Blanket Policy

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Here in the Midwest, we have gone from unseasonably warm to unusually chilly, literally overnight.  It’s been a bit of a shock to everyone’s system, but we seem to be dealing with it differently.  One thing that we can agree on is that there is no blanket policy that suits everyone, although there is a blanket involved in everyone’s scenario.

Blanketed In Love -- Tales and Tails

Blanketed In Love

Bunny has taken over the taco bed on the princess bed.  She marches in from morning turn out and breakfast and demands that someone hold it open for her so she can get in and curl up, snug as a bug in a rug.  At night, it’s a similar story.  She comes in and lays down in the middle of the bed, expecting one of us to cover her up with our half of the quilt.  Even when she gets too warm in there, she won’t come out until you think she might burst into a little fireball.  For the most part, Bunny’s blanket policy includes a hound and a blanket and nothing else.

Under Cover Greyhound -- Tales and Tails

Under Cover Greyhound

Now Flattery is another story.  She will make a nest out of her favorite blanket on the couch, but it’s not what really makes her happy.  She stalks my husband, waiting for him to sit down in his chair, then she invites herself up with him and burrows under his blanket.  Sometimes all you see is her nose or the tip of her tail.  She has no interest, however, if Mr. Taleteller and the blanket are both in the chair.  It’s a similar situation at night.  She comes in and wants to be under the blanket beside someone, who is usually my husband.  Flattery’s blanket policy stipulates that she have a warm human body in the blanket with her.  A blanket alone will not do.

I Am Not An Animal -- Tales and Tails

I Am Not An Animal

If you get a blanket out at our house, prepare to be stalked.  Blankets have become a hot commodity, whether you plan to enjoy one alone or with a hound.  Truth be told, I love this time of year when we get to curl up together and share a little warmth.  As long as nobody steps on my kidney in the process, that is.

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  • Sue Dyer

    Both my girls love to snuggle under a blanket, even with the heating on.

    What is the Taco bed you mention?

    Hope you have a nice day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Trisha L.

    That is so sweet! Our Greyhound, Snapsot does not burrow under covers or get on the furniture with us😞 Frankie, our Italian Greyhound loves to snuggle!!

  • Trisha L.

    Our Greyhound, Snapshot does not burrow underneath blankets and he won’t get up on the furniture with us😞 Frankie, our Italian Greyhound loves to snuggle under his blankets with us or alone.

  • Casey the Boxer

    I much prefer a human with my blankie. Extra heat!

  • ShineJake

    Blankets are indeed a hot commodity here as well! Especially when there’s a human body involved that they can curl up to! Which is all fine by me, ’cause I enjoy it a lot too! It’s a great way to warm up quickly and get comfortable!

    I hope you guys stay warm and have fun snuggling up to each other! Oh and of course that nobody’s kidney gets stepped on! 😉 Can’t forget about that!

  • Vicky

    It’s so cute that they behave so differently with the blankets, and other ways too. They definitely have their own personalities.

  • hello houndstooth its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i think both of theez blankit polisees ar sownd however i do prefer flatterys approatch as a hyooman helps keep the blankit warmer then it wood be with just a dog in it!!! however i prefer my blankit to kontayn mama then dada tho dada wil do in a pintch!!! ha ha ok bye