Adventures In Lincoln’s Footsteps

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Bunny here at the keyboard sharing some fun we had this weekend walking in Lincoln’s footsteps.

I think most of our readers know that we live in Illinois, which is in the center of the United States.  A big part of our state’s history is tied to Abraham Lincoln, who was our sixteenth President.  His biggest claim to fame is that he ended slavery in our country and led our country during the Civil War.  Before he was the President, he practiced law here right near where we live.  Most towns where he practiced law or spoke publicly still commemorate it as a claim to fame and have memorials of some kind or another.

Return Visit -- Tales and Tails

Return Visit


The town where my human grew up has a courthouse where a famous trial was held, or almost held.  Melissa Goings was a seventy seven year old woman who had been abused by her husband for years.  One night, she hit him with a stick of firewood in self defense and he later died from the injury.  Things were already set up against Mrs. Goings with a judge known as a hanging judge who was already biased against her.  Mr. Lincoln asked for a private meeting with his client, and she disappeared.  When asked where his client was that afternoon, Mr. Lincoln is reported to have said “I did not run her off. She wanted to know where she could get a good drink of water, and I told her there was mighty good water in Tennessee.”

There are many places in our area that have ties to President Lincoln and a lot of them are fun to visit.  We’ve been to our fair share of them and have enjoyed our trips.  If you ever get to visit Illinois, you most certainly will find yourself in Lincoln’s footsteps at some point.

Waiting on the Threshold -- Tales and Tails

Waiting on the Threshold

Now our state is getting ready to celebrate its Bicentennial anniversary.

Part of the celebration in our area includes a display that will soon open up at the Riverfront Museum in Peoria.  As part of the celebration, a giant bronze statue of President Lincoln has traveled from Chicago to Illinois and stands in front of the museum.  A lot of people have been coming down to see and admire it, as well as learn a little more about it.

It’s a bronze statue that has been painted and features President Lincoln standing with a modern man who is holding the Gettysburg address.  It’s called “Return Visit” and was created by Seward Johnson.  Mr. Johnson has made some other famous sculptures that have stood in Chicago, including one of Marilyn Monroe and another that pays tribute to the couple in the American Gothic painting.  We went up to see the one of Marilyn Monroe a few years ago.

Standing Under Marilyn -- Tales and Tails

Standing Under Marilyn

It was a beautiful weekend to get out and see the statue, as well as a few famous places where President Lincoln has been.  We saw Washington Square, the Metamora Courthouse and visited the statue downtown.  Being the history buffs that we are, we’ll probably visit more, especially with the celebrations in our area that start in February.  We are looking forward to seeing what kind of fun it brings, and excited to follow more of Lincoln’s footsteps.

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