A Summer Hiking Adventure

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Bunny here at the keyboard, sharing my weekend adventure.

I had a feeling that it was going to be another boring weekend with a lack of adventure for me to write about, but my humans pleasantly surprised me.  They got up and ran errands, but then came home, fed us dinner and then Flattery and I headed off into the car.  I was intrigued about where we could be going.  We didn’t take any extra gear, so I was puzzled about what we were up to.

The Sweet Smell of Summer -- Tales and Tails

The Sweet Smell of Summer

Soon, my curiosity was satisfied.

We went to a nearby nature preserve area called Comlara Park where Küster had been training in the morning.  I know because he left peemail there that I deleted with my own.  It’s a nice area with a lake, some forest and some prairies with nice paths to walk on.  We had lovely weather and as evening was approaching, it had cooled off to perfect summer hiking conditions.  The trails there are really easy, so it’s not too tough or taxing which was nice since we haven’t been able to go in a while.

Often, we see wildlife while we are there, but it was incredibly quiet and peaceful.  We knew other people were there on the trails, because we saw their cars parked along the side of the road, but we didn’t see another soul out there all evening.  We admired the prairie grass and wildflowers during our entire leg stretch.

The Watcher -- Tales and Tails

The Watcher

It wasn’t a particularly eventful outing, but it sure was nice to get out, smell the fresh country air and stretch our legs in a different place.  What made it really exciting for me was just the fact that we got out to do something exciting together.  I had forgotten how wonderful a good hike makes me feel or how nice it was to get away from the sounds of civilization and just hear the birds and frogs making natural music.  I was hoping to see a deer, rabbit or even a little snake for some added blog material, but it was like we were the only ones on Earth and that was pretty nice.

You might be noticing that there are some changes around here.

One of my biggest fans is also a pretty fantastic web designer.  Our last adventure of the weekend was taking a deep breath and getting the blog updated and looking new and improved.  I was in favor of making the whole thing pink, but I think Mr. Jacob did an amazing job of fixing things up.  I am sending him an entire box of kisses for making things look so nice.

Hiking Companions -- Tales and Tails

Hiking Companions


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12 Responses to "A Summer Hiking Adventure"
  1. That looks like a really nice place to go for walks! I also really like your changes to the blog! It looks great! 😀 We love pink, too!

  2. Sue Dyer says:

    Glad you got out and enjoyed such a beautiful place.

    Love the new look.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  3. looks llike you had a wonderful adventure

  4. Carrie – thank YOU for the chance to make you and Bunny and the rest of the pack even prettier in pink than you have been all along! Looking forward to the next round of enhancements already!!!!

  5. SGilbert says:

    The pictures are so beautiful! Walking is the greatest for the soul! Breathing the fresh air and seeing beautiful flowers makes you feel so much better! Sounds like it was a nice adventure!

  6. Emma says:

    Looks like fun, and your blog is looking freshly spiffed as well.

  7. GeoFizz says:

    It does lk nice. The only thing I miss is the ability to zoom in on my iPad. When my auto immune disorder is misbehaving, it effects my eyes and that means that I need to ramp up the size of the font by spreading my index finger and thumb. I noticed that I can’t do the finger thumb thing this morning… Everything else looks great! BY THE WAY…. I am also for more pink on a blog.

  8. ShineJake says:

    I’m glad you got a chance to go out and have a nice, relaxing hike without having to worry about melting beneath the sun!

    Oh, and Mr. Jacob touched this place up quite darn well! It looks fantastic!

  9. What a lovely adventure! Your blog looks terrific. ☺

  10. Ginny says:

    Bunny, you are beautiful! So is your blog!

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