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Greyhounds And Their Gear


Waiting at the Cabin -- Tales and Tails

Several comments on the blog this week reminded me that Greyhounds tend to have, ahem, a lot more winter accessories than other breeds.  There are certainly other breeds out there that have a special need for specific winter (and sometimes summer) gear, but I think for some reasons that Greyhounds are a little more famous […] Read more…

A Warm Heart In Winter


All Tucked In -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about something on my mind. This weekend, we didn’t get out to do anything more exciting than take a regular walk, which isn’t really enough to write a blog post about, except to say that while I found the cool weather quite invigorating, other dogs thought it was downright […] Read more…

Our Hiking Tradition Continues


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