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Are They Good With Children


Bunny and Goldilocks -- Tales and Tails

Over the weekend, I got an email from someone who is considering adopting a Greyhound, and one of the questions they asked was whether Greyhounds are good with children.  I considered my answer for most of the day, because there were a lot of things that started coming into my head.  While I think everybody […] Read more…

All Together At The Greyhound Reunion


The Good Dog -- Tales and Tails

Bunny here at the keyboard to share my awesome weekend with you. This weekend was an event that we Greyhounds look forward to all year.  It was the annual reunion picnic for our adoption group, Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption.  It’s a fundraiser for them and also a chance for all us Greyhounds to get together […] Read more…

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