A Little Spice

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I was sitting here this week thinking about the beginning of our month and how we started with taking walks in different places every day.  By comparison, the end of the month seems downright ho hum, at least as it relates to our activities with the dogs.  I feel like we’ve fallen into a rut and we need a little spice in our lives.

Apple Picking -- Tales and Tails

Apple Picking

Part of it has been out of our control.  We’ve had more than our share of family obligations on both sides.  On top of that, we’ve had more than our share of dreary weather to go with it.  It’s added up to make our time at home feel more golden.  There have been a couple of things that I wanted to go do, but they weren’t dog friendly and I ended up passing on them for the most part in lieu of having some time at home with the dogs.

The dogs haven’t minded too much.  At least, they haven’t minded that we’ve been staying home together.  I’m sure they’d enjoy a good outing or two, though.  I just need to figure out what that might be.  I feel behind on a lot of things and I wish I had a day or two to just stop and catch my breath.  Saying no to people is difficult, though, and figuring out who to say no to is even harder.

Autumn Twilight -- Tales and Tails

Autumn Twilight

I’ve been struggling to find something that we can enjoy lately, too.  It seems like there are no special events around that include the dogs lately.  It’s been a dream of mine to take them on a local ghost tour, but those are hard to come by around here.  There are a lot of things that I really like about where we live, but it is not terribly dog friendly.  As much as I try to showcase places that are and give them our business, they are few and far between.  Local apple orchards won’t allow dogs, and it’s the same with places where we could buy pumpkins.  I admit, it’s frustrating and it feels really backwards when so many other places are so accommodating.

My hope is that with a few days off I can try to do some research and find something that we can enjoy with a dog or two in tow.  I’m sure the girls will be happy to keep me company while I do.  Truth be told, we need a little adventure for me as much as for them.  I guess we will see what comes up.

Happy Fall Y'all -- Tales and Tails

Happy Fall Y’all

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4 Responses to "A Little Spice"
  1. Sue Dyer says:

    Hope you get a nice adventure sorted with the dogs soon. Sue, Polly & Honey

  2. SGilbert says:

    Hope you find an adventure! Indiana doesn’t seem to be a dog friendly place. Everywhere you turn NO DOGS! Lake Michigan is not dog friendly but most of the trash and stuff on the beach is caused by humans that do not pick up after themselves. Sad!

  3. Cindy Gingrich says:

    What a shame about the apple orchards! We have one about 45 minutes away from us in W. Mass that’s happy to have dogs — we’re heading back a second time for the season this weekend. We ran out of apple dumplings. 🙁 Hope you can find a perfect place for you and Bunny and Flattery!

  4. Vicky says:

    It is hard to find dog friendly places here also. I’m sure Bunny and Flattery are glad to spend time with you, whether at home or on an adventure. But, like you said, a little adventure is good for us humans too. Hope you find something that tickles your fancy soon.

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