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This week, my break is finally over and it’s time for me to get back to work.  When I go back, it’s usually a bit of an adjustment for all of us.  Most of the time, I’m able to take Bunny and Flattery out with me a lot, although this time the weather didn’t allow for that.  The change in schedule is a direct tip off for the dogs that I’m going back to work, though, and they have various reactions.

Computer Geek -- Tales and Tails

Computer Geek

Flattery immediately became a speed bump.  No matter where I’ve gone in the mornings this week, she’s been there.  Either I’m tripping over her, stepping on her or telling her to get out of the way.  It’s almost gotten to the point where she stands in the doorway to try to block me from leaving without her in the morning.  By the end of the week, I’m afraid I may resort to bribery to get out the door.

On the other hand, there’s Bunny, who is usually a lot more attached to me than the other dogs.  She seems almost gleeful that I’ve gone back to work.  Having a person around all the time cuts into her nap schedule and apparently, she does her best sleeping in our bed when we’re not in it.  As I’m getting ready in the morning, she comes in to check on me, gets some love and then heads to bed.  A few minutes later, she returns, apparently to be sure that I’m really leaving, and then she gets very comfortable in my spot on the bed.  I guess nothing beats a good napping spot.

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Get Your Geek On

The funny part to me, though, is that when I get home, it’s Bunny who makes a fuss that I’m back.  There’s nothing doing but that she gets to greet me first, even before Mr. Taleteller or Flattery.  That’s saying something for an eleven year old dog.  She isn’t leaving the kitchen until we’ve had our little reunion and all is right in the world again.  Flattery will come to greet me if she’s not comfortable on the couch with my husband, but it’s not with the same level of intensity that Bunny has nor with the same insistence.

A part of me wishes that I could work from home with them all the time, or just be a full time dog mom.  Once I get back into the habit of going to work, though, I do enjoy my job.  The truth is, I think we all enjoy being home together a little more after we’ve been apart for a little while.  There will be another break in a couple of months and until then, we’ll learn to appreciate our time together a little more as well as dreaming about what we’ll do during the next break when we have time together.

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Fit For A Princess

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5 Responses to "Get Back To Work"
  1. Tracy Long says:

    What type of vehicle do you have (if I may ask)? I have a Honda CRV. Three greyhounds will fit but it is tight. I would love something with a little more room but not as large as a mini-van. 🙂

  2. Casey the Boxer says:

    Sometimes I think it would be nice to have Momma home all the time, but she had an extended long weekend this week and it was a little exhausting not being able to nap as much.

  3. Cindy Gingrich says:

    I want Bunny’s life!

  4. Sue Dyer says:

    It’s nice that Bunny is happy to just curl up on your bed and wait for you top come home. My Polly is like that. It’s Honey that will be like Flattery.

    Hope you are having a nice day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  5. ShineJake says:

    Yeah, as the saying goes, ’waiting makes the heart grow fonder’! We’re all so lucky to have dogs or pets waiting for us at home whom show an unconditional love everytime we come home, even if it’s in different variations from time to time!

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