A Tasty Holiday Treat

by Bunny Hound on
Bunny here at the keyboard to share something that I think your dog will appreciate.

Sometimes, working as a blogging dog and internet celebrity has its perks.  One of those times is when one of your favorite dog food makers asks you to try their special limited edition flavors for the season and let everybody know what you think of them.  Merrick Pet Care makes canned dog food that even humans drool over sometimes and at our house, we canines are all big fans.  One of the reasons is that the food is grain free, and another is that they are a company with heart.

They have a regular line of canned food that we are huge fans of, but you know, we dogs like some variety in our lives, too, just like you humans.  So, not only do we switch up the regular stuff from time to time, but we like to enjoy the special limited edition flavors while we can get them.  This fall, there are four special flavors to choose from.

First we had Game Day Tailgate.  It has chicken, deboned beef, chicken broth, carrots and dried egg in it and we never get tired of this flavor.  If you are having a Super Bowl party at your house, you really ought to consider having a little of this stuff on hand for your dog, since most of the party snacks will be things we can’t or shouldn’t have.  This one definitely scored with us.

Ready For Some Football -- Tales and Tails

Ready For Some Football

Next, we had Hero’s Banquet.  This one has deboned turkey, deboned chicken, turkey broth, sweet potatoes and carrots in it.  It definitely had us licking our chops and hoping for more.  If you have a hero dog in your life, whether he helps you get off the couch and keep in shape or does a special job, reward him with this special flavor.

A Hero's Banquet -- Tales and Tails

A Hero’s Banquet

The third flavor we tried was Holly Jolly Pot Roast.  I’m not going to pull your tail, this one is my personal favorite.  Deboned beef, beef broth, potatoes carrots and peas go into this can for a meal that even humans almost drool over.  If you are having a fancy meal for Christmas, shouldn’t your dog have something special, too?  This one definitely fits the bill.

Holly Jolly Pot Roast For All -- Tales and Tails

Holly Jolly Pot Roast For All

The last flavor is called Forever Home For The Holidays and it has a special mission.  It has deboned beef, deboned chicken, beef liver, beef broth and dried egg in it.  What makes this one special is that for every can you buy for that special pooch in your life, Merrick will donate a meal to a local shelter for a homeless dog.  So, maybe you can do something special for your dog for Christmas and do something nice for a dog who is waiting for a home.

The only complaint that I have is that these flavors won’t be around all the time.  If you are looking for a special holiday treat for your dog, I think this would be an excellent choice.  They also fit perfectly into a stocking, in case you were wondering.

Holly Jolly Pot Roast -- Tales and Tails

Holly Jolly Pot Roast

We were compensated to share the word about Merrick’s special flavors, but the opinions expressed here are our own.  Tales and Tails doesn’t endorse products that we don’t feel comfortable using ourselves.  We are sharing this with you because we think your dog will enjoy it as much as ours have.


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  • Sue Dyer

    They sound scrummy. Never seen the Merrick brand here.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • SGilbert

    Bunny, Thanks for the review…I will be going out shopping today and will stop and pick up the new flavors from Merrick for Schooner and Skipper. I think for my grand dogs too! Have a great week!

  • Amy Boyer

    Well those do look yummy Bunny! Toby eats dry kibble supplemented with raw veg and doggie treats, but Merrick is a good brand I hear.

  • Casey the Boxer

    Those sure sound yummy! I’m putting in my order for Christmas dinner.

  • Emma

    We reviewed all these flavors too, and sure do love them. The Holly Jolly Pot Roast is really tasty this time of year!

  • Dory and the Mama

    We think we may have to try some of that Holly Jolly Pot Roast!!

  • It looks like a very Merrick Christmas for y’all! Lucky dogs. ♥