Ready To Catch Some Zzzzs -- Tales and Tails

Sleepless In Roanoke

by Houndstooth on

Back in the days when we had Lilac, we went through two or three years of never getting a solid night’s sleep.  It started with her just wanting to go out once or twice in the middle of the night, which we were sympathetic to, and progressed to her pacing and wide awake all night, […]

Rainy Afternoon -- Tales and Tails

The Best Laid Plans

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard, writing a little about my weekend. After last weekend, we were feeling very optimistic about a weekend outing this weekend.  Friday it was so warm that humans were wearing sandals and short sleeve shirts.  It was glorious.  Then, in the middle of the night, it started raining.  Saturday dawned comfortably […]

Ready To Ride -- Tales and Tails

The Mobile Welcoming Committee

by Houndstooth on

Earlier this week, it was time to do some much needed work on the brakes Princessmobile.  It was supposed to be a quick job that Mr. Taleteller did that had the car finished in more than enough time for him to pick me up after work.  I hear you laughing now.  Of course that’s not […]

At The Scene Of The Crime -- Tales and Tails

Food Fight

by Houndstooth on

We joke about Flattery from time to time and her deep, abiding love for food, but sometimes I think people assume I’m exaggerating just how deep her love for food goes.  Flattery loves all food, even though there are some things that she clearly likes more than others.  There has never been a dog at […]

Watching and Waiting -- Tales and Tails

The Shepherd Has Your Back

by Houndstooth on

I’ve mentioned that sometimes my husband takes Morgan along as his copilot when he goes out to run quick errands.  The other night was one of those outings, but it didn’t go as planned.  It did turn out to be memorable, though, and served to reinforce Morgan’s ideas about how important it is that she […]

Walking Down the Street -- Tales and Tails

A Return To Adventure

by Houndstooth on

Bunny here at the keyboard with an adventure to finally share with you. You may have read that my human hasn’t been feeling her best lately.  A combination of poor weather and her lack of energy have meant that we laid off on the adventures for awhile.  This weekend, though, we had some weather too […]

A Fine Irish Lass -- Tales and Tails

A Little Irish

by Houndstooth on

There’s a saying most people have heard, “we’re all a little Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day.”  It certainly is a day when everyone wants to be Irish, whether they actually have a claim to the Emerald Isle or not.  I do have a little Irish background on my mom’s side, so I’ll be wearing my […]