Search And Rescue Saturday — Certifications

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As promised here’s the update on our certification weekend.  It was a busy, fast moving event in which we were able to test 18 outside K-9 teams plus five from our team.  I’m happy to report that all the members from our team passed their certifications in the discipline they tested for.  Way to go […]

Search And Rescue Saturday

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If you remember Thursday’s blog post the Chief Editor mentioned that Küster and I going through our re-certification for area search this weekend.  That is where we are and we will have an update next week for you.  Yes, before you ask we will answer the question that everyone wants to know.  Did Küster complete his long […]

The Test

by Houndstooth on

Today, Mr. Taleteller and Küster are taking part of their recertification test for area search.  It’s been a stressful few weeks as the deadline closes in and the test draws nearer.  I have complete confidence that they will pass the test, but it stresses my husband out to no end.  Finding people lost in the […]

Search and Rescue Saturday — Trailing

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Finally, we discuss the trailing dogs.  Trailing dogs will follow the route of a specific person’s scent deposited on the ground as a person moves through an area. A scent article is necessary so that the dog can discriminate the scent of the missing person from that of other people or searchers in the same […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — Area Search

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Let’s talk Area Search Dogs This discipline basically involves sending the K-9 out to locate human scent as it travels in the wind.  The area search dog is very effective in finding lost individuals in large areas or terrain where human searchers would have difficulty or take considerable time searching.  These dogs cover large areas […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — Disaster Dogs

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First, Tales And Tails would like to ask that you keep our friends that are deployed within the Federal Emergency Management Agency System in your thoughts and prayers.  Yesterday several of the FEMA Task Forces were deployed to begin heading down the Texas coast in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.  This brings up a wonderful […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — Human Remains Detection

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As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago I thought it would be good to revisit the various disciplines of K-9 Search and Rescue.  We have picked up many new readers with various levels of knowledge in it comes to K-9 SAR.  So this week we will start with Human Remains Detection. Yep, […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — 7 Day Challenge

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This week I’ve not only been training Küster as usual, but we’ve added something else to our routine.  I decided to take the 7 Day Challenge, Build a Better Relationship Through Play.  It was a fun event set up by a dog trainer named Meagan Karnes.  Meagan is also a fellow blogger. Basically, what it […]

Search And Rescue Saturday — K9 Candidate Oma

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Readers, meet our newest K9 Candidate Oma.   Oma was picked up not too long ago by our teammate Kathleen.  She’s around ten weeks old.  She’s a Dutch Shepherd.  She’s a fun, little pistol of energy. We wish her luck while she learns the ropes and we are very hopeful that Oma will rock the […]

Search And Rescue Saturday–Procrastination

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Today’s Search And Rescue Saturday comes with a bit of procrastination.  It has been a very busy week at home, work, and life has gotten in the way. That being said I’m am less prepared to write this then every before. I did however what to post something that was more than just a picture. […]