A Sympathetic Companion

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This past weekend, I found myself thinking about how different dogs have different auras.  Some bring a crazy, frenetic energy with them while others exude calm.  Our dogs each have their own personalities and auras.  One of ours has proven to be a most sympathetic companion.

For example, Küster has a reputation for riling up other dogs just by being who he is.  You might think I’m joking or exaggerating, but even other members of the SAR team talk about it.  When he goes into an obedience class, other dogs start misbehaving.  He doesn’t do anything overt to make this happen.  I thought he might have left it behind in his puppy days, but this summer we took him to 4H class one night and sure enough, half the dogs in there started barking.  My husband put him up and the other dogs quieted down.

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Head in the Clouds


This past weekend, I noticed Flattery’s aura at work.  While we were out hiking, Bunny heard some noise that made her nervous.  It wasn’t a terrible fear reaction, but she was definitely in a hurry to get back to the car and go.  As we walked down the trail, I was rushing to keep up with her.  She went from bringing up the rear to lead dog and I could see mild signs of stress from her.

That’s when Flattery shifted over behind my husband and began walking, in her quiet way, beside Bunny.  Sure enough, Bunny was drawn to her like a magnet.  I saw her start to relax.  Soon, she was a contented hiker on the trail again.  Flattery didn’t do anything overt, either.  She just walked along beside Bunny and that was enough.  It’s a sort of hidden superpower of hers.

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A Pop of Red

As I noted her calming influence, I thought back to times that I’ve been stressed and how being near her has calmed me, too.  Even when some of those times were caused by her mischief.  I’ve noticed a lot of times that I don’t get nearly as upset with her over things as I normally would.  Perhaps it’s a natural method of self preservation.  I do know that after a tough day, it’s most soothing balm there is to feel her presence close to me.

If I could figure out a way to make money off this talent of hers, I might be able to quit my day job.  Although another part of me is happy that we have her all to ourselves.  It’s just another thing that makes her priceless for us, and glad that we found each other in this crazy world.

Have you noticed that your dog has a certain effect on other dogs or people?

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  • Sue Dyer

    Definitely Honey helps Polly from getting too worried about other dogs. Both my girls will come up and put their head on my lap, Polly will even poke her nose under my arm, to make it clear she is there. They definitely help me when I am having a rough day.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue, Polly & Honey

  • Phillipa Devereux Guthrey

    Em seems to have an inbuilt leadership strength. Several friends have noticed that when she enters a house the other dogs all defer to her. We stayed with a friend in Hokitika recently and her girl greyhound is used to being top dog, but Em just walked in and got up on the best armchair and that was it. By the time we left the next day Prada was totally deferring to her – following her around and licking her face. it was amazing to watch.