About Flattery

Born February 11, 2011


Flattery came to us on July 13, 2013 and raced as KC Flattery Wins.  She was born February 11, 2011 and is our resident sweetheart.  For reasons known only to Flattery, she did not do well at the track.  She got very sick there and never raced, as far as we know.  In the Autumn of 2012, she went to Quad Cities Greyhound Adoption where they began working to rehabilitate her.  She put on fourteen pounds there, and grew most of her fur back.

We met her when we went up to do a blog post about Bunny being able to donate dog food to the dogs at the kennel after winning a blog contest.  It was not long after Blueberry had passed away, but we did ask to meet a few of the Greyhounds there.  Bunny was doing okay as an only hound, but I worried that she was a bit depressed without another Greyhound at home.  Of course, the Greyhound we had our eye on was way too much for Bunny and she didn’t really like her.  There was another, rather unassuming little dog that we met who seemed like a good match, though.  We went home, talked it over, and then went back up and brought Flattery home.

Flattery is very outgoing and sociable.  She is fearless, as well.  This can be good and bad.  Normally, tipping over the trash can would scare our other hounds into leaving it alone forever.  Not so with Flattery.  Her curiosity and bravery have her right back in there checking it out again.  She’s become a wonderful nursing home visitor and handles everything that comes her way without a care in the world.

Flattery Wins