Celebrating The Fun

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Yesterday was Flattery’s seventh birthday, a fact that I find incredibly hard to believe.  Actually, I completely believe it was her birthday, but I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that she’s seven years old.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought a two and a half year old wide-eyed wild child home.  From the first day that we met her, we started celebrating the fun and she makes sure that we do that every day.

Birthday Girl -- Tales and Tails

Birthday Girl

Flattery had big paw prints to fill when she arrived here, and it wasn’t always fair for her.  We weren’t expecting to meet a dog that completely charmed us when we went to visit the adoption kennel.  Blueberry’s passing was still very raw, especially for my husband.  Flattery never shied from the challenge, though.  The day we went back to the kennel to pick her up, we were sitting in the office near the front of the building filling out paperwork.  A volunteer knew she was about to go on a long drive home and was taking her out for a potty break.  Flattery heard us talking, though and instead of going to the back door, she came to the front door which was a Dutch door and put her paws on the edge to greet us.

Hello -- Tales and Tails


She’s always been intensely social and attached to us.  Flattery had never suffered a loss before the way we humans had and she wasn’t afraid to throw her whole heart into the equation, which went a long way towards healing our hearts after losing Blueberry so suddenly.

One of the Girls -- Tales and Tails

One of the Girls

This year, she’s stepping up again, after taking over a lot of modeling duties for me last year.  She’s starting to do new hospice visits with me so that Bunny can take life a little slower.  She’s not completely retired, but she has earned a rest and I can see the signs that it’s getting a little much for her.  We’ll let Bunny do as much as she’s able, but Flattery is eager and willing to visit and honestly enjoys it more than Bunny does.

Greyhound Girls -- Tales and Tails

Greyhound Girls

We’ve been very lucky to have Flattery in our lives, even with her penchant for mischief.  She loves to make us laugh and see us happy.  She is still fearless and will try almost anything we ask of her if she can figure out what it is we want.  If I could bottle her talent for charming people, I could be a millionaire.  We’ve come to a point where it’s hard to remember life without her, and we certainly can’t imagine it in the future.  We’re celebrating seven years and hoping for many more.

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