A Little Too Popular

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This past weekend found us with weather that makes you think Spring is just around the corner.  It was too nice to waste sitting around the house, even though Mr. Taleteller and Küster were off at training.  I decided to take the Greyhounds and the camera and see where fortune took us, and we ended up chasing Lincoln’s footsteps.  Of course, I wanted to take pictures in a few places so we could share our adventures.  What I learned is that it’s possible to have a dog that’s a little too popular.

In Lincoln's Steps -- Tales and Tails

In Lincoln’s Steps

One thing I’m very conscious of when I take the Greyhounds out somewhere is that we’re always making an impression for people about the breed and potentially planting a seed for another Greyhound to find a home one day.  When people come up and want to meet them, it’s often the first time many have seen a Greyhound in person.  The girls love attention from people and I try my best to be polite, friendly and answer questions they might have.  The other day, however, was a test of my patience.

We stopped at a small historic spot that I thought would make a good place for pictures of Flattery.  I led her up on the step in front of a door that has character and makes a good backdrop, got her situated and backed up a couple of steps with the camera to take her picture.  A woman with three grandchildren came out of a nearby store and immediately spotted Flattery.  They asked if they could pet her and I told them they could, stepping close to her again and putting the camera over my shoulder.  After a few minutes of question and answer mixed with petting and Flattery looking hopefully at one person’s bag of popcorn, they moved on and I got Flattery situated for pictures again.

I stepped back and a young family came up to go into the same store.  They had a little boy who really wanted to see Flattery, so again we paused to meet the adoring public.  After they went into the store, I looked up and down the sidewalk both ways to see if anyone else was nearby.  The coast was clear, so we got in position yet again.  I started taking pictures, and it was obvious that Flattery saw someone approaching.  Sure enough, I lowered the camera to find another person walking up the street.

The Raspberry -- Tales and Tails

The Raspberry

This is a small town and I was starting to get the feeling that every person in the village was going to come by and ask to pet my dog.  I was starting to worry that we’d run out of daylight before we got any pictures taken.  The pictures I did get have Flattery watching people as they walked up to pet her and I had to laugh.  The good ones have her giving them the eye and the worse ones have her nose out of joint and her tongue sticking out.  We were interrupted six times before we called it quits.

I’m glad that my dogs are good about greeting people in public and can handle strangers approaching them.  Once in a while, I wish that people would just walk on by and let us be when we’re in a hurry or trying to get something done, but I still try to be gracious.  I know it’s been a full day when even Flattery has had enough, though.  Sometimes, being a little too popular can wear a girl out.

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