The Battle For Couch Domination Continues

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I’ve shared a few stories in the past about how Mr. Taleteller and the Greyhounds have a difference of opinion about who actually owns the couch.  He may have paid for it, but that means nothing to Bunny or Flattery.  Most of the time, the girls are very content to share the couch all afternoon while we’re off at work.

I am not as willing as Mr. Taleteller to give up my stake on the couch.  If I want to sit down, I tell them to move, and most of the time they do.  However, they are often back rather quickly to reclaim any real estate that I’ve left vacant once I’m sitting down.  Actually, both of the girls really like to snuggle up to me on the couch after I’ve come home from work, finished turn out and canine dinner.  It’s a little ritual that the girls both seem really fond of.

We All Need Somebody To Lean On -- Tales and Tails

We All Need Somebody To Lean On

While most dogs are rather smitten with Mr. Taleteller, Bunny remains staunchly devoted to me.  If we’re getting ready to go somewhere, she won’t go out to the car with him until she’s certain I’m going and she also defers to me.  If he tells her to do something, often she looks at me to see if she really has to.  I try not to laugh, because normally I’m on the receiving end of this behavior, usually from Morgan.  I admit that I’m not always successful, though.  Bunny likes my husband, but he’s just not her person of choice.

Last weekend, I was busy writing out Christmas card addresses, and I needed space to work, so I decided to sit on the couch and use the coffee table since I’d be able to spread things out.  Bunny was curled up on one end of the couch and I sat down beside her.  Soon, Flattery appeared, but there wasn’t room for her beside me.  That didn’t stop her from trying, though.

She hopped up on the one foot space beside me, perched precariously as her feet were all together in such a small space.  She did a half turn as she tried to circle, realized she couldn’t make it and turned back.  Her expression was comical.  “Whatever shall I do?” was clearly the question in her brain.  After a few moments’ thought, she decided to try to move behind me on the couch.  That wasn’t flying with me and I told her “no” rather sternly.

Thankful For A Couch Of Our Own -- Tales and Tails

Thankful For A Couch Of Our Own

Flattery hopped off the couch and went straight over to Mr. Taleteller as he sat in his chair.  She stared up at him with her giant golden eyes and he humored her by fussing about the unfairness of life.  As she stood there, I could see another idea enter her brain.  There was another side of the couch with a lot of real estate.  Perhaps she could squeeze in between me and Bunny.

At that moment, Bunny stretched out as far as her little frame could manage, gave a big sigh and flopped her head down on the couch.  The message was clear, “There’s no room here for you!  Move along!”  My husband burst out laughing and I joined in.  I swear, I saw a smile cross Bunny’s face and she did her last wriggle, pressing herself against my leg.  Flattery was the only one who was not amused.  Clearly, as the battle for couch domination continues, we appear to be much closer to a victor.

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15 Responses to "The Battle For Couch Domination Continues"
  1. Greyhound language can be so much fun! We always got a kick out of Sophie’s low grumble, telling us to be quiet when it was time to go to sleep!

  2. They are gorgeous!! I share the couch with my hounds, too! 😀

  3. Mari says:

    So beautiful dogs!

  4. Mr. Pip says:

    Nice work, Bunny. The couch is yours!

  5. Sue Dyer says:

    Well I am appalled. This is yet another obvious case of abuse. Surely you read the Contract. Clause 2: At all times a sofa is the property of any Greyhounds in the house. Only with their express permission can you sit on it:) LOL

    Hope you have a fab day. Sue & Polly

  6. Hmmm maybe a second couch is required 🙂

  7. Bunny, you and Flattery need to retrain your mom to sit in the center of the sofa so you can each have one side of the sofa!

  8. Mary says:

    Bunny has the advantage of years of knowledge in the battle. Flattery could catch up though.

  9. jan says:

    I love to watch smaller dogs puff themselves up to several sizes larger.

  10. The only way to get my spot on the couch back from Bentley is with good old fashioned treat bribery. ☺ One simply does not move a Basset Hound. I predict Mr.TelllTaler will lose his couch real estate. BOL!

  11. Two French Bulldogs says:

    BOL when moms brothers greyhounds sit on the sofa there is BOL room for anyone else
    Lily & Edward

  12. Emma says:

    Mom is baffled. She has the realtor she works for set up on triberr in two tribes, and this morning this post popped up in the stream! It is the first time we’ve seen one of your posts there and going through the tribe lists, we don’t see your name, so maybe it is a mistake, but it is rather an odd coincidence!

  13. SGilbert says:

    That is so funny! We have a teacher at school that has 2 greyhounds and he is always saying their is no room on the couch for him and his wife. They both stretch out together so there is not one inch on the couch! I told him it is time to get another couch.

  14. Dolly the Doxie says:

    We sort of have that problem at our house now but usually mom’s in the middle! Love Dolly

  15. Biggy/Allies Mom says:

    Flattery I will come get you. 🙂

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