And Then She Was Eight

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Eight years ago we had no idea what was coming.  It was just an ordinary November day as far as we knew.  It wouldn’t be until a year and a half later that we’d know she’d come into existence, and that she came along to teach us a lot of things.  Our journey together hasn’t always been easy, but it has been worthwhile.

You Shouldn't Have -- Tales and Tails

You Shouldn’t Have

Today Morgan turns eight years old.  We met her when she was a year and a half old, and I can still remember how she got in the back with Bunny, Blueberry and Lilac and never looked back as we set off for home.  The only time she made any kind of fuss was when Mr. Taleteller got out of the car to pay for gas and buy lunch and disappeared from sight.  She became intensely attached to him, to me and to all three of the Greyhounds in different ways.

I remember a few nights when Lilac broke a toenail (she had SLO) and we had to hold on to her and bandage her foot, which she hated.  Morgan would do everything she could to keep us from making Lilac unhappy.  At the dog park, she ran interference to make sure no other dogs or humans bothered Bunny.  With Blueberry, she was a fast friend and they were often together.  Soon, she and my husband were going to obedience class together.  We enjoyed a lot of hiking trips and other outings and Morgan often took over the pilot’s chair when my husband got out of the car.  There were a lot of good times and a lot of fun.

Christmas Tidings -- Tales and Tails

Christmas Tidings

These days, Morgan is a different dog and she leads a much quieter life.  We have had to make hard decisions to keep her, our other dogs and ourselves safe, but we’ve done the best we can do.  It doesn’t mean that we love her any less.  As a matter of fact, I think in some ways we must love her more.  She isn’t always easy to love and it requires a lot of work and diligence on our part to take care of her.  We explored a lot of avenues to try to find a solution for her, but we never found anything that helped long term.  What we did find was that underneath all her issues, Morgan loves us intensely.  I believe she even loves our other dogs, in her own way, but she doesn’t show it in the right way.  If someone threatened us, though, or one of the other dogs, Morgan would go through anything to make us safe.  I will tell you that I don’t think many people experience the kind of deep, abiding love that Morgan has for us.  It’s just unfortunate that it’s often misdirected.

There are times when we get exasperated with her, but I will be honest and say that I am glad we have had her here with us, even though it’s been a lot of work.  Morgan has taught me a lot about patience, about loving even the less than perfect parts of yourself and about unconditional love.  In some ways, it seem like just yesterday that she was an inquisitive eighteen month old, and then she was eight years old, almost overnight.  Happy Birthday, Morgan!  You’ve made life more interesting, colorful and you keep us down to Earth.

The Elegant Shepherd -- Tales and Tails

The Elegant Shepherd

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9 Responses to "And Then She Was Eight"
  1. BZ Dogs says:

    Happy Birthday, Morgan!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Happy Birthday Morgan.

    So glad she found you and has had such a good life with a family that loves her. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. Hey, Hey, That’s my girl Miss Morgan. Happy Birthday! you made the blog. LOL

  4. Pet Hangout says:

    Happy Birthday Morgan! You certainly are a beautiful girl and very blessed to have such selfless pet parents!! You guys are awesome for giving Morgan an accepting and loving home!

  5. SGilbert says:

    Happy Birthday Morgan! You are a beautiful dog. Have a great day Morgan.

  6. Casey the Boxer says:

    A very happy barkday to you, Morgan! I hope you get some grreat treats today.

  7. Dory and the Mama says:

    8, already?? Time sure does flies by! A very Happy Barkday Beautiful Morgan!!

  8. catchatcaren says:

    Happy happy bark day Morgan!!

  9. rileypark says:

    Biggest birthday wishes to the borthday girl! Wishing you a happy day and many more to come!

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