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A long time ago when I was on a Greyhound forum called Greytalk, I told someone who was considering adopting a Greyhound that “the most beautiful Greyhound is the one on your own couch.”  Since I became involved with Greyhounds, I’ve seen the whole rainbow of beautiful hounds.  I have a few Greyhound colors that I would love to have, but anytime I’ve gone to meet a Greyhound based on looks, I’ve never ended up with that dog.  This has been true multiple times in my life.

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In Greyhound circles, as I’m sure is true in other breed circles as well, there is a certain perceived status attached to having a dog of a unique color.  Many people want blue dogs and will wait long periods of time for them or go to great lengths to get them.  There are colors even rarer than blue and the blue variations, and people love those, too.  I even know of someone who went overseas to get a white and liver Greyhound.

I have to admit that I have my own color preferences, sort of a dream list, but I don’t use that as the basis for choosing a new dog.  My first criteria is how they get along with Bunny as well as my husband and me.  I don’t know how people can choose a dog from far away and then wait for them to arrive.  I have to meet a dog to know if he or she will be a good fit for us.

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We actually ended up with Blueberry in a backwards sort of form from that.  For those who don’t know the story, we adopted Lilac, who was Blueberry’s mother and we ended up agreeing to dog sit Blue while her first adopter had surgery.  Blueberry was a handful, to say the least.  She was taught to do a “trick” that involved her sitting in front of you and then launching herself straight up to take a bite of food out of your mouth.  When you have a seventy pound dog with a titanium skull, that is not the best idea.  Sometimes, she decided she wanted what we were eating and just launched herself at us to get it.  Several black eyes ensued.  She also had a habit of growling, a low, deep growl when she got tired and was around other dogs.  You couldn’t hear it, but you could feel it travel up the leash.  We had her for several months and then started hearing rumblings about how the woman wasn’t sure she wanted Blueberry back.  I was very afraid that someone else would decide they wanted to adopt her and wouldn’t be savvy enough to work on her issues and training.  When it was finally official that the woman wasn’t taking her back and I was handed Blue’s papers, I was relieved.

At the reunion last weekend, there was a blue dog attending.  His human asked me to take pictures of him, and I agreed.  As we walked over to a spot I thought would work, she said something about how I wouldn’t get the chance to take many pictures of a blue dog and my reply was that our blue dog had passed away last year and I’d taken a lot of blue dog pictures.  I shouldn’t have said it, but it felt somehow like a lessening of a bond I had with an incredible dog for eleven years and my emotions took over my tongue.  Unfortunately, her dog wasn’t too interested in posing for pictures, although he was indeed a fine specimen of a Greyhound.

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The thing that really struck me at the reunion, though, was the sense every single person had that their dog was the most beautiful.  Some of the hounds were barely more than puppies and some were sweet seniors, but every one of them had the shine of a dog well loved to them.  Their coats were soft and glossy, they had on their best collars and they were fussed over by everyone.  This wasn’t just true of my dogs, but for all of the Greyhounds there.  Over a year ago, we brought home a skinny little dog with a few scars and a kink at the end of her tail, and now she’s become a glamorous little canine model.  How did I ever not see that Flattery was drop dead gorgeous?

And it all reminded me that it’s true about the most beautiful hound being the one on your own couch.  I’ve never met a Greyhound who wasn’t beautiful.  I don’t think they make them that way.  However, there’s something magical that happens when you have that special relationship with the dog on the other end of your leash.   The dog you share the couch with, and probably the bed and other aspects of your life, becomes a lot more special than just any dog that you meet on the street.  I think, perhaps, that is part of the magic of dogs.  The way we fall in love with them is unique and gives us something back that we can’t find anywhere else.  I know that the most beautiful dogs in the world are the ones on my couch right now, and I’m lucky to have them there.

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13 Responses to "The Most Beautiful Hound…"
  1. Phillipa Devereux Guthrey says:

    I didn’t really care what colour grey we got for our first although I’d always had a think for blues. We were then incredibly lucky enough to be offered the amazingly beautiful Emmie, a blue with a white blaze, who is a fantastic model. We now also have Harvey, a white boy with a blue patch over half his face. I’d never considered a white dog, but I’ve come to appreciate his own beauty. I’ve been surprised by how photogenic he is and they make a very striking pair.

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    What a fab post. Like you I have certain colours I’d love to have, but at the end of the day I go with the dog that wants me:)

  3. Sally says:

    I so know what you mean – I think my three black hounds are just gorgeous! I got into doing photography because I wanted to capture what I see on film. I now have a canvas print of each one hanging in the conservatory – my ‘rogues gallery’ 🙂

  4. When are you going to get t-shirts or bumper stickers that say “the prettiest greyhound is the one on your couch”? They’d be a big hit at your gatherings.

    And it’s a saying with so much truth. Even if you live with a dog who’s not as beautiful as a greyhound. 🙂

  5. rottrover says:

    Your jewlery is beautiful, ladies.


  6. Casey the Boxer says:

    Your ladies are definitely the most beeYOUtiful greyhounds I know. As far as dogs overall, though, that’s easy — Momma says I’m the handsomest dog that ever lived. 🙂

  7. My choices for greyhounds have been by the circumstances, not by their color, such as a special needs dog, or a dog being returned, or a dog with a physical abnormality! So all the colors are great, and all the dogs are great!

  8. You know I have had many different breeds of dogs – many of them mixes (including my gorgeous greyhound x doberman) and some of them pure bred and I have always thought every single one of them was beautiful. When you look in their eyes and get to know their know their souls that is it – they are forever beautiful to you.

  9. Sara, oreo & chewy says:

    Love that! I think I find Flattery and Bunny to be the most beautiful, because I’ve come to know and love their personalities through your words 🙂

  10. Emma says:

    I think it is not the outer beauty, but the inner beauty that makes creatures beautiful to others. Mom never liked white dogs, but she fell in love with Katie and loves her. You never know! Great thinking post.

  11. M. K. Clinton says:

    I don’t think I could have a dog delivered without seeing and interacting with it either. I want to look into their eyes and talk to them before I agree to adopt. I think we may have to travel to find a female Basset when the time arrives. It is true that there is only one perfect dog and every pet parent has it. ♥

  12. Reufus Jackson Wright says:

    First of all… Bunny and Flattery are breath takingly gorgeous, but now you have my Mom wondering…

    Am I the most handsomest of all golden boys, or is it just her??? (It’s just her, but please to not tell her!!!)

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  13. Rebecca Fuentes says:

    I don’t think an unattractive greyhound exists. We have a staghound we’ve raised from a puppy and are in the process of adopting a retired racing grey. I couldn’t pick by looks because they’re all so gorgeous (My daughter thinks we need a black to match our current black girl. My husband adores brindles. I love them all.)

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