Finding The Perfect Dog

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It’s funny where life takes you sometimes.

Last week, I was really lamenting how much I missed Blueberry and the energy she brought to our lives.  When we went up to visit the adoption kennel to visit, I really wasn’t thinking it would lead to us finding another Greyhound.  Of course I had looked on their website, but they didn’t have many females, and especially not many that were close to what we were looking for.  I wanted a younger dog with an outgoing personality.  Most of their females were broods, and while I adored Lilac, they were just too close to Bunny’s age.  Senior dogs often carry some hefty vet bills and I was leery of doubling that particular pleasure or fun in a few years.

I even asked around to a few Facebook friends who were really helpful.  As I had conversations with a few of them, I began to realize something.  I wasn’t just looking for any dog to fill a space, I was looking for the perfect dog to fill our space.  One of the things that I’ve heard from a lot of people over the years I’ve written the blog is that they adopted or want to adopt a Greyhound because they’ve fallen in love with certain Greyhounds of ours.  Some people loved Lilac and all her peccadilloes.  Some people loved Blueberry because she was so pretty and funny.  Others adore Bunny for her sweetness and beauty, along with her adventurous spirit.  I realized that I wanted another Greyhound who would make everyone else wish that they had a Greyhound.  I was thinking about what kind of dog I could take pictures of and make look beautiful.

All Curled Up -- Tales and Tails

All Curled Up

In short, I was putting a lot of pressure on myself to find the perfect dog.  I wasn’t even sure we were ready to find the perfect dog yet, but a part of me really wanted to.  As I was mulling everything over, I remembered something that I have said to a lot of people who are looking for a Greyhound.

[pullquote width=300 float=left]The most beautiful Greyhound is the one on your own couch. [/pullquote]

I have always said the the color and looks of a dog are the least important things when you begin looking for a Greyhound.  That doesn’t mean that people don’t have preferences and things that they like, though.  I have had a dream about getting a white Greyhound since I met one many years ago, and especially after admiring some photos that a certain photographer has been taking of her white Galga for a long time.  Usually, they have a little color of some kind on them somewhere, which adds a little character.  I guess I’m just a sucker for dogs that are unique-looking.

We actually met a Greyhound who really fit my bill when we went to visit.  She is almost solid white, and has one blue ear with just few blue spots on her other ear.  On top of that, she looked and acted so much like Blueberry with a different fur suit on that it was uncanny.  However, Bunny really didn’t like her.  She was a big girl and she had a lot of energy.  Bunny was overwhelmed.  I thought she was very pretty, but I also didn’t feel the click with her that I have with most of our other special Greyhounds.

Hello -- Tales and Tails


I can still remember when we went to the adoption kennel for the first time.  They only had four cat safe dogs at that time, and we had two cats at home.  We met a little brindle girl that day named Treat, and I can still remember the lasting impression I had of her.  As they led her back to her kennel, she turned and looked back at us.  That was almost fourteen years ago, and that brief image still haunts me, in the most wonderful way.  She has been gone for over five years and I can still remember that first meeting.

You might be wondering why I mentioned that in this story.  We also met Flattery while we were there and she seemed to really like us.  When we came back to pick her up on Saturday morning, I was sitting in the office signing the paperwork we needed to adopt her.  Suddenly, these two little black paws and nose appeared over the Dutch door.  Flattery heard us and came to greet us instead of going outside where she was supposed to be going.  I admit it, I was utterly and completely charmed by her in that moment.  I already liked her, but that little gesture melted me.

So, we came home with a little black Greyhound instead of a white one.  She has a little kink in the end of her tail, no doubt a result of how happy and goofy she is.  She’s a second Black Tornado in our house, although not as unruly as Küster, instead of a dainty, reserved little lady.  The girl is a picky eater and we will probably always have to monitor her eating and give her the good stuff.  And yet, she has a stunning pair of eyes.  Her little feet are adorable with the white middle toes.  There are freckles in the white patch on her chest.  She is inquisitive about the world and had an extremely wide funny streak.

Dainty Feet -- Tales and Tails

Dainty Feet

The final result is that I didn’t find the perfect Greyhound, but I did find the perfect Greyhound for us.  I think everyone out there who follows the blog will fall in love with her because we are falling in love with her.  There is nothing like seeing a Greyhound discover the world, and I am excited about sharing her journey with you.

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40 Responses to "Finding The Perfect Dog"
  1. Jen says:

    I love her little white toes! That’s something that will really strike me about a dog.

    I also love her name (as I already said) and that she’s a black girl, because I do love black dogs so dearly. With your fabulous photography chops, I can only see fabulous things happening with Mademoiselle Flattery and your lens.

  2. Angela George says:

    She’s beautiful and I love how she popped her cute little head over to see you! I always say our next greyhound will be black, but who knows!

  3. rottrover says:

    Oh, Carrie! I’m thrilled! We can’t wait to meet her officially!

  4. BZ Dogs says:

    She is a beauty, and I have no doubt she’ll produce many greyhound converts 🙂

  5. Karen Friesecke says:

    How wonderful!!! I can’t wait to meet your new little girlie.

  6. My Mums were talking the other day and Mum said “isn’t it strange that with all the Greyhounds out there, we managed to pick the the most beautiful dog….
    And I’ve done that twice now” pretty much sums it up..!

  7. Sue Dyer says:

    She is beautiful. One thing you forgot is the right dog picks us:) Both my Greys have picked me, rather than me picking them.

  8. Sue Muir says:

    Flattery is going to be a huge asset to Greyhounds in general and black Greyhounds in particular. I’m looking forward to following her adventures as she takes pet life by the horns and runs with it 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness! Flattery is just beautiful!! I think it is especially wonderful when THEY pick YOU! That’s what happened with my last big guy! We totally look forward to hearing all about the new adventures of Flattery! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  10. Taffy's Mum says:

    This post made me feel quite emotional. Black greyhounds tend to be overlooked for rehoming which is a shame as I feel that their character shows through more. Both my greyhounds picked me, Taffy by ignoring the kennel hand and standing with his head on my shoulder as I sat on the floor of the run and William by giving me kisses through his muzzle when I was pretending to be all silly like a toddler to see the reaction of the two dogs I was choosing from due to looking after my niece who was 2 at the time. In my case both dogs picked me, no way was it me picking them 😉

  11. Kat Taylor says:

    Awwww!!! Welcome, Flattery! I just know you’re embarking on a wonderful journey in your new forever home. Your past two posts just melt my heart. I can totally relate to the way you find the perfect greyhound for you! While we’ve only ever had one greyhound at a time (scandalous, I know!), I’ve been owned by a greyhound for over 20 years. I had always had males, and after we lost our dear, sweet Phil I assumed we’d find another male. I’ve recounted the story of falling in love with Gwyn on my blog before…how I was enchanted by her picture – something about her diva-like stance – how I just knew she was the one when I realized she was Phil’s great-niece…When they pick you, they pick you! As I type this she’s lying sprawled out near the door so she doesn’t risk sleeping through an invitation to go for a walk, and “her baby-kitteh (now 13+ pounds!) is sprawled out nearby. Good stuff!!! I look forward to sharing in Flattery’s new adventures! 😀

  12. genjiscorner says:

    I think she is beautiful. I do have a soft spot for the black girls. Can’t wait to hear about all her new adventures.

  13. Lori - What Remains Now says:

    I think you did a wonderful job. PLUS, now you can write posts about taking pictures of black dogs. You’ll have oodles of practice, and if I listen to your advice, Nikki will be grateful.

  14. melfr says:

    I don’t know why, but I got all teary reading this on Triberr (and I hadn’t even seen the pictures yet!). Welcome home Flattery. You will enjoy your life here. It’s a house of love and fun and adventure. Oh yes, you will need to learn to pose for the camera once in a while too. 🙂

    Congrats Carrie and Mr. Taleteller

  15. Lori Clark says:

    I love the dutch door story. The first time I took Mary Lou back to our GPA, when we were leaving, she was so afraid I was going to leave her there that she went OVER the dutch door. Everyone panicked. Fortunately, I was used to the little devil’s antics, and I got through the door and was able to keep the front door closed until we could get all the other office hounds under control before someone could walk in and anyone could bolt. It was rather hilarious, though, to watch that skinny grey butt fly over that door. Any time she had the opportunity to go over something to get to me (vet, groomer, etc.) she would always jump and scare the life out of some poor soul. Dutch doors were always dangerous around that girl. Good luck with Flattery in the future. I’m sure you will have lots of stories for us! I can’t wait!

  16. Sara Blair says:

    I’m a sucker for black and white dogs:) I’m so happy that she picked you!

  17. catchatcaren says:

    I think that ANY dog that we LOVE is the “perfect dog”

  18. Emma says:

    What matters is that you click with your dogs and they make you happy. My sister and I are polar opposites in almost every way, but Mom loves us both as much as humanly possible. Oddly, it is very rare that other humans like us both. 99% of people we meet like me or like Katie but rarely do they find us both wonderful. Sometimes that bothers mom because she loves us both so much be she has learned to realize that it is not important how others feel. We three are so happy together and that is what matters. Flattery is your adorable new girl and whether others think she fits or not, who cares, you love her and your photos will learn to work with her style.

  19. Pup Fan says:

    Love your new addition already… what a beautiful gal! Sounds like it was meant to be. 🙂

  20. Casey the Boxer says:

    I’m so glad you found the pawfect dog for you! There’s a pawfect home out there for every single dog, and I just pray that all of them find it!

  21. theresaoconnell says:

    She’s stunning! Congratulations on finding another perfect dog!

  22. Pamela | Something Wagging says:

    Sometimes you just know, don’t you?

    I can hardly wait to learn more about your new addition. I’m especially interested to see how the other dogs take to her and how things change around your house with a new family member.

  23. Oz theTerrier says:

    My heart is melting…I am so happy for you and for your new, perfect doggie!

  24. Looking forward to hearing more about her as she start her life with you all. If it’s one thing I have learned, is that often times our animals pick us. I know most of my animals have picked me. Very few have I actually picked 🙂 They are not perfect either but they are the animal I need to learn from at the time. Sometimes it’s not a lesson I particularly wanted to learn, but nonetheless, it’s what I am supposed to learn. And that has made our journey all the more meaningful 🙂
    I am very happy for you all 🙂

  25. jan says:

    As many dogs as I have had in my life I have never actually chosen one. from my parents, a tiny puppy left on my door way, dogs that had to be re-homed from loving, desperate owners, strays that had no one claim them…

    And yet they were always the perfect dogs.

  26. Jodi says:

    She is beautiful and I’m sure she’s the perfect dog for you. I look forward to getting to know her.

  27. harrispen says:

    Flattery is beautiful and we can’t wait to learn more about her.

    Millie & Walter

  28. Michelle Day says:

    I believe that the right dog finds us when we are ready. She is a beauty.

  29. Yes I Know My Dogs Look Funny says:

    We’re so happy for you. Funny how you go to the kennel to find one thing and a little black girl squirms her way into your heart isn’t it? We can absolutely relate to that 😉 We look forward to getting to know flattery through the blog and your beautiful photos. Much like Ms. Bunny, EVERYTHING looks great on a black dog!

  30. Dragontearz says:

    Very good news, congrats! She has a wonderful home 🙂

  31. Donna says:

    Oh wow…congratulations. I’m sure we will all love her, but we’re not
    the important ones anyway. It seems the important ones have already
    fallen in love.

    And your story reminds me so much of how Leah’s
    eyes drew me when I first saw her in the shelter so long ago. “Haunting”
    is a perfect word for it. It’s what made me come back for her the very
    next day. 🙂

  32. Amy Boyer says:

    I’m so excited for you! This is just wonderful. I couldn’t be more pleased for you. She’s just lovely!

  33. Roxy says:

    Awesome!!! How exciting and I can’t wait to learn more, and see more photos. Congrats!!

  34. KB - RompRollRockies says:

    You said it perfectly. Your words hit home for me, as I think about Shyla. I linked to your post in mine this evening.

  35. mrsbearfoot (Lindy) says:

    I absolutely ♥ the picture of Flattery greeting you at the Dutch door. What a wonderful memory-in-the-making to start the new relationship. Congratulations to you all!

  36. Two French Bulldogs says:

    She is one pretty girl
    Benny & Lily

  37. Jane Doiron says:

    Congratulations on your new addition! Looking forward to reading all about her!

  38. SlimDoggy says:

    We’re so happy for you. That’s the way it usually works – isn’t the saying, you don’t always get the dog you ‘want’ you get the dog you need.

  39. Solo Irvine says:

    We are thrilled for you! My Dad said he would only ever have one dog at a time – and now we have Krrissy! We really are addictive… 🙂

    Looking forward to reading your posts in the future and seeing lots of lovely photos…

    Love from Solo and Krissy xx

  40. browndogcbr says:

    Hi Y’all!
    Oh the eyes and toes on the split door made my Human cry. That means she is so happy for y’all.
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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