Black And White Sunday 3/9 — Memoirs Of A Greyhound

by Houndstooth on
The Memoirs of A Greyhound -- Tales and Tails

The Memoirs of A Greyhound


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  • Sue Dyer

    Oo la la! I bet they will be saucy;)

  • Sara Blair

    Full of adventures!

  • Dory and the Mama

    Tres Chic Mademoiselle Bunny!!

  • What a great photo

  • Kate Obrien

    Mon cherie, you look so pretty, but where are you going?

  • Reilly & Denny Cowspotdogs

    Love that little cap 🙂

  • catchatcaren

    fabulous photo! your photos should have once again been in the finals.

  • Guilie Castillo

    Vous êtez prêt pour la soirée!

    Guilie @ Life In Dogs

  • genjiscorner

    I bet it will be a best seller.

  • Awww Mon cherie’.

  • sage

    Looks like you’re ready, Bunny!

  • Dennis the Vizsla

    hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo luk luke kwite the jet setter!!! yoo cud be owr gudwill ambassador to the wurld!!! ok bye

  • Bunny, you look very chic in the french hat, but the suitcase and feather make you look very exotic. Is you memoir going to be a tell-all?

  • Emma

    Very European and classy.

  • melfr

    OMD. If ever there was a dog made for Paris, it would have to be Bunny. Fantastic picture Carrie. She looks the part. 🙂

  • Awesome! She is so dignified!

  • The OP Pack

    Tres belle, mademoiselle:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  • harrispen

    So elegant!

  • Bunny, you are too precious for words!

  • Miss Harper Lee

    Oh, Bunny, I do hope you’re going to kiss and tell!

  • Lori – What Remains Now

    Oh, Bunny, the tales you could tell.