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Not too long ago, someone offered me the opportunity to adopt a Greyhound puppy who had washed out of schooling for racing.  This little lady just didn’t have the interest and so they were looking to place her as a pet.  I saw her pictures and she is one adorable little dog.  My heart went pitter patter and my eyes got big, probably like a cartoon character.  Before you get too excited, she has already found a home and it’s not with me.  It’s just not the right time for us and we’re realistic enough to know this.  It made me think about our decision to bring Bunny and Flattery into our home, though.

Bridge Bookends -- Tales and Tails

Bridge Bookends

When we went to the adoption kennel after our first Greyhound had passed away, I really struggled with the decision about which dog to bring home and whether I was ready or not.  After we got to the kennel, I had a lot more doubts as I met dog after dog without that special spark that I’d felt with Treat.  I was close to giving up when the adoption coordinator offered to let us meet one last dog, a puppy really, who hadn’t been in the kennel long enough for them to cat test her or know anything about her.  I took a chance on that meeting and when Bunny walked in, she came straight to me, leaned against my leg and looked up at me with those amazing amber eyes of hers.  From that moment on, I only had eyes for her and I think she felt much the same way.

As Far As The Sighthound Eye Can See -- Tales and Tails

As Far As The Sighthound Eye Can See

By the same token, when we met Flattery, it was just after we’d lost Blueberry and we weren’t actually looking for another dog to adopt yet.  Flattery didn’t get that memo.  She didn’t waste any time trying to get attention from us and trying to connect with Bunny.  I was charmed by her initially, although I didn’t see past her exterior until I looked at her through the camera lens.  Again, it was those eyes of hers that captivated me.

Bright Eyes -- Tales and Tails

Bright Eyes

I know that people come by their furry companions in a variety of ways.  Some people adopt their pets sight unseen without ever meeting them.  But, every time I have gone to the adoption kennel with a specific dog in mind, I have ended up with a different one.  For me, it’s about that connection, which I can’t judge unless I meet the dog in person.  I’m not sure that agreeing to take a dog in that I’ve never met is what works for me.  Even with Küster, we knew we ended up going with the puppy who kept following Mr. Taleteller around in the yard.

Admiring the Captain Swift Bridge -- Tales and Tails

Admiring the Captain Swift Bridge

I’m not sure if it’s because that’s the way that I’ve always done it that it works for me, or if I’ve just been lucky enough to find the magic formula early in my life.  I’d love to hear about how everyone else out there has found their furry companions, though.  I’m finding myself really curious about what works for everyone else.  I just know that it’s always the eyes that get me, and I’ve had no regrets so far.

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  • Sue Dyer

    Well my first Greyhound Song was a sad soul. She was very shut down when I first saw her. I’d tried walking two Greyhounds, but the first was a huge lad and far too strong for me. The second was also a lad, but he was constantly up on his toes and obviously would love nothing more than to take off. When I got back to the kennels after walking the second one, out came Song. Head down, she plodded along beside me. So loose on the lead, I kept thinking she’d got off. She didn’t look at me till I got back to the kennels and handed the lead back, in that instance she looked at me and that was it.

    My second Greyhound Polly was the first I saw at the kennels. She walked lovely and kept looking up at me. She was so different to Song.

    Now my third Greyhound Honey, well………… My dad had passed away and as he often had Polly if I had to go out for longer periods, I felt she’d like a companion. Have to admit I had always wanted two anyway:) IU decided I’d not get one till the New Year of 2015, so I had at least three months to wait. By chance my friend was looking for another Grey and I went with her to the kennels.

    I had no intention of looking for myself, but I had in my mind that this time I’d get a boy. After Song who was a blue, I found out blacks are harder to rehome and especially black boys. Polly and Honey are black girls with a little white.

    So there I was admiring the little black girl my friend was interested in, but I kept being drawn to the black girl in the next run. She stood by the fence and when I went to talk to her, she leaned against it so hard, I thought she’d push herself through the gaps. I talked to her for a few minutes then turned to talk to Hilary. That’s when she jumped up at the fence and one of her paws came through a gap and touched me on the shoulder. As I turned I was engulfed by her beautiful eyes and that was that.

    I went back the next day with Polly and after an initial growl from Polly they were fine. Now had Polly 5 years and Honey 2 years and 8 months.

    My next one will be a black boy, or will it:) Sue, Polly & Honey