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The Boot

By Houndstooth

Hating The Boot -- Tales and Tails

I mentioned last week that Flattery is dealing with the return of another corn.  It’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced it, but the corn has to get to a certain level of hardness before you can pop it out.  Until that happens, it’s like walking with a pointy rock in your shoe. […] Read more…

The Woe Of The Toe

By Houndstooth

Wise Words -- Tales and Tails

I mentioned that Flattery is currently having another issue with a corn on her toe.  This is something that I’ve always been told is unique to Greyhounds although Flattery is our first experience with a Greyhound who has the problem.  Other people who have dealt with them have told me that removing them isn’t painful […] Read more…

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