About Blueberry

January 20, 2002 – June 24, 2013


Blueberry is the daughter of Lilac.  She is our blue brindle Miss Perfect.  She was born January 20, 2002.  Her racing name was Reward Terry, but she was already known as Blueberry when she came to stay with us.  She has lived with us since she was two years old.

Blueberry worked as a nursing home visitor for nine years.  She excels at bringing smiles to people’s faces.  She is a natural clown with a charming sense of humor.

At eleven years old she was diagnosed with neurofibrosarcoma and she had surgery to remove the growth, but her margins were not clean.  We decided to wait and see, and so far there has been no recurrence of her cancer.

Blueberry passed away on June 24, 2013 when we learned that she had osteosarcoma and already had stress fractures in the bone.  She was thirteen and a half years old.  She left with huge pieces of our hearts and we will always miss her.

Portrait of a Blueberry