And The Nomination For Sainthood Goes To…

by Houndstooth on

We’re doing some traveling this weekend.  Yesterday Mr. Taleteller had the day off to get the van loaded and do his packing while I was at work.  He drove me to work so he could pick me up and we could head off right away.  When he picked me up, he assured me that this was going to be a wonderful trip because everything that could go wrong already had.  I thought this was a pretty good guarantee and I asked him what had happened.

The dogs were well aware last night that something was going on.  When I brought the suitcase up and began putting my clothes for the weekend inside, Bunny instantly remembered our beach vacation from last October.  The real excitement broke out when I got the pink duffel bag out and began filling it with their things for the trip.

So, when Mr. Taleteller began loading the suitcase and other things we needed into the van, full-fledged trip anticipation broke out.  The Greyhounds have all traveled with us before.  Morgan has gone on day trips, but never anything where we slept away from home.  Pray for us.   Anyway, the loading of the suitcases had Bunny and Blueberry dancing with excitement.  Lilac was NOT happy about this development.  When he went out to put the suitcase in the van, she pooped in the floor.  He cleaned the mess up, then went upstairs to the attic to get something we needed.  He came back downstairs to find that she had pooped again.  I’m sure that this time when he cleaned it up, some grumbling and idle threats happened.  He then disappeared into the bathroom to take care of his own business and emerged to find that she had pooped in the floor yet again.  According to his estimates, he spent four hours cleaning up poop.  I have a feeling his estimate is a little high, but I sympathize and understand his frustration.

Road TripAnyway, it seems that the old lady ran out of gifts to leave him and things were progressing back at a normal pace.  He was pacing himself because he knew what time he needed to leave to come and get me from work.  Morgan was loaded into her crate in the van and he returned back inside to get the Greyhounds.  Blueberry had an attack of excitement that involved her leaping in the air and landing on Lilac’s foot.  This resulted in a broken toenail for the little old lady, which had blood gushing onto the carpet.  Mr. Taleteller took care of her, got the girls loaded in the van and then cleaned the blood off the floor.

When I got in the van, Lilac poked her nose up and proceeded to tell me all about how heinously she’d been treated by him and how much she really does not like riding in the car.   Mr. Taleteller grumbled something about how the trip was guaranteed to be spectacular now that everything that could go wrong had.  I have to hand it to him, he takes great care of us, and he’s a good sport about traveling and helping me out with the blog when I need it.  So, today I offer my nomination for his sainthood.  I know his sisters are out there laughing somewhere as they read this.  The fact that all four dogs survived to get into the van is proof that he really is a great guy!  So, for all the times he’s told me that I should write the blog about how great he is, this one is for him.

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  • Poor old girl. I hope you all have a grand time! I do love that duffel bag. Might like to have one of those myself!

  • jet

    hahah oooooooooh Lilac, I love it when civil disobedience means ‘poop on the floor’ hahah

  • Sounds like a great guy and a good sport! BOL! I think yesterday was the first time my husband ever cleaned up dog vomit and we’ve had dogs for ten years now! I think he finally earned his badge!! Hope all of you survive and that Lilac will be OK. Sounds like she was really putting your husband to the test!!

  • He DOES sound like a Saint!!! Hope you all have a wonderful trip!

  • Sue

    Well done Mr. Taleteller:)

    Hope you all (Lilac included) have a lovely weekend away.

  • That top picture is wonderful!!! And I agree, your hubby deserves sainthood, or a knighting, or at a nice beer and command of the channel switcher. We’re all wishing you a very happy (safe) (sane) weekend!

  • I think you got yourself a very good patient and kind man there. All the gifts that Lilac left him… and the broken toenail and the jumping about.. and he can still get to you with all 4 dogs in the car.. that is most commendable.

    Have a safe trip.. take loads of pics.. enjoy yourselves and hope Lilac will enjoy this trip too!

  • What a day he had! I hope things are looking up now. Remember, stress has been turned off now. (Wish I wasn’t posting this at 4 a.m. Needing sleep, but refuse to stress.)

  • Mr Taleteller is clearly a keeper. Hope the trip is uneventful and happy now.


  • Mango

    He sounds like a keeper.

    Mango Momma

  • Lol, yes, I agree, Mr Taleteller certainly deserves a Sainthood and could I suggest cloning too??? Has he got a single older brother who’d like to live in New Zealand;)

    Lilac must have been saving up her ‘presents’ for just the right occasion!

    I hope you all have the best time and everything goes smoothly from now on. Can’t wait to see what Bunny brings home!

  • Goodness, that sounds stressful! I hope that you all have a spectacular trip, and that all of the bad stuff is completely out of the way now. 🙂 I’d say that Mr. Taleteller definitely qualifies for sainthood. I’m not sure that we’d even be ON the road if all of that happened around here!

  • After all that, he’s got my vote for sure! Hope your little old lady is feeling better soon!

  • Clive

    Well done to Mr Taleteller! We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  • Pip

    Lilac, my soul sister, you GO GIRL! Have a wonderful trip! I am sure nothing else can go wrong (paws crossed).

    Your pal, Pip

  • kris10linn

    So often, our men are the unsung heroes. I left genjip home with 11 dogs (6 don’t belong to us) and 2 cats to take care of for the weekend. Here is his shout out for sainthood, too!

  • Roo

    BOL! Hahahahhaha! Oh dear, yes he most certainly deserves the sainthood nomination 😀 Poor guy BOL!

    Hope the trip goes a bit smoother 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  • KB

    My greatest hope is that Lilac has no more gifts to give while in the van. Maybe she’s done with pooping for the whole weekend!

    Oh my, Mr. Taleteller did have quite a day. I remember days like that when I had very elderly dogs and my patience would start to wear thin. I’d try very hard not to let them know it… but dogs know even unspoken feelings. In any case, I second your nomination!

    Have a great time!

  • Pip

    Hey Bunny – We bought the Nikon Coolpix S6100. It is a point and shoot and not as fancy as what you have. I guess it is a good thing we didn’t go with something more expensive since we may have to replace it!

    Your pal, Pip

  • Frankie Furter

    In other words… your weekend is off to at SQUATTING START !!!!!!

  • Oh my gosh! That does seem to qualify him for sainthood!

    I remember the first time I ever left Charlie for more than a day all those years ago when I came home, he followed me up to my room, looked me square in the eyes and pooped in front of my door. He’d never had accidents in the house before or since (unless he was really sick). Not sure what to make of it behaviorally, but the image has lasted this long . . . Needless to say I try to take him with me whenever I can.

    But Lilac definitely gets the crown for statements in poop.

  • Benny & Lily

    Hope you guys have lots of fun on your adventure. We love your luggage
    Benny & Lily

  • Saint or Angel will do fur his title. I can say…honestly…my dad would nevers pick our poop up. He won’t even feed us…it’s mum’s “job”.
    Ya’ll can drive to my house and add three more well behaved hounds:)

    Mr.T is awesome and I appluade him.


  • sara & oreo

    A saint indeed! What a story…hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.

  • Barbara

    Your hubby is definitely a candidate for saint, but I just love how Lilac knows just what to do to show her disapproval!!

  • Yay for Mr. Taletellers!! The girls are lucky to have such a great man in their lives. Good luck on the trip

  • I think it is amazing how many trips you all do. And isn’t it funny how our pooches understand the concept of luggage?

  • I vote for Mr. Taleteller’s sainthood! I hope you all have a great trip.

  • BOL!!! Mr. Taleteller is a true sainthood!
    We hope all of you have a safe and fun-filled trip and we can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

  • I “second” that nomination! I hope you all have a lovely, safe time and we can’t wait to hear of your adventures.

  • Those girls. Tell Miss Lilac that a little poop is nothing and that Mr. Taleteller will just get over it.

    Flocko sends Bunny a big happy trails to her.

  • Schotzy

    He’s a saint. My hubby is too. I thought we were over our cat-barf / hairball problem… no, he’s just been cleaning it up before I get home… The good guys can be hard to find, but definitely worth the wait. Now, how do I talk mine into adopting 2 more hounds?? (he’s occasionally reads the blog over my shoulder. This one isn’t helping my case…)

  • chester

    I’m afraid at that point my Dad woulda been GRUMBLIN’ in a MAJOR way and Mom woulda said “fahget about it! if you’re gonna act that way” or sumpthin’ like that. Anyway, he has my vote for Sainthood and I’m so glad the rest of the trip was uneventful!

  • I am still waiting to hear how overnighting with Morgan went. We will see if that Sainthood badge remains in place.

  • The Road Dogs

    Yay for Dads! Aren’t they the BEST? Oh, yeah, right AFTER Mom!

    The Road Dogs