A Walking Adventure

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Bunny here at the keyboard to tell you about our walking adventure during National Walk Your Dog Week.

Our week started off on a high note.  We went out on Sunday and took a walk on a new trail that we’d heard about, but hadn’t been able to find.  We started our walk on the River Trail of Illinois in Cooper Park.  What we loved about it was that it was like we were walking in a whole different world.  Instead of the native vegetation that we’re used to seeing, there was all kinds of tropical vegetation and most of the trail is on an elevated bridge that goes up over the ground because it often tends to be muddy.  The trail runs right alongside the Illinois River and it feels like you’re out in the jungle instead of minutes away from civilization.  It’s becoming a popular place in our area for humans and dogs, and we’ve seen a lot of people there with cameras, so we’re not the only ones impressed with its beauty.

Crossing The Bridge In Cooper Park -- Tales and Tails

Crossing the Bridge in Cooper Park

Monday was such a somber day, it was hard for our human to get moving.  We decided on an easy, tranquil walk at nearby Eureka College.  Flattery and I even dispensed a little canine therapy to a few students.  Eureka College is a small campus, and its biggest claim to fame is that former President Ronald Reagan studied there.  That’s why there’s a piece of the infamous Berlin Wall on display in a little garden on campus there.  It’s pretty neat to think that we have a piece of history from so far away nearby.

Tuesday we couldn’t resist the lure of the river, but we decided to walk on the East Peoria side of the river instead of our favorite part of the Pimiteoui Trail on the Peoria side.  It was windy and it looked like it wanted to rain all day, but it didn’t.  I think the weather was the main reason that we had the trail to ourselves that day, though, because there are usually one or two other people and dogs strolling through there.

Bring Down That Wall -- Tales and Tails

Bring Down That Wall

Wednesday, it did rain, but we all grabbed our rain gear and went out anyway.  Since we weren’t sure how the weather was going to go, we went to a small park that had piqued our curiosity.  Fon Du Lac Park sits way up high on a hill, and you can actually start at the bottom and work your way up, but we decided to start at the top and just stay there.  Even though it was a shorter walk, we were glad we chose it, because the view over the river valley was spectacular.  My human says that in a week or two when the leaves turn colors a little more that we are going back to take some more pictures.

And then, my friends, things took an unfortunate turn.

On Thursday, we were supposed to revisit the Sculpture Walk to see the new sculptures.  We had to go early in the day to get our walk in, and we were saving it for when Dad could go, because he asked us to.  Unbeknownst to us, he went to work anyway and didn’t tell us.  We waited and waited for him, and then he finally came home.  He said we could still go, so we loaded into the Princessmobile and prepared to hurry off.  Unfortunately, the Princessmobile came up lame.  It couldn’t even limp out of town.  We returned home defeated.

Strollin' By The River -- Tales and Tails

Strollin’ By The River

The rest of the weekend was spent with my humans either attending a funeral or working on the Princessmobile to get it back into commission.  I am happy to report that it is working again, but it did ruin our last three days of walks.  My human has also come down with a problem with her lungs, which she’s hoping she can get rid of with another day or two of rest.  She says if she does, we will go out and take some more walks this week to make up for the ones we missed.

All in all, we still had a good time on the walks that we did get to take and we’re hoping that we can get a few more in.  We’re also glad we didn’t get stuck far away from home with the Princessmobile having problems.  Grandpaw came through for us.  He came over and did a fine job of snoopervising and telling Dad how to fix the car.  We’re glad he knows his stuff, and that we still have my human around for one more week.

Fon Du Lac Park Promenade -- Tales and Tails

Fon Du Lac Park Promenade

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  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Glad you made it out for some lovely walks. Hope you get more in this week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. Cindy Gingrich says:

    They look so adorable in their rain coats! Hope you get more walks this coming week!

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