Flattery Wins The Newest Adventure

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Bunny here at the keyboard to share the beginning of one of the most exciting adventures we’ve started here.

Most of you know that we’ve been a bit sad here since Blueberry left us.  She was an important part of our family.  The truth is we all are, but you don’t realize how important someone is to you until they’re gone sometimes.  Blueberry was the chief merrymaker of our family and the one who brought us laughter.  I guess it’s no wonder that it’s been so serious at our house.

When we were up at the kennel this week, we met a certain little Greyhound that Mom and Dad really liked, and I admit, I liked her a little, too.  They kept thinking about her and talking about her and finally, they decided to go back up and bring her home to join us.

Flattery Wins -- Tales and Tails

KC Flattery Wins

That’s right, I have a new sister, and her name is Flattery.

Her racing name is KC Flattery Wins, for my Greyhound friends who might want to see if they’re related to her in some way.  She went to the track, but never raced.  Apparently, she refused to eat there and got herself into pretty bad shape at the track, so they retired her and sent her to our friends at Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption.  We’d like to thank them for taking such good care of her for us.  She’s been with them since last fall, put on fourteen much needed pounds and has grown in one beautiful coat.  She is a bit infamous there as being a very picky eater, but so far, she’s eating okay at our house now that she’s settling in.

It was pretty cute when we got there.  One of the kennel ladies was taking her out of her crate to go outside and take care of business before we left.  She heard Mom and Dad and one of her favorite kennel people talking in the office while Mom was filling out the adoption paperwork and she ran over, jumped up and said hello over the Dutch door.  She was pretty happy to see us again and didn’t want to go outside, but she finally did.  They gave her a lovely new collar and since she’s so young and bouncy, Mom got her a new harness to wear, too.  It’s just a little extra insurance.

Hello -- Tales and Tails


We decided to take a little detour on the way home.

Mom and I read about a shop in historic Galena that’s for pets in Celebrating Greyhounds magazine.  They even have a Greyhound who runs the shop.  Well, I suppose, her humans think they run it, but she visits the store and hangs out to greet people.  We thought it would be fun to stop, stretch our legs a little and do a little shopping, as long as it seemed like Flattery could handle it.

So, we stopped in Galena.  Flattery was curious about everything, but not nervous or bothered by it.  So, we decided to walk down the street to the shop and see what happened.  Flattery handled everything very well.  We got to the store and went inside.  Unfortunately, the resident Greyhound was off for the weekend, but we did a little shopping and had a cold drink.  Flattery did pretty well.  Okay, she was guilty of shoplifting one little cookie, but really, they were right there at nose level and she didn’t know you have to pay for them first.  Mom bought us a bag of them and nobody in the store really seemed to mind.

Canine Shoppers -- Tales and Tails

Canine Shoppers

After we made our purchases, we walked back up the street, admiring the scenery and atmosphere, along with the people.  Of course, if you’re a Greyhound, you can’t go anywhere and not have people want to pet you.  Flattery and I made a big impression.  A lot of people were very surprised to learn that it was Flattery’s first day as a pet.  She was very calm and composed and let people pet her.  She was a fantastic ambassador for our breed.  We were all very proud of her.

We found another pet boutique on the way back and stopped in there, too.  Flattery laid down on their big cushy rug and made herself comfortable.  Mom and Dad figured she’d had enough shopping and we finished making our way back to the van.  We put our packages inside and took a quick walk along the riverside.  It was very picturesque and Flattery even walked up and down some stairs without much trouble.  Normally, I’d tell you about the fun history of Galena, but I’ve already been telling you all about Flattery, and I don’t want our post to get too long.  I’ll just say that I think Flattery enjoyed her very first adventure with us and that we’re looking forward to a lot more adventures.

Pretty in Pink -- Tales and Tails

Pretty in Pink

After that, we were all ready to head home.

Flattery met Morgan first.  Morgan was a bit crazy, but she settled down some and we three girls took a walk together with Mom and Dad.  That went pretty well.  Flattery also met Küster and the two of them were both very excited to meet each other.  Mom says there’s no way she’s turning two black tornadoes loose in the house, though.  I think this is wise.

Flattery was a little intimidated by the Infidels and their barking the first night, but by the next day, she was feeling a lot more confident.  She found the toy box and has a deep love of toys.  She’s also tried out the bed, the couch and even my fancy pink bed.  There hasn’t been a single accident, either.  Flattery was definitely ready for a home of her own.  I hope you’ll join us in welcoming her home.

One of the Girls -- Tales and Tails

One of the Girls

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  • BZ Dogs

    She’d beautiful! And I adore her white ruff – so formal and elegant. But that shot over the dutch door was my favorite. “Take me with you!!!” I must say, you look VERY happy with your greyhound girls. 🙂

  • Halissa

    AW YES! A black greyhound just like my own! I’m going to be looking forward to reading about this new lovely.

  • Jen

    Oh, look at her! I love her name…Flattery Wins <3

    I think a harness is a great idea as extra insurance. I do it with Elka, because I'm apparently a paranoid pet parent. And, you know, there are worse things.

    Welcome home, Flattery! She sounds as though she's practically perfect in every way. I hope she continues to be a great fit with the family.

  • SlimDoggy

    I’m so happy for you! I know losing Blueberry was difficult, but I think you’ve found a little Flattery to fill up that space in your heart. She’s a beauty. I’m looking forward to some interesting B&W Sunday photos with her and Bunny!

  • Goose

    Welcome Welcome Flattery!!! Oh my goodness girl you have landed in the very bestest place possible. You are going to LOVE your new forever home. And might I say you have amazing eyes. If I could whistle I would.

  • Oh, Miss Bunny, how exciting for you all! You and Miss Flattery look like you are already right in sync together! Conbarkulashuns to Miss Flattery and all of you!

  • Elizabeth Bergesen

    Oh Flattery, you are so pretty! We welcome you with open arms 🙂

  • Hello Cousin Flattery! Yes, Declan the greyhound who is related to nearly everyone, is related to young Flattery too! This time kid, you’ve really landed on your paws. And who knows, once you’ve settled in and as the baby hound, Bunny might let you blog once in a while…. Deccy x

  • KolchakPuggle

    Ohhhhhhh! I must confess, after your post the other day I was desperately in love with her and secretly hoping she might get to come home with you. Wishing you all a very happy home coming and a wonderful transition. I can not wait to get to know her better!

  • Darwin

    hahaha I had a feeling she was going to be making another appearance after the first time! 🙂
    Welcome Miss Flattery!

  • Welcome home Flattery 🙂 We’re looking forward to reading about your adventures! I predict that black Greyhounds will be seen in a new, flattering (sorry, couldn’t help it!) light in the future 🙂

  • Sue Dyer

    What fab news. I am so pleased flattery found you. I know she’ll have a wonderful life with you. She’s similar to my Polly.

    I found one listing for KC Flattery Wins. I had to leave out USA and then it came up. I think it’s her.


  • Human Rescues Dog

    OMG she is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Big hugs and welcome to you Flattery (what a beautiful name too!)

  • Welcome Miss Flattery! You are going to love your life with your new pack. I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures!

  • Veronique Marouze

    It was meant to be, wasn’t it?
    Welcome Ms Flattery

  • Rebecca Epperly

    Welcome Flattery!!! You are a beautiful girl! Can’t wait to read about your adventures with your new family!
    ~Rebecca & Teach

  • genjiscorner

    Yay! Congrats! What a sweetie. Of course we have a soft spot for the Black girls. We see one in our near future too.

  • My Brown Newfies

    Congratulations on adding a new member to the family! Flatrery is gorgeous and her name is so unique and great! I’m glad to hear that she is adjusting so well and can’t wait to hear the adventures she’ll be having with you!

  • lowellmom

    Welcome home Flattery! <3

  • jet

    oh we are so happy here that you got a black hound!! Flattery is sooooooo pretty and I am sure that she will be trying to take over the blog soon Bunny!

  • Sara Blair

    Jumping for joy here! So happy for you! I had my fingers crossed that Flattery would be making her way to your home.

    Flattery is beautiful, and your smile in that last photo lights up the world. Congratulations 🙂

  • I’m so happy for you all! Exciting news! Flattery looks gorgeous and like a real sweetheart! I hope she and Bunny become the very best of friends. I know Morgan & Kuster will enjoy her too when they get to know her.

  • Lori – What Remains Now

    I’m so happy! Congratulations! Welcome, Flattery! So many new and exciting adventures to come. Gosh, I can’t wait to hear more and more and more.

  • Christine Sterling

    Oh welcome, Flattery! You’ve got the best home ever! We are so glad to meet you!


  • Hounddogmom

    How exciting for the family. She looks like she is fitting in perfect. I believe her and Bunny are smiling in several of those photos. I can’t wait to hear more about her and how Bunny will teach her to be a super model as well. Congratulations to everyone, Flattery is very Flattering. She is beautiful and I have never seen a black greyhound before. The HoundDogs and Mom

  • harrispen

    We thought when we saw that picture of your mom hugging her in your previous post that she might be the one. Congrats to all of you. We can’t wait to learn more about her.

    Millie & Walter

  • KB – RompRollRockies

    Welcome Flattery! I am so very happy for Flattery and your family – and it sounds like you are a perfect match! Flattery is gorgeous. And it’s wonderful that she was so comfortable on a big outing on her very first day with you! Yay!

  • Guest

    So happy for you all, the three of you together look lovely!!

  • Jen Berry

    So happy for you all, the three of you together look lovely!! Congrats!!

  • mrsbearfoot (Lindy)

    Yeah! Smiles all around again! Welcome, Miss Flattery. You chose a fantastic family!

  • Michelle Day

    Flattery is gorgeous, but not quite as beautiful as you Bunny. Carrie, love the picture of you with the girls!

  • Emma

    That is so wonderful! Congratulations on the new family addition! She is gorgeous! Mom’s first dog she adopted stuck her paws out of the kennel to grab Mom, that was the sign and she spent the rest of her life with mom. Flattery did the same with you and the Dutch door – a very special memory was made!

  • catchatcaren

    that is the most FANTASTIC NEWS!! Welcome to precious Flattery!! (Love the name!) So good to see you smiling!!

  • Vicki Cook

    Congratulations – I’m so happy for you! Although there will always be a special place in your heart for Blueberry, I’m sure it feels so much better to have another Greyhound in the house.

  • Patti Goettler

    Such a greyt tail!!! Houndie Hugs to all!!

  • Flea

    Oh my word. Flattery is gorgeous. She’s going to be a bear to photograph, all black, but she’s BEAUTIFUL. Have fun sharing your big new bed, Bunny!

  • Olivia Vassey

    What a pretty lady! Love that hot pink collar!

    Mamma Heartbeat

  • Two French Bulldogs

    Oh my dawg!! How exciting is that! She is beautiful. Welcome Flattery
    Benny & Lily

  • Lori Clark

    Oh, Bunny, we are SOOOO happy for you and your family and especially for Flattery finding her new furever home!!! This is just fabulous to hear! I know your mom was so sad to be down to one greyhound, even though you are a spectacularly fabulous greyhound! And of course everyone was missing Blue so very much. I’m sure Flattery will keep you all busy and thinking of everything besides being sad. Hopefully she’ll be a bushel and a peck of craziness to keep you all laughing, which is what Blue would want most of all. Much love from me and the boys!

  • I’m so happy for you guys! Wishing you many more happy adventures!

  • Mindy Slimmer

    Something in me told me that when you went to visit Quad Cities that you would not be leaving Flattery for long…that picture last week just said she was meant to be with your family…glad to see my heart was right for once. 🙂 Welcome Flattery or shall we say Gorgeous Girl!
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy & The Slimmer Puggums

  • Casey the Boxer

    OMD OMD OMD!!! Bunny, I’m SO SO excited for your family! Flattery is a beeYOUtiful girl, and you two look so amazing together! I’m so excited that you’ve found Flattery to help fill the hole in your heart. Welcome to Blogville, Flattery!

  • Jodi

    I’m so happy for you guys. Welcome Flattery, I can’t wait to learn more about you. You hit the good life with this crew!

  • Abby Farson Pratt

    So exciting! Welcome to the pack, Flattery! She is a beautiful girl, and she sounds like the perfect new addition. Looking forward to reading more about her!

  • Woot! Bunny you have a new sisfur…that is so exciting…I just know that Flattery will fit right in

  • Jay of The Depp Effect

    Oh, of course I will – WELCOME, Flattery!!

    Actually, I looked her up on Greyhound-Data and they have her down as ‘KC Flattey Wins’ – do they have it wrong? If so, maybe you should let them know.

    Sid has I’m Slippy in his pedigree – he’s a great-great-grandsire. I’m Slippy was also my Renie’s great-grandsire. And we have Daley’s Gold in Susan’s pedigree, because he was her sire … and he’s Jeffie’s great-great-grandsire. There was something in Sid’s too .. Laurdella Fun, I think. It’s all so incestuous!

  • Beckett Grey Hound

    I don’t know who I’m happier for… Bunny for having a new sister, Ms. Carrie for getting her smile back or Flattery for getting an awesome forever home!! Congrats to you all!

  • Oh Bunny, I am so happy for you. Flattery is BEAUtiful! And you two look so perfect together. How wonderful that you have already had such a lovely outing together. Welcome, welcome Flattery. You have landed with all four paws in the best possible place now.

  • Mango Momma

    OK, I never really liked skinny gals, but seeing Miss Flattery, I think I might be in love. She is stunning! And not nutty or goofy at all (I understand some rather UNflattering photos appeared on facebook. You know what else? After all momma’s crying about Discus, she already had an account for us. Silly old hen.


  • Welcome to your new home, miss Flattery!
    You’re such a lucky girl! Your new family is somehing special!
    Congrats to you all!
    Love the last shot! Happy faces! 😉

    Kaiser and Fusquinho

  • Cindy Gingrich

    She’s beautiful and so is your smile in the last photo. Blueberry is certainly smiling down on you. Thank you for giving another greyhound a home!

  • Claire

    So excited for you guys! Flattery sounds like she’ll be a wonderful addition to the family 🙂

  • melfr

    Bunny – you look very happy with your new sister. So very glad to hear that you will have a little sister to bug you now. 🙂

  • Pup Fan

    Welcome home, Flattery!

  • Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

    Welcome, Flattery! Congratulations to the whole family, we are so happy for you all!

  • jealoushe

    She is just beautiful!! I love her, and her lovely name.

  • Caron

    Wow, congratulations to you all! Flattery sounds like a very sweet and smart girl. I’m so happy you found someone to add to the family.

  • Karen Millar

    I’ve been so behind on reading blog postings since I’ve been back from Georgia, but finally got around to seeing your posts on Flattery! How adorable! I’m glad there’s another Greyhound girl in the Tales and Tails pack. While Blueberry, like Lilac, will be missed and her antics remembered fondly, a new addition will be fun to follow. Enjoy your new home and your new family, Flattery, and we all can’t wait to follow your new adventures!

  • Shepherding Bella

    So thrilled for your family and this newest adventure!

  • Whippymom

    Yay!!!! So glad you got another Greyhound. With your trip to Galena I’m getting homesick. It is such a cute place

  • Kari Neumeyer

    What a beautiful girl. I love how bright and shiny her eyes are, and I see joy in your eyes too, Bunny!

  • Terry Cramer

    Oh my goodness! Congratulations!!! How exciting. I haven’t been reading all the blogs because of being sort of weak, and bothered by the heat. I was also missing my formerly secret boyfriend, Coby the Golden Retirever. All the best with your new sister, Bunny!!!
    -Snout Power,

  • misskodee

    Oh how did I miss this? Well I’m a bit scattered brained this summer I admit! Flattery you are just stunning! I can see she has a glint of mischief in her eye like Blueberry. Can’t wait to read about her adventures.