.  For some reason, Lilac was obsessed with them.  She would go to great lengths to steal them from the tree and hide them in various places in the house.  I have no idea why.  We tried hanging them higher and higher on the tree, but she always found a way to get them until they were all gone.  I still wonder why she wanted them so badly.

I confess, last year I really didn’t feel that into the Christmas spirit, but this year, I find myself enjoying it a lot more. I’m trying to focus on the things I love about the holidays instead of the things that stress me out.  Thinking about the dogs of Christmases past is definitely one of the better parts.

Leaning Tower of Küster -- Tales and Tails

Leaning Tower of Küster

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4 Responses to "Ghosts Of Christmas Past"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    I did laugh at the pies:)

    Can’t believe Flattery had been naughty;)

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Trisha L. says:

    Those are Greyt memories🎄🐶🎄
    I love that photo of Kuster, so darn cute❤🐶❤

  3. ShineJake says:

    I’m so happy to hear that you’re trying to focus more on the positives of the Holidays! I know it ends up being quite a busy time for you, which I guess is the same for most people. I’m horrible when it comes to getting into the Christmas spirit, but I’m glad to have friends and canines and the memories we share to lift me back up during the more stressful moments!

    Oh and I’d almost forgotten what Küster looked like as a pup! So adorable! Flattery isn’t fooling anyone, lol, but she does play the innocent facade really well! And Bunny is looking as graceful as ever!

  4. Dragontearz says:

    I still fondly remember stories of Lilac and her fan <3

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