A Ball That’s Out Of This World

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard to tell you about a new ball that we got recently.

You might remember that my human is not terribly fond of doing reviews, so sometimes I volunteer to write them so we dogs can try out some cool products.  When we got a request from Chewy.com to review the Planet Dog Foundation Glow For Good ball, I knew that Küster and Flattery were going to want a chance to try it out.  So, we replied that we’d like to try it out and waited for it to arrive.  I figured I’d let you know what each of them thought of it.

The ball is made of some pretty tough rubber and it’s hollow on the inside.  It also glows in the dark, which makes it fun for evening and night time play.  It’s part of a fundraising effort by Planet Dog for their Planet Dog Foundation, which helps raise funds for service dogs.  It smells like mint and is made from recycled materials.  So, it’s chock full of things to like.  Oh, and it floats!  Küster wanted me to be sure to mention that part.

Love This Ball -- Tales and Tails

Love This Ball

Here’s what Flattery thought…

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]It is a lot of fun to play with.  It bounces all over the place and it smells good enough to eat.  I don’t have to worry about losing it under the couch, either, since it glows under there.  I plan on playing with this toy for a long time.[/pullquote]


You'll Have To Get Your Own -- Tales and Tails

You’ll Have To Get Your Own

Here’s what Küster had to say about it…

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]This toy is awesome!  First, it’s a ball, which is my favorite thing ever.  It’s got great bounce and I love swimming out to get it out of the water at the lake.  It’s easy to see out there and I had a blast playing with it.  I plan on hiding it in my crate so Flattery can’t get a hold of it, but don’t tell her I said that![/pullquote]


Certified Ball Expert -- Tales and Tails

Certified Ball Expert

So, there you have it from the experts.

Flattery and Küster both wished they could give it more than two dewclaws up, but that’s all they have.  They definitely thought that it was a ball that’s out of this world.  We will be enjoying this toy for a long time to come.  If you think it sounds like something that you would like to try out, head over to Chewy.com and get one of your own.



We received one Planet Dog Foundation Glow For Good ball by Chewy.com to review.  They didn’t offer us any dog bones or kibble.  The opinions expressed are our own.  Tales and Tails does not endorse products that don’t make our tails wag or that we wouldn’t use for ourselves.[/disclaim]


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  • Sue Dyer

    Sounds like you will have to buy another one:)

    hope you have a good day.

  • Sara, oreo & chewy

    Oh Planet Dog, maker of the best dog toys on the planet. That ball is a bit too big for my two, but they have the planet dog glow in the dark whistle balls, 10 orbees, and numerous softballs. Really, they’re the only toys Oreo will play with.

    Glad you two enjoyed your new toy! Share nice now.

  • We agree – the planet dog balls are the best – we have the small one you can put treats inside of and Denny loves that

  • Jen

    I’ve wondered about those balls! Elka loves chewing up tennis balls. Thing is, when I get her a ball I think will be tougher and last longer….well, it lasts longer. Because she doesn’t chew it up!

  • Casey the Boxer

    I’m not a fan of balls, but I bet my Aunt Kaitlin would’ve LOVED this. She would play with balls all day long. How cool that it glows in the dark!

  • jan

    We love balls but that one looks a little big for our little jaws. We hope they have a smaller one that glows in the dark.

    • Planet Dog makes all sizes of durable balls – they are a favorite of ours!

  • Oz theTerrier

    Oh, that ball seems really cool! So glad everyone enjoyed playing with it.

  • Anna the GSD

    That’s pretty snazzy! Wonder how indestructable it is?

  • Maryruth Ginn

    Flattery has “that look” in her photos. She is coming into her own. Love it.

  • We really like Planet Dog at my house! Ruby has the SnowBall and one that looks like a pink and blue earth. They have held up incredibly well.

  • M. K. Clinton

    We love our Glo ball! I sometimes turn off the lights just so we can play with it glowing. The ball is very sturdy and Pierre is especially fond of chasing it. *Your secret is safe with me Kuster! ♥

  • Flea

    That looks like the coolest ball EVER! I’m betting my cat would even like it, what with the mint smell and all.

  • Emma

    If you enjoy playing with a ball, it is perfect. We don’t play ball much, so we didn’t try this one out. Mom likes the glow in the dark part.

  • Dory and the Mama

    Uh oh…..maybe your Mama should get another one so there is no sibbling squabbles??
    Looks like a winner all around! We are big Chewy.com fans!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  • That ball would probably go down very well here … it also might literally go down very quickly too! There isn’t much that doesn’t eventually succumb to Frankie’s destructive desires.