Black And White Sunday 1/5 — Staying Warm

by Houndstooth on
Staying Warm -- Tales and Tails

Staying Warm

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  • Magda Guzdziol

    Nothing like a cozy blanket and a warm, soft bed.

  • Sue Dyer

    What could be better than a good snuggle under your blanket.

  • Sara Blair

    You look nice and cozy Bunny! I think we should all stay in bed until the thermometer hits 30 again.

  • Yourspecialdog

    that is a great thing to do 😛

  • harrispen

    You look very snuggly there Miss Bunny.

  • MelF

    We are doing the same thing today Bunny. Right now it is -11 and it is expected to top all day until it is -23. Can we cuddle up with you Bunny?

  • Dogs N Pawz

    That’s awesome. Diesel likes to sleep all the way under the covers. I don’t know how he doesn’t suffocate! Have a great Sunday!

  • Goose

    That sounds like a good idea to me. I like your blankie.

  • Emma

    You look nice and snuggled in there!

  • The OP Pack

    A great plan for a day like today.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  • M. K. Clinton

    You have the right idea for a cold blustery day! Snuggle up and stay warm.

  • one person’s view

    So cuddly looking!

  • genjiscorner

    Great way to spend a cold winter Sunday.

  • Miss Harper Lee

    I think you should request dinner in bed . . . no reason for you to get out from under that beautiful warm blanket!

  • You look so cozy, warm and adorable. It’s been cold here too.
    Cute blanket!

  • catchatcaren

    May I come and snuggle with you? You look soooo cuddly! Keep warm precious one xoxo

  • Hazel

    You are looking so adorable, that I’m wondering how you managed to stay still while mom took your picture!

  • I want to snuggle up with her. What a sweet photo (and Bunny).

  • Terry Cramer

    Oh Bunny, you look so cozy and warm, we can almost feel your soft fur!

    Terry, Livvie and Kessie from

  • Dory and the Mama

    Oh my…I took almost the same exact picture of Dory for BW Sunday!!!

  • Sue Muir

    If it’s any consolation, while it hasn’t been cold here I think today is the first day it hasn’t rained since Christmas Eve! So lovely to see some sunshine! The forecast is for more rain tomorrow afternoon. So much for a hot, dry summer. At least Bunny is keeping warm 🙂

  • You look so snug and cozy, Bunny!

  • Cozy is cozy, in B&W OR color.